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  1. Which was your biggest project ever?

    I did a guild project when I was GM of a very small guild mostly made up of newbies, so in actuality I did a great deal of the work myself although a couple members helped a lot too. I must have done about 2/3rds of the essies myself. So we made up 10 TTRP kits consisting of 10k energy essence, 2k matter essence and 2k spirit essence and we did all the essies from scratch, we bought none. We harvested all the ores, minerals and flowers depending on our levels and interests and then those of us who could alched the essies. After we got all 100k energy essence and 20k each of the matter and spirit essences I sold the 10 kits on the forums market section and they sold very quickly I might add. We then paid everyone according to what they did. This is back when guild projects were very common as was guild harvesting events which helped build the storages or coin purses of newbies as well. I would love to see more guild projects done again myself. My guild used to do them but hasnt in ages. Now-a-days instead of guild projects we go out harvesting with all our own alts and we do these projects completely on our own and I think it is far more fun and rewarding actually when we play in a more team oriented spirit. Just my feelings. Oh I love doing stuff myself too, dont get me wrong. Doing a huge project all alone and making it bigger and better than all previous projects can be an exhillerating Personal Best. And I have done many of these projects. Such as make and sell the NPC 10k Moon Medallions. Make 100 harvester Medallions (done at least twice maybe three times) etc. But doing a huge project with my friends where my own participations is heavy but not the only participation is far more rewarding really. Far more fun for sure.
  2. Salutations Friends, Allies and Villians in EL!  Happy Hunting....Go hurt something!

  3. EL Mentors

    I agree with all that is said so far pretty much...I have worked with many newbies and your right, you dont want to give them too much because it is counter productive...we dont want a bunch of people coming into game thinking everything will be handed to them on a silver platter, but at the time, if you remember back to being a true newbie, what we start with makes it really rough and the best way to start the game is to make a couple friends of older players, find a guild, and then you will have a number of older players to go to for advice and the only thing I give to newbies is like vino, a kind of startup care package with a few, not hundreds but maybe 20-25 minor health pots and show them how to make more with the recycled empty vials, an extra set of leather armour or even two, it breaks even if it doesnt drop on death, an extra iron sword, just very basic helpful stuff. that being said, I make sure they know they can come to me if they need help...I warn not to use chanel 6 to tell they lost a death bag once they can lose stuff, to tell a friend or guildie rather. A warning like that can actually prevent a loss of a player cause players tend to be more fragile early on and although I am not a quitter and wouldnt quit because I lost something, there are many who would, and you can have the attitude well screw them then, let them quit, but that is not really good. There could someone who was not yet committed to the game who quits over a loss of a death bag who if they had been able to stick around might have still turned to be a good player. None of us are perfect anyway and we have all made bad mistakes in our lives. Saying we are not worthwhile because of them is not really fair. But giving too much can make really bad players worse...they will then try exploit everyone they can. That should definitely be discouraged. Moslty in EL we admire those who work hard and do for themselves rather than ask others to do it all for them. I dont want to foster a bunch of nambypambees anymore than anyone else does. But I do want to try my best to keep players who are worthwhile sticking around until they can stand well on their own and become a solid member of our good community. And we are a good community.
  4. EL Mentors

    I was thinking back to when I was a newbie and what it was that I did or others did for me that perhaps is responsible for my still playing today. I started playing in 2007. I was one of the newbiest noobs you could find...dummer than sin. I didnt listen to the newbie advice of not leaving IP right away and I left and got lost and totally didnt understand I could go back by just beaming...so I wandered around until I died and ended up back on IP and then I had no idea where I was actually. I had trouble walking, didnt know how to eat and regain health, didnt know I could get free heals, as I didnt do the tutorial and I didnt pay attention...this was my very first computer game. I didnt have any kind of aptitude for it at all. But I am not a quitter and I finally figured out there was a tutorial and did it. Very slowly learned just a bit and then my big break was I was in DP getting sulfur for FES that is all I knew how to do to make money is make FES and sell them to the magic store. So I met Wildfire and he talked me into joining The Hand guild, which all it was was a harvesting guild. So I started harvesting like mad and I got pretty wealthy for a dumb old noob and reading books, but what happened to make this all happen was I found some players at least more experienced than I was and I mentored with them. We didnt call it that but that is what it was. I followed my mentors and did what they told me to do. As I realized I sucked at playing and I needed to get help from those people who were better at it than I was. And today I still have so much appreciation for those who mentored me. Those who I can say were mentors for me were early on Cancowgirl, Wildfire, and later Graywolf and Bigbass, and Caecus. Without their guidance and care I would not have lasted. So why bring this up? I think we would all like to see our game continue and one way to show it was going to make it as a game is that we would have some new blood drifting in and staying. It would be good for all of us to get a broader player base. To have more active players. It would make the game better, our ecomony would improve, and we all would feel better about our game which we all love or we wouldnt be here. Those who like to complain about the game who nonetheless show up to play everyday are not very convincing about how much they hate the game. And complaining is simply not ever going to make the game better, so I would prefer to concentrate on things that will improve it. And there are. One thing we should all of us be watching for any true newbies, as opposed to alts. True newbies should be a priority for all of those of us who care about the game. We should step up to help them, which means we would mentor them...for many people who come to EL are the same as I was...they have no experience with games or little and need a lot of help. I personally have mentored many newbies myself when I was an officer in BoC guild. It takes energy and sometimes gets tiring but it is very rewarding too. Mostly. Sometimes you get a real loser and then if you try with them and you find they are just using you and not worthy of your efforts then I let them go...but when you find one who is really serious about learning the game and appreciative of your efforts to help them, it is really very rewarding then. That makes up for the more negative times when the newbie is not so nice. I think some people shy away from helping newbies but really all of us who want EL to continue as a game should make a point to help either mentor true newbies we meet or help them find other good solid members of our community to mentor them. At least point them in the right direction. And do let them into our guilds. It is tempting not to invite a newbie, they can bring lots of trouble and we dont know them...but we should put aside our worries and try to at least give each newbie a chance. They can't really actually do that much damage before we are on to them anyway. We as a community have survived Morath-and most of the really bad players never stay cause they have no friends for one thing. I think the case for mentoring newbies and embracing them and helping them become a part of our game and our community is pretty strong. I am hoping with the improvements to our android app we might see more new blood from time to time coming into EL and when we do I am hoping that we will rise up as a community and work to embrace the new players and take the time to mentor them. For one they will become better members of our community because of our efforts and they might just stick around too. That would be worthwhile. Lol not that I like Trump but to use his motto.....Lets Make EL Great Again! We can. You can listen to the defeatists cry that EL is finished. Or you can work to make it grow again. If we all listen to the defeatists then fail it will. If we simply ignore them, though, we can make EL even better than it ever was....Dont be sucked into negativity. Its not over til its over....
  5. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    I quit playing for quite awhile and played many other games because EL was my first MMORPG and after my best EL Sweetie, Graywolf died, and I was grief stuck, I quit...this is the real reason for my quitting as I loved EL but for awhile playing was too painful after Graywolf died all I could think of was that loss so I moved on for a number of years. Also my own health was very poor and I was facing my own mortality for quite some time. Fortunatley I am much better now. And time has eased the sadness of my grief. So I came back and I am glad I came back and I can say something about EL having played now many other MMORPGs, including but not limited to Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Elder Scrolls Online, and some more like single player RPGs like Skyrim, Oblivion, Dragon's Dogma, Torchlight and Torchlight II, and many others. The MMORPGs that I have played have been mostly perhaps more sophisticated in graphics, fighting etc. However, EL has the best graphics and fighting of any smaller RPG and there is something to be said for its small size, it is compatible with older or less OP PCs and laptops...some games I have played simply could not be played on very many laptops, mostly they do better on bigger desktop models like my own gaming Lenovo. But why did I come back..since my computer is good enough I can play any game I wish. The reason is the community. So I say BS to EL having a poor community and yes, if you use Hermetic as meaning "tight" we are a tight community and I find that a good thing...we are a very small community and we all know each other and though we argue and sometimes make fun of each other and sometimes, well we love to hate certain people within our group but overall I think we all do care about each other. Or most of us do. And that is something you dont get in a larger game. Guilds in LOTRO and DDO and ESO are jokes compaired to guilds in EL. There is not the same chatting even....you can die of loneliness in those games if you are shy or bashful at all. If you mean "hermetic" as "airtight" I would argue that is not the case...we are not so tight we cannot make room for another to join. But we perhaps are going to sit and watch the newcomer for signs of trouble because we have seen newcomers who created problems. But once we see a newcomer is going to make it with us we adopt them and I know this is true as many of you are not all that old as far as how long you have been here and you are accepted and part of the group. We are tight group but not a closed group. And I enjoy my time I spend here each day because of all of you besides what I am doing myself. Now with the improvements to the android app I am very excited as I often have to spend hours or half a day even at doctors offices and now can play EL to pass the time there. We hear bad crap from people who quit but how about listen to some decent rap from an old player who came back and stayed.....thanks.
  6. Hello to my loving friends and friendly lovers (ha well that might just be wishful thinking but it sounds cool right?)

    I have been back a few months now and loving the game very much so planning on sticking around.  I hope to see some of us older players coming back and sticking with it as well as some newer faces perhaps.  I keep posting the game on my FB acct and encourage all of you to do same.  Invite your friends to play...Hell, even invite your enemies...a few villains makes the game more interesting (Stivy <3)  Lol I suppose that wont help me win friends and influence people but heck, Newhope is on my friends list...so whatever.   I have a soft spot in my heart for the tall dark villianous stranger...perhaps I would like to be a bit bad myself once in awhile..but being raised to be a good girl, never get quite drunk enough to do it...haha, maybe someday you will all be shocked to see me and my bombs out for a killin' Spree...who knows (but likely I will just end up blowing myself up, which would be fun too.  I am in this all for the fun of it.  I just like to relax and have a good time.  I hope you all do the same.

  7. New Client Udate and Hyperbags

    guess it is time to finish up all the loose ends...if you only knew how many bags I keep out there at any given time. Yes, I am the real Bag Lady of EL!
  8. Alt rules

    These are good questions...even I have only one alt who holds the purse and all my other toons are anti...but in defense of my position there I can honestly say I am playing and leveling her she is not just solely a buying alt but she is the only toon I have who can buy and so yes, she does it for my main and all the others. (albeit very slowly as I have 7 toons I am playing total and it is not easy to level very fast on any of them with so many however leveling fast is not a major concern for me I just play for fun and am not too concerned with that) So I would say that I would of course be complience with any changes that are made. But I think that the biggest rule modifier should be that alts are being played and leveled (not necessarilly speedily hopefully cause I am old dont do anything fast anymore lol) and that would mean no alts who only held all your surplus weapons and amours etc who were so full they cant and are not played..and no alts that you absolutely only use to buy stuff cause you are anti...and never play besides that...I think that is what Radu means (that is how I take it when he said they must be played) but I think it needs to be spelled out in detail becasue some people just wont get it otherwise... Playing an alt means you are doing stuff with it besides using it as a slave for the betterment of your main however that is...buying stuff, collecting death bags, storing your hoarded resources, training on it for you betterment and not theirs, (ie do you break stuff on it but do you ever do have it breaking stuff? Do you ever do a quest with it or level skills on it? Do you ever train on it? These are things that a real character in EL does and I think alts should be doing them to in order to be real alts. I dont think rule five was abolished so we would not need bricks anymore due to our alts can get our dbs now, I dont think it was abolished so that we could have walking storage bots to keep our stuff in we all know how limited our storage is and it is very tempting to store on an alt but Radu clearly states that all bots be declared and a bot is a bot...if you only store on a toon it is a bot imo.
  9. Looking for Harvest/Mixing Partner

    anytime anyone wants to harvest or bag mix for extended periods I am willing to do it with them...I just want to do some projects with others when it is possible so yeah, would love that..besides bag mixing I sometimes sit and harvest into a bag for hours then haul it back to sto but mosty I do this in more remote places as this is risky in more populated caves due to the chance of losing control of your bag while hauling and having it bjed if someone is so inclined--even though I was recently bjed all in all I have found it safer to do bags now than much earlier in my el carreer when there were far more people and more people in general means also more bad people and there were...now I think we have a majority of very good people, a very nice community.
  10. Harvesting Guild HYSF taking orders

    HI I would like to order 10k coal and 10k sulfur also I dont see it listed however if you would harvest it I would love to order as much as allowed of wood branches. I will pm or ig you when I log on later. If it takes awhile it is ok...I am not in a big rush. I am glad to see another harvest guild spring up it is so good for the community and such a help.
  11. I am not sure where to post this but I am looking for any players that would like to occassionally do harvest/mixing with me in a cave setting...I am back after pretty much years away been back a few months now but I am kind of missing old friends who no longer play--some left a couple died...and I am not sure how to go about finding someone to harvest/mix with but I was happiest ingame when I had at least one person to pal around with a bit..I love all the EL Community and you are good to me, I am very happy to be back but if any of you would like to harvest and or mix with me in a cave or someplace interesting please pm me ingame or leave a message with mercator..newbies are welcome I can show you some neat places that are nice to know about. Old timers fine too if you would like to take some time sometime for an old fashioned big harvest or a cave mix. I find doing a project with another so much more pleasurable than just doing it with my alts I decided to risk having everyone laugh at me and just see if someone would also like this...yes I harvest with my alts all the time and I mix with them also...but I am looking now for others who would like a real person to harvest or mix with....let me know...anyone welcome. (well just about..known bjers not really welcome--anyone else is) shoot this is in wrong spot (revi can you move it I cant and I dont see how to delete it even except to just wipe it clean) I cant even wipe it out it wont cancel so any I am tired and put it in wrong spot and need it move sorry. if in new spot place for subject pls put "Looking for harvest/mixing partner" pls
  12. Alt rules

    There is some uses of alts that I also question whether they are right and know that some people use alts in these manners and want to bring them into the discussion: some seem to be using alts as what I would call an illegal or undeclared bot for storage purposes and have heard people say things like "I keep all of {this} on my alt etc. I heard Radu say the other day that alts are supposed to be played so it would seem that using one primarilly as storage would break that intention but I wonder radu if you dont want to add that to the new rules just to make it more official or if you dont due to it would perhaps be a hassle to police I dont know...but it seems to me that you intended that our alts be played characters and not use for other purposes such as illegal bots and spawn protectors etc. I have a lot of alts but I do try very hard to keep playing them all some get neglected a little but my intentions are to level (if I live long enough I am slow to level) all my alts and my main... I guess that is all that comes to mind right now--I would suggest that we might add that alts need to be played and they should not be used primarilly for storage... decided to add more: I wonder in this discussion about all the various uses of alts and I use them for but not exclusively for some of these as well such phenomina as "Harvest Slaves" which I would call alts that have no function of life of their own other than to harvest for the main and I am not saying this should or should not be tolerated I would of course leave that up to Radu but maybe here it should at least be addressed... is it ok to have alts that are only played to better the position of the main and have no life of their own..ie they do not level any skills other than what they do for the main..such as harvesting for instance or mixing essies (and only mixing essies for the main) Before anyone argues please note I am not suggesting one way or the other whether this should be a legal way of playing an alt or not...I am asking only for it to be considered and made clear here. I have as said many alts but I myself have a kind of role play game with them and each of them has its own speciality that it does and none of the others do...such as Chavalah is my potter, Mammalushke my tailor, Kruella is learning manu, Frumasara will hopefully be a mage....Yenta I hope to make a bot. And Gimel I dont play she was one I meant to kill. So anyway, I still at times use them more for helping YethQ but that is not my intended main use for any of them although they are an asset yes. (well sometimes they cost me a lot to maintain too lol)
  13. I usually do my cave mixing in remote caves in C2 so blame myself for this too, but I was mixing a bag of about 12k earth essies and my computer crashed and when I got back Smaky's alt "Smakyzombie" was on my bag. I assumed he was being helpful at first but he would not answer and would not get off the bag...he then proceeded to trade with all his alts the stuff in the bag he wanted the done essies I gather he has been trying to sell those...having a bit of difficulty finding a buyer though he may find one but not most will buy them from him after I let people know in channel 6. He poofed the bag after he got what he wanted out of it. I realize it is legal for him to do this so am not suggesting he did any game violation but he did act in a way that is not acceptable to most EL players...most of us do not like people who take bags from others and I will say I have never taken a bag from another and most of us including myself believe that it is wrong to take others bags except those won in PK of course...which is a part of the PK game....but it is not acceptable to most of us for others to take and poof our bags we are working on mixing or harvesting in caves. I am therefore only writing this to warn others of this character..if you go into a cave wanting to do a bag and see him or his alts I would advise against it while he is there as he will take any opportunity to steal a bag and he will poof it if he cannot use it. He is a total jerk really as this is really not cute or funny to most of us in the EL community. what is really sad is I am a very generous player and have been known to give cols and rdhlm and clothes to new players, and truly, had he only asked I would have helped him much more than what he got from me by stealing today....He lost the right to be friended by me by stealing my bag, so in reality he is the loser today...not me. I can easily replace that bag he will dispose of what he has soon and he has lost his credubility with the community in taking it and will never be able to be just a normal player really unless he shows much remorse someday and does much good to outweight the bad he did...which it is unlikely he will do that. So anyway. please be on guard against these toons: Smaky, Smakyzombie, Smakycze, Janiczka All four were busy taking loot from the bag to sto (by trading so I could not gain control of my bag back) I am not sure if these are alts of another more well known player...I suspect they may be and if you know who that player is please post it would be very helpful to know. And make the general crafting EL Community safer (safe-guarding our bags anyway) thank you all for your support too.....I will be fine I can replace all that in a couple days but it is annoying as I had working on the bag for two days.... also Skyrim94 is his alt
  14. ty the alt + enter worked...I have no idea why I cant run full screen without losing visibility of my mouse but it does that every time I go into fullcreen....