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  1. Quests

    There are good game play systems in EL and thats why people get into it Get frustrated and grind, to level and acomplish. Its a good system for alot of skills. Each one essentially relying on the other. Today, the rewards for certain skill sets have become nullified by the dilute market place New players stand little to no chance of entering the higher echelon of players that have played this game for years Still people linger under the 90s and around in most skills Other than A/D , which incidentally, looks like its where the GC is at right now in EL Anyway, attaching relevance to any increase in playerbase is obvious after all MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER is where to head The economy in EL is geared towards catering for existing heirarchy People would never accept tipping the balance , after investing time and effort ... But from a Gamers perspective like I mentioned there are some good systems in EL SKYRIM has exactly the same mining smelting and manuing skill as EL lol
  2. The EL _ Impics

    theres a storage full of things on aTeh , if one of the mods wants to log into it you can empty the storage into a prize fund if you want for future use
  3. The EL _ Impics

    nah its ok Nova nevermind obviously suggestions about community events are so far from what people are used to that its almost not worth posting *edit* i think with all the '' power levelling'' that's been going on, people have forgotten to put thier tools down once in awhile and go enjoy hanging out with the people of the game instead of looking at everyone as either : Player A: I sell him things Player B : I buy from his bot Player C =Z are in the way of your power levelling
  4. The EL Impics God Games For the playful amongst you to raise the spirits of the Gods To appease thier helpful or perhaps , decietful nature To Hold a Games, dedicated to the EL Gods This will please them !! The C2 Find and Keep Marathon -- In Celebration of Aluwen she would adorn her subjects with golden crowns The TD Sprint - In Respect of Mortos he wouldfind humor in accepting your soul into the underworld naked, after attempting a sprint through the desert of certain doom from one entrance to the other. Any who make it through would be greatly rewarded. ( this would be subject to a shut down of TD and control of map so all people only att the runner ) and so on *depending on acceptance id be into designing some custom banners to go around arenas if they could be put up perhaps they could be changed later maybe even you could have that as part of the games letting people submit God banners * Horse Racing - To bring Unolas closer to the Unicorn's Magic the master of Horses can take thier steed across bridge and marsh in Jungles where the wild is magical
  5. CalsoniC

    lol its not a contest of standards, im not saying its something to work towards either and im definately in no way agreeing or trying to strike up any kind of friendship with any of you this is my personal take it in no way reflects any guilds views im in by defualt, and if i havent covered any other disclaimer let me know *edit* and just for the record yes I have definately gone out of my way to actually bag jump twatty guilds, outlaw? nah
  6. CalsoniC

    im surprised nobody has mentioned community rules , which is a bit like community chest in Monopoly and based around much the same principle. its some rules made up to satisfy peoples desire to share properly, and nobody really knows what it is until it comes up im not saying what anyone did was right, or wrong. Your style of play within the rules is beyond anyone elses control. Any moral , or social interaction between players must depend not only on co operation but the need to over come an adversary. Be it the Casty or PKG, who have been recruiting adversaries for years its surprising that anyone would be at all surprised that PKG, of all the guilds in EL , would play within thier own set of community rules. I mean really isn't there some sort of Scroll in the game that actually mentions PKG and the fact they are notorious outlaws lol they almost deserve thier own facebook page
  7. The Mana Drain Issue

    how many GCs do AE cost these days
  8. yes !! Just as I read that my monitor mysteriously turned off for a second and said to me .... ACER ..... in big green letters. This is either witch craft or a sign from some Mutating Universal Squid Overlord ( like Tom Cruise belives in ) But other than that wasnt public opinion allways that it will give some people a great advantage running multi clients .... and multi clients will lead to people going for the Olympic Macro gold medal *edit* and we cant really bring multi play and the PK server into any of this b'cos there are more rabbits on IP than players another edit !! something I forgot to say was a very popular and not uncommon mechanic to this whole multi play issue has been to allow multi creation of characters that can deposit items in thier own storage, but other than that cannot interact such as taking an army of reduced size clients into KF on a 52 inch plasma linked to your behemoth gaming pc that wouldnt be allowed
  9. The Mana Drain Issue

    he would be pissed if he logged back in yes but still, nice way to solve it *edit* or just don't punish anyone for suggesting something
  10. The Mana Drain Issue

    I think it should cost Mango 10 AE to cast mana drain , and everyone else back to 4
  11. My Saturday - 28/7/12

    make sure you take the full 9 weeks to recover, start complaining about lack of feeling in your toes after about 6 weeks and they might push you to 11 weeks especially if you tell them you think they put the cast on wrong also, try and fall down the stairs after week 4 this will give you a definate 2 week extension ( and then those few levels before you have to do any thing other than complain about your leg ) and, tell your housemates you are going to need to keep busy with EL because people who sit and do nothing with thier brain get worse and worse Alzheimer's in old age and thats a fact. And wow I cannot imagine how satisfied that keeper felt. Until it all kicked off. LOL nice 1
  12. this idea ^^ you could have a multitude of rewards based on the same system, great point
  13. my day shopping

  14. i dont want to start some discussion on anybodies personal income however using shop as a reason why this wont be considered makes little sense. to encourage new players to stay they MUST feel like they can someday compete with the big boys and girls otherwise it will just be the big boys and girls left and they can only be asked so much to support a game. It really isnt fair on either radu or the current playerbase to expect ( especially in todays economic climate ) them to make sacrafices in game due to a shortage of either GC or RL dollar and besides, wasnt it Learner who artifically jacked the fucking rosto prices last time? as allways this game is more than not controlled by the players dont blame radu for 55k rostos blame the greedy sons of bitches who WANT 55k for a rosto. k
  15. Pro pk shots

    ive got no fail restore \o/