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Founded upon the ideals of the world of Garion and his friends as written by author David Eddings, Riva is a group of mismatched peoples of all races, gender, age and country. All are united in the quest for right in a world of wrong.


Do you find yourself searching for the good in this world?

Is your heart saddened by the wrongdoing of innocents?

Have a good sense of the game and how it works?


Mature-minded people capable of both logical thinking and fun times, come get to know us.


website: http://www.rivanwarriors.com/


If interested, send me a forum PM with your qualifications and goals for EL.


Thank you.

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Hail the mighty rivan warriors and bless the poor souls who become subject to my ig spam!


<3 Firevalor :happy:

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Hehe, the word "guys" is tricky, having a different meaning in print than in live discussion.


I'm glad you're interested HaRes. We're ( the men and the women :) ) interested in getting to know anyone who'd like to join.


Go here for more info on us: www.rivanwarriors.com


And feel free to PM a few Rivans so we can get some conversation going. You could try me (Hex), or ryddler, Ferny, Awn, Smurf, lilcnoot, Gampa, Issira to name a few.

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Blood is not so much my department, I leave that to Smurf, Horvic, Shantak, Hex, and other fighters. But exchanging #ig spam with CELmates... :P

I joined Riva last summer with my current character. I'd already known several of them before and quickly realized this is my true home - we laugh, we fight ;) , we share, and we have some rather curious traditions that involve trouts and candy canes of doom. :P

We really do welcome people of all interests, except the hard-core "PK and nothing but PK" people. If you check the new guild rankings, you'll see that Riva is quite high on all of them. We're a diverse group, as stated above, both in real life and in game and if we recently lost Shallara and MilesP to their new baby then that makes us want to "beef up" our ranks even more.

We're not a newbie guild, in more than one way. We've been around from the first month that guilds were introduced in the game, and we do expect our members to have gathered basic experience both with in-game interactions and with game play itself so we can focus our energies on helping each other grow stronger.

When we put our mind together, we can really accomplish quite amazing feats. If you go to our forum (see above for link) check out the events portion and the bar project link. You won't believe how many bars we created in just one week.

So if at least some of this sounds like :D (pick me, pick me!) then let us know and we'll be happy to get to know you better.



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hey im not that good of a player but im a nice peace lovin guy who loves to have a good time!

sometimes i need to learn to shut my mouth :) but other than that im usually quiet(well...sometimes) and keep to my harvestin ways.

ask Krrick for reference if u need to. *hopes its good*

anyhow talk to yas all later. please talk to me ingame.

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Greetings to the noble Rivan Warriors,

and thank you very much again for helping the OK guild with their project on the dangerous part, it was really great :icon13:

if we every can be of your assistance, please let us know.


Be blessed,



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Well my name is xBarackOdramAx


Some of my EL goals , As stated below.. Are well known to most people


I like to fight on EL and i like to level , Attack & Defense is my main leveling skill


I use alot of magic when i Attack Mobs


I like to Explore EL alot , infact i used to Explore c2 almost everyday in the Past


I am not a bag jumper , nor a begger ,


& if i so happen to find someone's DB i do ask anyone if its theirs ,


I am 18 years old , my Birthday is July 16 1991


I am a very good trainer on monsters .


What i like most about EL is the friendly people , i love to be one as well , (i do often)


Well thats some stuff about me , pm me ingame or on forums if you need anymore ,


ALSO: I am intrested in joining RIVA , I am currently in FeaR and am waiting for an approval for RIVA

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Greetings from Romania to all my Rivan friends.

Mythos... aka Damned_Angel (still keeping my Rivan heritage into my heart).

Take care and maybe we'll meet again in the game.

Actually I'm trying to revamp D_A from the hell of forbidden pixels where it was sent :-)

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