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Found 1 result

  1. I remember hearing radu about the possibility to introduce some experience boosters that can help reduce the gap between the various categories of players, thus giving the game a better lvl of competitiveness. I think this can be done without much trouble, in the form of trading items to NPCs (priests for instance) for exp instead of cash: ex: Attack God's priest - swap 10 iron swords/iron hammers + 1kgc to for att 5k experience - swap 10 tit longs + 10k for - 90k att exp - swap 10 tit serps + 50k - for 250k att exp - swap 1 tit serp of thermal for - 2-3million att exp - swap 1 set of all s2e of magic/ice/fire/thermal for - 300k exp, or whatever Alchemy God's priest - trade 5 EEE for 40k alch exp - trade 5 ELE for 100k alch exp - trade 5 EFE, etc - trade 5 eme for 200k alch exp, or whatever - trade 50 hydro bars for 2m alch exp Harvesting god's priest - trade 5 harv meds for 100k harv exp - trade 10 harv meds for 200k harv exp - trade 1 inno nexus removal for 4m harv exp Books/library NPC - speed up research time by trading books to NPC (ex: You donate a Potion of Evasion Book and speed up your reading with 1000 mins) Summon God's priest - trade x furs to summon god npc for exp - just like maia's quest from temps R us This will get gc fast out of game and will skyrocket price for some items. This will help non-manuers to get some exp too, so it is different from schools (everyone can trade their drops) not only their mixed items There are 3 solutions to limit rich high lvls from extening the gap even more: - either you make the donations on a range basis (iron swords from lvl 40-60), steel two edged (60-80), etc +/- a cooldown which increases with range (daily for 40-60), (byweekly for 140-200) - either you decrease the experience proportionally with the lvl ------> 100 iron swords will give 100k exp to a lvl 50, and 40k exp to a lvl 100, for instance. - you require high lvl chars, TONS of low lvl items -------> instead of a high lvl, pricey one -------> like mmmmm 20k rat tails or 120k impatients, or whatever.