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  1. Alchemic

    LMAO ofc that is a major criterion for not doing an instance with someone and why should i bother controlling someone when i can isntead go to the instance with some other guys that i dont need to control.....
  2. Alchemic

    i totally agree with pyewacket here. imho he didnt namechange to be less annoying but because he found out that its hard to buy/sell things or do instances when you have pissed off virtually every existing guild in EL, by luring credulous ppl for profit (which is one of the most despicable things you can do).
  3. Why is it...

    i agree in principle, suggestion forum is bad. But you were lucky, since KhalaI made a normal response with only using CAPS as emphasis not shouting. Seems just a misunderstanding to me. After all you were handled much better than most of us there and sometimes even the ones you call for moderation are the ones who treat you bad there, so thats not a solution regards (and dont take everything too serious here)
  4. Strange behavious of the get all button!

    thx for investigating it :-)
  5. Strange behavious of the get all button!

    i can confirm this bug now. One instance monster announced dropping 5800 gc but i saw only 5700 in the bag. Then i remembered reading this here and found that 100 gc were automagically transferred to my inv already when i had pressed the GetAll button.
  6. Morath

    being different for the only reason to be different is the act of a child, it seems that you and morath fall into that category. Acting on purpose and achieving something is neutral, but its easy to discern a noob bagjumper from someone who is skilled in acting evil. Pr0ness in being evil means you follow your own rules , it doesnt mean you dont follow any rules. Ppl who mix this up are just scum and dont deserve any special attention. This is only my opinion, no need to argue about that, you can have a different one. regards
  7. so your connection TO the game server is working, but it is possible that incoming port 2000 is blocked by ISP or someone in between. try to login to the test server at port 2001, read about that problem here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...t=0&start=0 btw: ofc it must be 'tracert game.eternal-lands.com' and not 'tracert www.game.eternal-lands.com'....
  8. To difficult to get login

    these are both _internal_ IP adresses which get you nowhere. Where do you insert or find this information? To diagnose potential connection problems, you should first try to PING game.eternal-lands.com HTH
  9. Instance drops

    this one got implemented now at the last update and i love it! ty radu
  10. I finally got there \o/ :)

    grats to mod level! Asgnny promised to raise the stakes at the time i get there, too
  11. views after 2 weeks of playing this game

    ty for your valuable insights i do remember when i was newbie that i wasted hours in Whitestone, because thats the first map after IP. When i discovered DP and VOTD it was a real surprise, because they were safe (even at night) and not so large. I died several times in WS (to the same invasion trolls) because i didnt know that the blue messages were important for me and didnt understand what that really meant. (deprived me of my newbie armor from former quest) I also died in SKF when entering from WSC, because i didnt know how to find info about such a map without going there. In fact to resolve such problems i think we need a kind of tutorial guide with infos what to do and what better not to for the first levels. And i mean it must be different from current info as well in content as in placement. Maybe we can develop such a text in the wiki together, i'll think about eleborating more what i mean... regards
  12. Instance drops

    instances are a very good addition to the game. Loot sharing is a problem that is inherent to instance runs and its not yet solved in EL probably because it just wasnt done. I cant see why we must discuss all these general good and evil and whatever things which are completely offtopic and only lead to nothing except a bad attitude to a good proposal (announcing loot in local chat). regards
  13. Instance drops

    its not about maximizing, i currently own 40k gc. When i went to the castellan the day before yesterday, i had ~20k only, which i bought pk arrows for. After the fight (before sharing) i had ~ 0 gc. The 40k i have now are basically from an instance yesterday night. I still miss some gc to replace my scythe and black dragon greaves that broke in the instances before. What i am trying to say is: if the game mechanics dont reward you (at least a bit) for playing (in invasions, in instances etc), then something is wrong imho. Ever wondered why many players tend to prefer training while others fight in invasions ? The loot sharing problem is annoying for everyone, so lets find a solution pls. regards
  14. Axe Of Freezing

    *bump* so for the record: ray's tests proof that its broken
  15. Instance drops

    first of all i dont see how your usual dispute helps us with this topic, Korrode and Aislinn. second Maybe trying another strategy would be a solution ? Maybe training your char, or helping somebody you trust to be able to tank ?I think that fixing something that isn't broken is not the right way to go. thats really funny. i just yesterday helped killing a castellan with a team and it wasnt the first. Implying i could train my char up to ATAs or similar chars is just ridiculous. Dont get me wrong, i really respect those chars (and some of their owners), but its not an option except i start buying chars. And i train everyday already. I still have to see you, groomsh, and aislinn at a castellan fight, will be interesting to watch, pls tell me when you demonstrate your skills there. It takes some gc investing to kill one, so if you cant refinance at least a good part of it, you wont start fighting it at all.....