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  1. Wipe and Cap

    St_Arcane is right. And everyone knows he is. But it won't happen St... EL is way too far down the road.
  2. HE, why arent they made?

    Go try harv big amounts of silver... then you know why. Harving always was boring as hell. But at least it was very very boring, so you could do other things while harvesting. Now it's just utterly annoying.
  3. reduce skill level cap

    They don't want EL to be a game... they want it to be a chatroom... with lots of counters.
  4. Remove PP buying

    Course pp-buying should be removed... that's the most redicilous thing that ever made it in this game. But then again, it's not like that is ever gonna happen.
  5. Mages

    Go back to where you came from Lorck. You're spamming the forums with common sense. It won't help.
  6. Should attributes cap increase?

    Why? The attribute system is fine... it's the rest that needs tweaking.
  7. Making EL better

    To post above. About instances. Imagine it wasn't a money sink, but that you played even... Like the summoning event in TD. Where guilds would fight together against waves of summoned creatures. You can't win, it's only about how far you get. It is so much fun to do this, but not if you lose 200k+ worth of stuff.. and no fun way to make that money back. I would love to see instances for free, without rewards... Currently the trend seems to be, you lose lose lose, and win a bit. I rather not win/gain anything, but neither losing anything. That means, just for fun of trying to survive as many waves of monsters with your guild. (Like PK is in a lot of games, you just PK for the killing, but you can't break items)
  8. Making EL better

    Newbies think killing monsters gives xp... like in 'normal' games. You begin with a bone and you make money to buy better swords to hit harder... Oh no, it's EL, you need to kill as slow as you possible can. Sword? You don't need swords. Swords are bad. No wonder newbies don't keep going at it for a longer time. It's just frustrating. They get new pickpoints.. yay, more power.... oh wait, I get less xp now . Not saying the system is bad or something... but it's just annoying and boring way to train attack and defense.
  9. 1 Of the greatest PK guilds of all times? Hhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You guys.. come on. There is hardly anyone left to pk.
  10. Lenny / Invasions channel

    For you maybe not, but for a lot of people, there is no better conversation than that.
  11. Bigger buddy list

    And keep matches closeby incase you want to make a fire.
  12. Bigger buddy list

    Current server design ... the server only knows the names of your buddies that are online. It doesn't have the names available of the offline buddies. I suspect Ent would consider a larger buddy list being a P2P feature. Why not, consider something as payment for fixing it.. like the donations or something. It's a 'problem' since day 1, as far as I know. All this time it was not worth fixing it... cause it was too complicated or something. Why not either just make the lists 2 times as big, without asking $ for it. Like come on, paying $ for a bigger buddy list (when you can't even see the list), what comes next...
  13. Thanks herculese!

    Maybe it's actually possible that being nice means more to some people than money. Even in EL, there are things money cannot buy. It's a game, not an extension of real life .
  14. Thanks herculese!

    Dumb. You find 200$ and you give it away...
  15. Making EL better

    Character wipe, remove pp-buying and add caps. Done deal. If you are new to this game... and you want to pk... training your own char is totally useless, you just buy one. (If you don't want to use $, make coins, sell for $ and buy a char, 100 times faster than training.) As long as this is the case, you'll always see chars changing owner.