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Found 4 results

  1. EDIT I'm now a member of NEW, and in no need of a guild. Thank you for your consideration. Hey, guys, I'm looking to join an active guild that follows the unofficial community 'rules' (no bag jumping, no scamming, etc). My character is quite old, and I used to play Eternal Lands all the time. I just returned after a hiatus. I'm a mixer/harvester, so I'd like to be in a guild that allows that or is centered around it, else I'm totally useless to you guys otherwise. My internet is way too laggy to fight anything. My previous guilds were: THC BanE My current guild is: ~O~ (The Circle) I'm only leaving it because no one else is playing anymore, so it seems. Thanks for your consideration. My in-game name is Lexi, and I currently play from the Android app.
  2. Guild Alliance(s)

    Poundin' You ( #nU ) Guild is now accepting New Mutual Ally Guilds and new Members.Hit the link and get to know us better. ---> http://poundin-u.enjin.com/ * With all due respect * Tokie
  3. Guild Storage

    Hi, we had yesterday again a discussion of how to create money sinks. Best money sinks, are 1-time use items so that gc doesn't get rotated but actually taken out of the game. Another suggestion to create such a money sink would be the feature of a guild storage. To maintain the access to that guild storage there would be a monthly ingame fee of XXXXX gc which has to be in the storage at the time of payment otherwise the storage will be disabled and needs to be unlocked through an NPC (slight higher charge) again. The access to the guild storage would be like accessing any other sto (maybe a tab in the sto window to switch between own personal sto and guild sto). (Also hazard sto for guild hazards!) This storage is not a BOT! Its just a game feature as the normal storage. Only members of the same guild can access same storage. This means for the database just 1 additional storage per guild. Maybe one can even link that to a certain member size of the guild ... but with alts ... meh! To give some of the unused guild ranks more sense one could make that only certain guild ranks have access to the storage, that way guilds can prevent some abuse or getting robbed by new members As this is a service/ingame feature, ingame gc will be taken out of the game at a monthly rate. At the same time this feature might make bigger guilds more attractive, thus preventing the creation of multiple smaller guilds (less mess ). And as this will be a feature, if you don't like it, you don't need to use it! My main motivation for this was to enhance guild activities and common projects, as well as find a way the whole guild can profit from the guild wealth. At the same time those storages don't function as bots, so radu still can sell trade bots as usual. So share your opinion, with me please. Maybe I have overseen something how that can be misused, if so please list it here and we can think about it. Also tell me if you like that idea and why! Kind regards
  4. ThunderBears!

    Join BEAR! If your active, decently levelled & have a good knowledge of EL, then join us. We PK, Invance, Instance and Fight Invasions, We accept all builds, suppourt each others endevours, and have no Allies, but have plenty of friendly guilds. We are trying to build our guild up to me a good, interesting guild, with experienced players. At the moment we mostly have pretty good, crafty, intelligent and cool players in. We Also except visits, but we do want you to be of a decent level, and visits aren't applicable to the below offer. We Are Also Ranked 16 In Tailoring 72 In Member (Correct At Time Of Posting) And now, i'm offering any members who stay active in the guild for 3 months, with One of the following of their choosing. 1 Titanium Chain Mail 1 Golden Star Mace 1 Cheap Cutlass 1 Cloak Of The Unbreakable NOTE: All Items are Subject To Availablity, Inflation, and You may have to wait while items are located, muled, or made, as well as money for items acquired. NOTE: This Offer May Be Cancelled At Any Time, With Only a change of This Post. NOTE: This Offer Is Only Being Supplied By JoeButler, Not By Atomos. Any Spamming, pestering or any other annoying demands for items to either of us will void this offer to you. NOTE: We can reject questionable members access to the offer or prolong their active period for their elligibility to the offer PM JoeButler Or Atomos In Game, send us a Forum PM, Post On our Guild Forum Come Help Shape Our Guild!!! *excuse the typos*