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  1. New daily fight quest

    In a "kill all mobs on XXXX map" I would only include White Stone/Idaloran/Iriveron if we have some kind of monster counters, just a normal popup every time you kill a new mob would work, soon players would know how many of each mob exist in that map and would not waste time killing again and again the same creature, making the hunt more effective, remember that those maps are 4x the size on MM,DP or Glac. In fact, I think that the "kill all mobs on xxx map" would be a much more balanced hunting experience for players of all levels, than a "go kill all Red or Black Dragons" quest that feels a lot like "free" exp for those that can do it, also because most of the very high level creatures are only in 1 or 2 places that don't require much exploration/search. The "kill all mobs in a map" could also be available much sooner, around level 50 with a large quantity of maps. I imagine this as weekly thing not daily.
  2. I like the idea of the extra options of helms, I just think they should be added as drops and not from the red helm + some gold, only because that would give a great benefit to those players that have dozens of those in storage and are already not selling just to make some extra gold with the increase of demand.
  3. New daily fight quest

    I have some mixed feelings about this idea. First of all, I like the idea of having a new A/D daily quest, something harder to do, that require some exploration and I also welcome all the extra Exp I can get, I have +8 years of 0 exp to recover . The way this was presented, a low level 100-125 (like me) would get fluffies many times and would have to explore 12 different places and spend hours in this process, even chims can be found in ~4 different places each, but a +155 level would get mostly high level monsters, Dragons, Breakers, Giants, all those with just a few spawns and in just 1 or 2 maps but still would get way more exp or it would not be worth to do. The other thing I don't like/understand is "If you get something you can't kill, use a pass or get help." I believe dailies should evolve with player skills, like the ones we have now do, Haidir don't send me to Yetis at low 110s, the max I get is Mountain Chims and those only recently, not forcing me to spend a expensive pass or beg for help. Imagine doing your daily and after that go help 3 or 4 guildies/friends in this daily, every day. No. If this is to promote shop sales I'm sure there are other things much more effective. Haidir pass is already the best $ for gc item, and increasing the demand will increase even more the price of the other items like Rostos, who would buy them from shop if you get much more gold from the passes? This is just my opinion but I was away for several years and these days I see things in-game that I never imagined to be possible, so I may be wrong about this too.
  4. Pre RC 10

    UVP: 1