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Found 2 results

  1. Guild Alliance(s)

    Poundin' You ( #nU ) Guild is now accepting New Mutual Ally Guilds and new Members.Hit the link and get to know us better. ---> http://poundin-u.enjin.com/ * With all due respect * Tokie
  2. The honor Guild called Poundin'You, (#nU) is now accepting applications for dedicated players. All applicants will receive a review and selection(s) will be made on the following criteria : Weather you are a full or part time player. Achieved Levels other than Harvesting. Your Eternal Lands back ground check / no bag jumpers, scammers or lurer's or deceitful past allowed. Your goals in game. We are not seeking ALT's from other Guilds. We will entertain the idea of "folding a pre existing Guild" into our Guild. In #nU Guild we are Governed by the C.o.E. ,( the Council of Elders ) who decide on all votes concerning the good of the Guild before the good of any single individual. This odd numbered Panel of Judges is here to preside over the Members of the Guild, to make sure everyone gets a vote, and that all votes are accounted for before any decisions are made. This is a Guild first made by Tokie, the GM, over 6 years ago...but, it is not run by Tokie. Tokie is just another Member of the C.o.E. and does not have any final say on any vote. This is to assure the Members of #nU that He is in no way better than any other Member in the Guild. If you wish to be among friendly players who will allow you to decide what,when and how you play, then feel free to hit the link and add your name to the Application for Recruitment on our Guild Forums, (Made by the honorable Agrilles of SiTu Guild) and we will cast a Poll for a C.o.E. vote on your application within 1 Game day, but please note that all voting is open on our G-Forums for a R-L period of 24 Hours, although most voting is completed within 1 or 2 "Game Days" on the average. Guild #nU has 54 members. The guild URL is: http://elguilds.net/poundyou/news.php Respectfully yours, Mr. T.C. Cross aka: Tokie