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Found 5 results

  1. Material points not increasing

    Hi, I've been playing the game on and off for years. And recently when I came back after a couple of years, I increased my character's will be one point which should have increased the material points but the material points stayed the same. Could this be because I left for so long? [Edit] Nevermind. I got a good answer on #jc 1. 2 attributes points are required to affect material points.
  2. Auction 10'000 HE's

    10'000 HEALTH ESSENCE Conditions: Start at : 80'000 gcs Minimum bid is : 1'000 gcs Auction ends : sunday 17.02.13 at 17:00 Swiss hour (GMT +1) Will be delivered as soon as possible after the auction !
  3. Selling 5k Health Essences

    Sold to teehee (^_^)
  4. Auction on Health Essences

    Action closed.