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  1. Best Default Top Players List

    Changes performed already Let me know if there is anything else i can do
  2. Best Default Top Players List

    Does anyone has a clear specification on what this page should look like / function ? It can get implemented on the game server level and data to be queried from eternal-lands.com domain. Burn, how you plan to do it ?
  3. Eternal Lands 1.9.6 release candidate

    Installed the binary and kept the old maps and files . Works as expected. No crash so far.
  4. Top 50 Bug

    Top Players for EL software is no longer maintained.
  5. zaer locked .

    rules 3 , 5 , 25 , 26 Place KF . Log sequence follows: ZaeR: fucking cheat ...... (*) chaoogie summoned a Black Bear MoJo kicked the bucket. ZaeR: ffs [PM to Lumen: since i'm not playing i'm in a bad mood] TheAmbassador was liberated the american way. ZaeR: he owe amabassador rosdt now ZaeR: fucking shit ZaeR: ... ............ ZaeR: hmm i cant win in pk ;/ ZaeR: i think i cheat man Arigorn: lol ZaeR: seems like best thing Seal: plx no kill mihaim Seal: slm ............ ZaeR: gonna cheat again mihain?
  6. Changes: - Random Days added ( Read general chat for more details ) - 1 new storage in c1 - some storage locations moved Fixes: - Summoning fix ( again ) Seconds restart today: - 2 bug fixes regarding the random days - #day command added
  7. First step

    Moved to general chat. It didn't belong in greetings.
  8. My summoned pets dont move any more ?

    Confirmed. My fault . Forgot an option when i compiled the server . Will be ok on the next server restart.
  9. Update 15-12-2005

    Things added: - 1 new NPC - Some magical items are now available in the game ( verry expensive ) Changes: - NPC fixes ( Mira name and options ) - Some monsters minor tunning
  10. scarr banned

    Breaking rule 26 while on parol.
  11. This is mainly a bug fix update : -> Summoning fix -> Character was not saved under certain condition fix Things changed: -> radon damage was lowered -> 2 items were re-tuned Things added: -> 4 brand new npc's
  12. Major changes: * Items cooldown Bug Fixes: * Attacking in pk areas in the first 5 seconds is now fixed * Spell casting when entering a pk area has the 5 second rule also * Lots of other minor bug fixes Some new items were added. Will be revealed at the right time.
  13. Sapientia locked for macroing ( Srs near raven )
  14. Items cooldown test

    Fixed Dis ring was a kind of food.