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Aha! so you thought you got rid of me, eh? Well I'm back, wanting to give y'all another contest.


For those who are new to this, look through these two older contests I did:




You may have unlimited entrys, however, only one may win a prize.

The last day you can enter is on the 29th this month, after that me and maybe some guildies will decide winners ;)


I'm looking for funny/original entrys. You can edit the picture pretty much all you'd like, but try to keep most of the same content there.



1st: Black buccaneer hat

2nd: Red scarf

3rd 1kgc


I am looking for donations for the prize pot as I'm very poor at the moment :/ If I get enough prizes, I'll raise the places to 5. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)


On to the pic!



What could possibly be going on in this picture?? You decide!


And as the big cheese says, GL;HF!!



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Only four days - counting today - untill the contests over. I've been sick and not really playing much (kinda got bored like I do for a while sometimes) so havent been advertising it, let people know about it!



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Jeez!!! Its taking me forever to pick a winner... will edit this post in a bit with list of winners.


So I've found the winners, but it was really tough. Every single entry made me laugh, so I had to throw away funny and look for original. Nope, that didnt work well either. So after a while of searching, I just found my personnal favorites on the oringinal scale.


1st Place, Sywren, or syqon/sygon for all you c'nooks out there.




This one won because of originality mostly. Not saying it isnt funny, it certainly is! :)


2nd Place, Blodoks




He doesnt need my prizes, but keeps playing for the fun of it. And keeps up the good work with yet another winner.


3rd Place. This one was hard to choose, well, 1st and 2nd were too, but 3rd was really hard because once I settled out my top 2 favorites, I couldnt pick a third! Everyones else's were equal in originality and humor! But I finally settled on SwordOfFlames :D




Thank you all for playing!! I loved each and every entry, and if I wasnt broke, I'd give you all a small prize. :dry:

Its really worth these small prizes (was worth bigger prizes back then too) to have a good laugh, so thanks again everyone who entered ;)


To those who won, PM me in-game (If I'm ever on, I apologize for that)


In a month or so, when I have more money, I have a great idea for another one. Should be really fun, and have bigger prizes! :D



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