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    reading,Nascar,playing EL.Club Pogo and playing the apps on facebook.
  1. Bot expiration

    meike/mega and chimothy paid Transaction ID 9N817832LV402950A
  2. Eternal Lands News

    Love your stories Rip Tide
  3. Expiring bots

    chimothy and war_craft Your transaction ID for this payment is: 9XW61760586166133.
  4. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    First off, I never said grud was everyones puppy. You pmed me and told me i was stupid and that The _ grud was MY poppy. I then said yes grud is everyones poppy. I then explained to you why you were booted from our guild. Your own Guild description said you welcomed bagjum. and scammers.I then explained to you that we do not want ppl like that in our guild. Your pms were nothing but name calling and you acting like a child. I will have to agree with what Maxine posted. Your actions will always speak louder then your words.
  5. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!!!
  6. Yethq - an update

    Get well soon Yethq, sending Prayers
  7. Why? ban everyone?

    Thank You Aislinn
  8. Why? ban everyone?

    our IP has been banned. tokie and I had nothing to do with what happened. Is it possible to have our char. Tokie,Taini and Debra whitelisted?
  9. #nu Guild

    OMG!! you r kidding right? i told you that i had to figure out what i owed you in ings from what i have already made into bars. you said ok that was fine. excuse me that real life has gotten in the way and i'm not able to jump when u say jump. i asked you when you wanted them done and you told me that you were not in any hurry. i havent been in game alot because of real life. now you want to call me a thief because you and tokie had words.why are you talking to him about this any way? i'm the one making them not him.he has nothing to do with this. your telling me one thing and him something else. if you want to figure out what ings i owe you then do so. i have 3k bars done. your time frame is off a little also. if you remember i gave you 12568 bars and you then gave me more ings. you should find out what is going on before you accuse ppl of stealing. some of us have a real life.
  10. Expiring bots, November 2013

    War_Craft paid Your transaction ID for this payment is: 40C435957C921934K.
  11. New and updated trade bot list

    MEGA, is owned by Taini,Tokie. coords are 136,10 in Nordcarn
  12. Newbie Helper

    good idea:) i will be glad to help with sitting on IP,donations,learning the game:)
  13. I glow in the dark perk

    Yes ,I would take it. I like the idea of being able to turn it on and off
  14. Expiring bots

    Payment for Chimothy Your transaction ID for this payment is: 6FT4149372508680W. Chimothy is owned by Taini and Tokie