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  1. very old players

    Hmmm how is everyone doing?
  2. physique, vitality, will simple solution , huge hp, toughness and mana
  3. When you were a nub

    Needs to be done imho to attract more players: 1. Marketing, some advertising 2. Hide bots from outsides , some maps look like shit and scary with all these bots 3. Do not allow character market 4. Make quests easier for new people, not all have the patience to explore maps, with low perception to find an npc 5. Give more free things to newbies but items that cannot be sold and that would be erased from their inventory after 1 month time 6. If someone logs daily (up to lvl oa 50) gets something fr33 from npc (like exp bonus for a skill or low price item but a chance to get something good) 7. make dialogues with npc appear at console not only a window and if u have already spoken with npc hide the already told dialogue 8. Less guilds 9. Reduce item prices from shop These are IMHO things that need to be changed
  4. Nexus potions

    I do not understand why would anyone use em, cost of mixing something would be too high (if its for a minute)
  5. 1. making items more expensive does not help real market 2. this will eventually turn the game into $ pwnage
  6. mine doesnt work on 3G either
  7. Wing Guild

    i ll mark this page to be my #1 trolling
  8. Harv Tutorial

    i do not understand why there is a problem if someone wants to post the walkthrough or someone wants to read about the quest , its not something that can be decided for anyone.
  9. Harv Tutorial

    Or on the other hand, if some people want to cooperate to finish it , you shouldn't have a problem either then. Noone is forcing anyone to look for information about finishing a quest, maybe someone has a problem and cant find a certain clue , does that mean that he should stop the quest ? Honestly guys, help me out, i do not understand why is bad to help the community?
  10. Harv Tutorial

    you mean each player should sit in front of the plant for 6 hours and wait the message? How do you think I completed the quest? not everyone has the luxury to sit and wait in front of the flower for 6 h
  11. Harv Tutorial

    you mean each player should sit in front of the plant for 6 hours and wait the message?
  12. pr0 instance lost its worth

    As much as i enjoy doing instances and i love the good gc drops i do not agree with Kiryu. It's not meant to be farmed if it was meant there wouldnt be any cooldown on hours. Instance should be about doing something else in game and if profit comes along its welcome. peace out
  13. KF Clash #4

    sorry cant make it at sunday
  14. KF Clash #4

    if i am online count me in
  15. Selling Inorganic Removal Stone

    withdrawn offer