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  1. Forum Idea

    Forum already has this, right?
  2. Can log in,game crashes.

    He is on RADEON 9200 Series DDR x86/SSE2. 32 bit OS also.
  3. EVTR cave iron ore

    I agree. At times it's almost impossible to get near iron to harvest it. Most of the times someone gets stuck and can't get out because of too many people surrounding him. Adding at least one more iron ore spot close to it would help this issue
  4. Buying coal

    Buying coal @ 2.5 each, any amount is welcome. VithaR ingame.
  5. Various items for sale

    Ooops, nvm, didn't see the FE's are gone.
  6. Clearing Storage.

    I'd like to buy damaged iron greave for 6500.
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    20k silver please, vithar ingame. Edit - Actually, make that 50k silver.
  8. 100k toads for sale

  9. a/d stones for sale

    BUMP I've got 9k a/d stones for sale for 28gc each, or buy all for 243k
  10. a/d stones for sale

    Selling a/d stones @ 30 each, got a lot so buy as many as you want
  11. Selling lots of stuff

    I'll take all serp stones and bind stones
  12. Selling rostogol stones

    All sold!
  13. Selling rostogol stones

    Selling rosts, post here or pm in game
  14. Archery

    And wielding a sword is easy and doesn't require muscles?
  15. Spelling lesson for the day

    So, how have you been marr?