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  3. Hatwood

    It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the passing of Hatwood. She was a unique individual and will be missed by many.
  4. Server Update Suggestions

    But riding horses...
  5. Server Update Suggestions

    Fix the summoning commands to actually work. I.E. "Summon only my opponent" Allow the "Summoned Creatures" Tab to not auto close after selecting an option.
  6. Server Update Suggestions

    Unicorn Dung and/or LDB scales to reduce instance hours, or regenerate action points. A continuous (optional) counter for use while in instance Phoenix form upgraded with speed hax and reduce creature food consumption New boss mob, that switches who it is attacking mid fight - would eliminate a single person tanking.
  7. Server Update Suggestions

    KF proposed changes - Page 2 - General Chat - Eternal Lands Official Forums (eternal-lands.com)
  8. Game freezes

    have you tried uninstalling?
  9. IP Ban?

    Check your firewall settings! Hope this helps
  10. I would try uninstall and reinstall. Be sure you follow the downloading steps found on the main site. Correct destination of files is key!
  11. Questions about game future

    Instead of a smartass answer I will give a decent one... The player base is much lower today as before, fortunately we do have returning players, and a few newer players. Marketing has never been a priority, but word to mouth has. Best case scenario, people like you come back, and start sharing stuff about EL on some sort social platform. Kinda like pulling teeth going any other route with developers. I hope you do come back and enjoy the game and I do not think it will be "dying" anytime soon. We still have a good player base, even if it is smaller than we all think it should be. Hope this helps!
  12. Guiness is Banned

    Just post the proof?
  13. KF proposed changes

    Any chance of having the map improved (even if just the minor proposals) happening? Uncap KF enable engineering Leave KF as no drop Add safe area
  14. KF proposed changes

    KF proposed changes: Adding cooldown to summoning stones (15-20 seconds per stone) Current CD on stones is 3 seconds (((up to 18 summons in 27 seconds) *RIDICULOUS* )) IF it is easier to just eliminate the stones in KF - fine (This would eliminate the zoo, and also the unfair amount of gc being spent when lower levels fight upper levels. a 130s a/d character typically cannot afford to blow 100k worth of summoning stones in a fight like the pros) This will also open up the window for lower levels to be able to range without being flooded with a zoo (Annoying for players like me) but hell of a good time for the lower players just trying to kill :-) Eliminating all skill/attribute caps eliminate the map cap Eliminate cooldown on srs/emps or ELIMINATE BEAVER TOKENS IN PK Eliminate cooldown for ATLEAST SRs/EMPs IF tokens are still allowed in PK (KF) Lets face it, fighting against someone carrying several beaver tokens is unfair to the lower levels who struggle for enough gc. The biggest expense in pk should be HE/SRs (To keep it fun for everyone) **CREATING A SAFE AREA FOR SPECTATORS** Just by adding a small square inside map for spectators to watch and wait could be beneficial to pking. there is several people who never thought they would enjoy pk because they were never given the chance to watch without risking death/rostos. Arenas are fun, but they are not nearly as fun as guild warfare - anyone can tell you this. Allowing a safe square would give people opportunity to (unfortunately) "cheap shot" BUT that is a fun risk that I think we all can agree on. With this safe area, I believe it is a 'must' to not allow magic inside the square, this would eliminate pre casting offensive spells. KF already had a radiation damage at the flag, I don't think it is too powerful for a spectator to maintain - keep it. They will either have to leave map or exit square to heal. The spectating area will allow a lot more opportunities for the map, PK contests ETC, however the safe area is designed, I feel it should be rather large and able to hold several people in this case. Mines/wards Expensive, but truly a factor of the game now, Allow them, to their full power, 1s cooldown is sufficient. Wards will be much less fatal with the summoning stone's nerfed. Natural summons They have been put on the back burner long enough, I'd like to see more of the skill being put to use, the skill is broken when you can create an armed orc summ stone cheaper than naturally summoning the creature. (maybe future update to formulas will make this skill a better asset to pk) Regardless, PK should be fun for all, doing this to the map WILL allow lower levels a chance, especially if cooldown is removed for mana use. No reason a little guy should be worrying about going in and getting a 100 stones used on them, completely draining their mana, while the 'wealthier' players are able to buy all the tokens and use them during a fight. PK should be a FUN part of the game, not one where you have to take a mortgage out on your fight. I have spoken with even the elite list of pkers also a ton of non elite future pkers. this seems to work best, challenging the strong, creating potential for the training. Below is the proposed KF map safe area, (Not to size, but we will leave that up to Burn man and Radu)
  15. Peace Day Poll

    speak for yourself!!!!
  16. KF proposed changes

    Can we not add an incentive for pking? Kills can reward #ii credits/exp/Haidir time Deaths can also give exp bonus PK central can control whether the rewards are being abused by alts ETC. Just an idea. But an incentive to any and all PK would be ideal.
  17. KF proposed changes

    I will also do my part. I do believe, the safe area, and nerfing the cooldowns/token usage would be a big step towards people joining/learning/watching in PK.
  18. KF proposed changes

    Please refer to the 'or' in the original post
  19. KF proposed changes

    It would help if you would read. Also the changes would not help only higher players...
  20. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Mana management would still be the same with or without cd, as long as tokens were removed. you shouldn't need tokens if you have no cd (Makes it better for lower players that can't afford the 40k/pop of a token) Eliminating the tokens is not necessarily a bad idea either. Like I said, I believe we can come up with a system that works for ALL. Clearly I want to see everyone and even more people come and have fun without being completely demolished by a group of 170s, If I were after self gain, I'd propose the obvious and us elite pkers would continue to be the only ones pking... This isn't about that for me, shouldn't be about that for you either. With no cd, a noob can go in an spam br/sr/emps or whatever JUST like the old days :D. Regardless, I'd love to see a safe area inside KF for spectators.
  21. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    So here is an idea. Create KF with some or all of these. 1) Create a fighting system with a cap. 0-120 can only attack and be attacked by 0-120 (That range can change) I feel this if possible would allow people to practice against their half of the level range. Create a Safe area, (see image uploaded), where spectators (Lower levels) can enter KF safely and watch the carnage. Make that area where you cannot attack or use magic. Eliminate usage of summoning stones (or adding a longer cooldown to them to where they can't be spammed), (possibly remove CD for fighting (SRs, diss rings ETC), but let the map be solely skill based. Summoning stones are great, BUT using several hundred of them during a fight, doesn't matter to me, but being lower level. Too expensive to compete. If you allow people to come in and experience multicombat, without the possibility of being attacked, I believe more people would show up. Add something to the map that will get people to risk being killed, whether that be a harvestable or a daily quest. The map serves NO purpose how it is set up now. (No offense STX it was an absolutely terrible idea If you're wanting to level out the playing field between lower levels and higher levels) create a barrier so they can not attack eachother. With the correct team and strategy with today's pk styles, there is no reason a 130s player cannot kill a 160+ with using the pking resources given in the game; i.e. Mines, ranging, magic ETC. The map is terrible, FUN, but terrible. The only reason its fun is because you can play with your friends as a team without the risk of losing a rostogol stone. OR make it back to normal, allow drops back in the map, and fix these ridiculous prices. Rostogol stones shouldn't be so expensive, Nothing should. I'd be more apt to buy 10 rostogols a week at 1$ea, risking every single one of them in a pk map, rather than spending 10$ on 2 rostogol stones a week and risking them. But that's a talk for a different day I guess. Regardless I hope something changes. Where I think the game is broken, some people disagree, But I think we can all agree, KF is broken. Hopefully we can ACTUALLY get this issue solved.
  22. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    COPY TD, PASTE INTO KF, LEAVE KF NO DROPS. end of story... lower players can spam BRs like they did 15 years ago.
  23. PK Tournament 6/13/21 6pm GMT

    I'm in - Matt