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  1. Very dissapointed

    Without having even the slightest idea about your agreement and settlements, I wholeheartedly felt that this is a misunderstanding. Therefore, despite the plethora of voices claiming that Infect stole the char, I honestly found that highly improbable. I am glad to see the things settled down between you two, but I am afraid that most of this drama was amplified by some of your panicked friends 'persons with an exacerbated interest in WTF instances'. Ah and yes, pure logic is the ruin of the spirit - one very wise man once said (and damn, he was French). P.S. And the logic of some of alarmist, scaremonger, panic-monger friends of yours 'persons with an exacerbated interest in WTF instances' sucks. Take my word for it. P.S.2. Now that's enough drama for this year, no more orgies guild events for you two for the next 8 hours
  2. Very dissapointed

    Altaria/Meow you are an amazing person. I love and cherish our friendship, and regardless of spending less time online both of us, your are a person extremely dear to my heart. Infect, on the other hand, is a very dear friend and companion and I also treasure his friendship. Because of that, I simply can't believe that he can do such a crappy thing. I am absolutely sure Infect wouldn't do that to some idiotic scammer out there, yet to a friends. I might be wrong - but let me hope I am not. Try getting in touch with him, now - since he knows there is some issue - I'm sure he will get on and solve things together. I hope you will get Mhysa back or something else - according to the agreement he spoke off. So dear, just take a deep breath - and be optimistic (and ignore the guild gossip/panic machine).
  3. Very dissapointed

    WTF. I do think (hope) this is a misunderstanding. The Infect I know wouldn't do such crap, like stealing a char. Maybe he did a name change and forgot to let you know, or maybe he waits for you to set up some terms regarding the char. Give it a bit of time.
  4. What about having a C2-C1 travel option which would be less hidden than the current Sarma rocket shaceship (whatever) - in the sense of an unused ship in PL (for 500 gc or so/trip). This would make it easier for everyone to go to C2, thus making it more appealing. Rings and whatever aren't that bad, but i only see positive aspects from a ship route from C1 to C2
  5. antisocial perk

    Devnul, babe. The -10 pp's (read minus ten) i have and had (by not taking antisocial), were an important source of revenue for me, the very quintessence of my game-play. So, if you tell me that I have to have cognitive orgasms because of loosing that, no thank you:). Etc, etc, etc
  6. Sale: Some harvestables and other stuff

    Bump. Revamped thread as I added new stuff (more or less falling in the same cateogory).
  7. Failing to run EL after installing OS X Mavericks

    I don't think there is a solution ot the sound issue. NOTE: further updates to OS Mavericks migth require COMPLETE SHUTDOWN in order for EL to run and not to crash. Just happened to me.
  8. Sound problem - partial sound effects

    Well, not that I am glad to hear that DonChedi, but maybe you can offer some more info to developers - since is not a singular case atm. Maybe, when Sir_Odie and others have time to look into it, you can send some more info and see if there is somethign that could be done.
  9. Bad news about Forgiven

    That is very sad. God rest his soul.
  10. antisocial perk

    Imo, the Sarma algorhytm for antisocial (having to pay more than 'socials' to travel to c2 via boat) was and still is the best implementation of antisocial. In most games I played, antisocial/less charisma meant bigger prices, more stuff required. Antisocials should give 36 helms at daritha, 15 tit shorts etc:P, 4 tit chains - or get less gc for them than socials. Get a bit less exp from dailies, or changing missions should cost more... Would be a nice thingie to do:)
  11. Sale: Some harvestables and other stuff

    Lol. Ok. I had no idea you're into CF plants, dear;) Maybe it slipped my mind, though.
  12. Server Problem? Or just us?

    Yes, strange behaviour. I was also experiencing in-game imobility, i thought might have been my keyboard running out of battery:P
  13. Server Crash

    Cannot connect to the server. Crash? Edit: seems some other are experiencing the same issue.
  14. Sale: Some harvestables and other stuff

    bump. added new stuff on the list.
  15. Sale: Some harvestables and other stuff

    got it. and trade in game cabby, i traded the first lot to kyndor, the rest is yours. edited what it was sold via pm, before your post. send me a pm when you log in