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Fourth Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

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1st part of coords


Clue 1:


A dragon I see with flames not from its mouth; a cart not far from him. How many sulfur does the cart contain?


Clue 2:


We are taught that "BSF, BL, BQ, SA = WE" on this chalk board. What is the number of ingredients for the other equation?


2nd part of coords


Clue 3:


In a land where there was one, now there are two. Find the bearded man whose fire is cold, and count the bottles he has left on the ground


Clue 4:


In a place where day and night don't matter, find the coffin laid upon the water. How many columns are there?


Clue 5:


Radu did leave his mark, digits pointing up to the sky. How many stones does it stand upon?


Clue for the map the bag is on


Even tho the beast is dead you can still feel his icy breath.

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Hyperbag found.

You are in Trassian [33,141]

Black Scarf and ELE in it.

Congratulations! MrGray is now also the proud owner of 10 raffle tickets. Good luck in the drawing!

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Made a donation and sent you a forum PM with instructions

let me know if you received it please. Good Luck with the walk!!!!




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i made a donation too for a ticket, do let me know if you have recieved it =)


Peachster :P

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I'm very sad, my cpu has been broken so i've hardly been able to log on. Whenever i had the opportunity to donate and get some tickets Ryddler you were not in-game, and i was not totally clear how to properly donate on the site :P Now i've missed my chance. Very unhappy to have missed it, hope the event has been a big success. Great cause, and good luck to all in the raffle! :P

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I wish to offer my thanks to everyone who participated in this year's raffle, in whatever form, no matter how big or how small. Thanks to the support of each and every one of you, I managed to raise $4,365 from the raffle this year; over $500 more than the raffle last year.


Of course, my thanks to all of Riva (plus Lartherel and Toedele who joined us just for the raffle) for just being Rivans throughout the entire event.


I would offer my thanks to all the helpers from outside Riva that helped with contests, and provided the needed emu to make it all happen. Without these wonderful folks the contests we did for the younger players could never have happened!


area, BlueButterfly, Circe, dragoncairn, dreamyn, maxine, momr58, Shafina, Sir_Odie, skyedance, thyralax, and WolfWitch


Also, thanks to the following moderators for announcements, making (the character) diabetes PK-able for contests, and permission to use a common character for prize storage:


Aislinn, bluap, chr0nik, Cordor, Maxine, Thyralax, Usl, WolfWitch


Special thanks to Dilly and Dreyan for their help running hydro to make all the armors we gave away. If you won some armor, please thank them personally :pickaxe:


And last, but not least, my sincere thanks to roja and radu, without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you for the approval to hold the raffle, and the game in which to hold it. :D


If I've forgotten anyone in my list, please forgive me, this whole event is very hectic, so I have a million things running through my head at any given moment.

Edited by ryddler

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