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Found 1 result

  1. EL Mentors

    I was thinking back to when I was a newbie and what it was that I did or others did for me that perhaps is responsible for my still playing today. I started playing in 2007. I was one of the newbiest noobs you could find...dummer than sin. I didnt listen to the newbie advice of not leaving IP right away and I left and got lost and totally didnt understand I could go back by just beaming...so I wandered around until I died and ended up back on IP and then I had no idea where I was actually. I had trouble walking, didnt know how to eat and regain health, didnt know I could get free heals, as I didnt do the tutorial and I didnt pay attention...this was my very first computer game. I didnt have any kind of aptitude for it at all. But I am not a quitter and I finally figured out there was a tutorial and did it. Very slowly learned just a bit and then my big break was I was in DP getting sulfur for FES that is all I knew how to do to make money is make FES and sell them to the magic store. So I met Wildfire and he talked me into joining The Hand guild, which all it was was a harvesting guild. So I started harvesting like mad and I got pretty wealthy for a dumb old noob and reading books, but what happened to make this all happen was I found some players at least more experienced than I was and I mentored with them. We didnt call it that but that is what it was. I followed my mentors and did what they told me to do. As I realized I sucked at playing and I needed to get help from those people who were better at it than I was. And today I still have so much appreciation for those who mentored me. Those who I can say were mentors for me were early on Cancowgirl, Wildfire, and later Graywolf and Bigbass, and Caecus. Without their guidance and care I would not have lasted. So why bring this up? I think we would all like to see our game continue and one way to show it was going to make it as a game is that we would have some new blood drifting in and staying. It would be good for all of us to get a broader player base. To have more active players. It would make the game better, our ecomony would improve, and we all would feel better about our game which we all love or we wouldnt be here. Those who like to complain about the game who nonetheless show up to play everyday are not very convincing about how much they hate the game. And complaining is simply not ever going to make the game better, so I would prefer to concentrate on things that will improve it. And there are. One thing we should all of us be watching for any true newbies, as opposed to alts. True newbies should be a priority for all of those of us who care about the game. We should step up to help them, which means we would mentor them...for many people who come to EL are the same as I was...they have no experience with games or little and need a lot of help. I personally have mentored many newbies myself when I was an officer in BoC guild. It takes energy and sometimes gets tiring but it is very rewarding too. Mostly. Sometimes you get a real loser and then if you try with them and you find they are just using you and not worthy of your efforts then I let them go...but when you find one who is really serious about learning the game and appreciative of your efforts to help them, it is really very rewarding then. That makes up for the more negative times when the newbie is not so nice. I think some people shy away from helping newbies but really all of us who want EL to continue as a game should make a point to help either mentor true newbies we meet or help them find other good solid members of our community to mentor them. At least point them in the right direction. And do let them into our guilds. It is tempting not to invite a newbie, they can bring lots of trouble and we dont know them...but we should put aside our worries and try to at least give each newbie a chance. They can't really actually do that much damage before we are on to them anyway. We as a community have survived Morath-and most of the really bad players never stay cause they have no friends for one thing. I think the case for mentoring newbies and embracing them and helping them become a part of our game and our community is pretty strong. I am hoping with the improvements to our android app we might see more new blood from time to time coming into EL and when we do I am hoping that we will rise up as a community and work to embrace the new players and take the time to mentor them. For one they will become better members of our community because of our efforts and they might just stick around too. That would be worthwhile. Lol not that I like Trump but to use his motto.....Lets Make EL Great Again! We can. You can listen to the defeatists cry that EL is finished. Or you can work to make it grow again. If we all listen to the defeatists then fail it will. If we simply ignore them, though, we can make EL even better than it ever was....Dont be sucked into negativity. Its not over til its over....