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  1. (One More) Summon Suggestion

    its a good idea, but there are people (like lightlan) who are great at both. if what you say gets implimented, the Lightlan will own KF :/
  2. Shishio/Cathuga/wulfgar

    PaulB bad bad scammer man. But really, i would trust paulb with my character (i even did once) and would never think of him stealing anything from me. he is very trustworthy, and the fact that someone is spreading sladerous filth about him deeply upsets me.
  3. Storage Sale

    Forgot to say, will be in Votd for the trades most of the time
  4. Storage Sale

  5. The PK clash of the year

    idk about the demolition derby... im pretty sure woodeh or handyman could take on everyone at the same time, and kill us all Unless , maybe dis rings werent allowed?
  6. Buying & Selling

    how much for shield?
  7. buying bones

    i have about 30k i could sell you, 2gc each
  8. Selling/Buying

    Selling: Titanium Plate: Offer Titanium Cuisses: Offer Buying: Health Essence: 7-8gc Please post here or PM me in-game
  9. [ Buying ] [ Selling ]

    i buy the TS book if you still have it
  10. Nautilus

    AMAR is no better, he did the same thing... i guess i should change the name of the other thread about turk to "TURK are Bag Jumpers and Spawn Serpers"
  11. Nautilus

    he always does this, i tried to serp him back, but unfortunetaly on reset, he hits mroe than me I tried talking to him, but he wont listen :/
  12. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    really? thank you Captain Obvious... stfu and go train
  13. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    how was i a cheat? and wth are you? and the only no BJ'ing member is rajun from TURK