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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Sorry to hear the news and thank you for sharing it. May you find comfort and blessings in his memory
  2. Adding sounds to guildmap help

    Thanks I hope this thread does help others though I may be a one of a kind Thanks again both. I successfully fixed my bridges and water edges to have the right footsteps and a lot more fun in between Beach has waves (as stated), garden has birds tweeting, castle passages are ominous and treasury has dragon groans when you move (may have got carried away there), sand has softer footsteps... <3
  3. Adding sounds to guildmap help

    Right thanks. I got both the client and sounds (and music) off the main website. And updated to the client found on the forum. Did not know there was a new version of sounds Edit: Uninstalled and reinstalled things for probably the 5th time since my return several weeks ago (trying to deal with another issue) and getting it all cleaned up at last. And my beach sound works thank you (I took out the forest for the test and can now fill out the rest of the map!)
  4. Adding sounds to guildmap help

    Thanks for the suggestion. It hasn't worked for me so far. I used the ID at first since the file used that convention such as <map id="8" name="Idaloran"> <boundary_def location="Forest lower left quadrant"> ... I tried the file_name way with my beach declare then tried pasting in the forest sounds above to be sure it wasn't a location issue as follows. Still hearing nothing new anywhere in the map (just the default walking sounds, campfire sounds, waterfall sounds etc.) <map file_name="./maps/guildmap_gwar.elm" name="Guildmap GWaR"> <boundary_def> <background>Forest02</background> <time_of_day_flags>0x007e</time_of_day_flags> <is_default>1</is_default> </boundary_def> <boundary_def> <background>Forest Night01</background> <time_of_day_flags>0x0f81</time_of_day_flags> <is_default>1</is_default> </boundary_def> <boundary_def> <background>Waves01</background> <point1>0,0</point1> <point2>0,90</point2> <point3>90,90</point3> <point4>90,0</point4> </boundary_def> </map> I also tried it at the start of the file rather than the end but something went wrong. Maybe because I pasted from outside of WordPad and caused an issue I do not know. Resorted to backup and put it all in by hand and still nothing and using WordPad my Palon Vertas code worked fine in PV. <boundary_def location="Beehive"> <background>Beehive</background> <point1>183,143</point1> <point2>187,147</point2> </boundary_def>
  5. Adding sounds to guildmap help

    In some of the topics here I have almost found what I need, but then being referred to "the sound forum" which doesn't seem to be anywhere maybe it moved, removed or combined? Anyway some help would be appreciated as I cannot find in search or browsing what I need. Apparently there was some guide to adding sounds (to guild maps) that I cannot find. So far I've got the map ID off of Burn and being a c2 map I have put the following into mapfx_c2.xml to no effect. <map id="#" name="Guildmap GWaR"> <boundary_def> <background>Waves01</background> <point1>0,0</point1> <point2>0,90</point2> <point3>90,90</point3> <point4>90,0</point4> </boundary_def> </map> Is there perhaps a different filename I should be saving under specific to guildmaps? I tried making a mapfx.xml _guild _gm _g Or perhaps is the name also meant to be specific in the declaration?
  6. Seri-dia how you ground me After snowflakes and secrets Iril-ion how you call to me To places of sorrow and loneliness Seri-dia how you make me Fresh eyed and cheery smiled Iril-ion how you fool me With lost memories and bones in piles except when lenny collects them Backing "Dia"s by Cistrana
  7. Guild Star

    This was a good advert Enly. Unfortunately Star was decommissioned when the GM took a 10 year sabbatical. Thank you to all our allies and friends of the time <3
  8. Leprikon possible scammer

    Apology accepted (personally) and you do not owe me anything. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you prove to us that this was a mistake made due to EL youth, and that it does not represent the greater person you are capable of being
  9. Leprikon possible scammer

    He has not "repaid now" He has offered to repay but it is a small to nothing amount of FEs that he owes me, most was sulfur collected. Regardless, he has contacted me wanting to make ammends and I have put to him that he give back the ingredients to those he has taken from, which were in much larger numbers. He has agreed but still has given reasons why he does not have the items free to return. If he does return the items I will post letting everyone know It is true that there is little to dispute here, and personally I would simply advise taking care if using his newly started trade business that trade of payment and goods are correct. I do not wish to damage his ability to run legitimate business over some early mistakes.
  10. Leprikon possible scammer

    Historical Recourse: In retrospect (reading this nearly 4 years on) perhaps the topic title should have been possible guild jumper rather than scammer. Hello. Reading the most recent dispute topics regarding FE scammers, it seems Leprikon may be performing similar scams around Eternal Lands and I have been advised to post for the benefit of the community As in the other topics, he joined GWaR with a new character that he asserted was too n00b to help others but needed help with FE ingredients. After several people had seperately donated to him ingredients, he left to find the next guild to help him, giving an excuse as in the other topics. This time his reason for leaving was wanting a "100% PK guild" when GWaR is majoritively PK and then joined #nU guild which I'm sure is not "100% pk" In the next guild it is known to me that he was given a range of capes, and a day later he is in a guild made by himself. I cannot comment on what else happened in that guild but I'm sure they can While he was in GWar for those couple days only, I worked with him to make FE's and supplied many more ingredients and food than needed voluntarily, and asked him just for half of what he had made then and that he could mix the rest and sell for himself. At that point I asked a few times, he seemed reluctant to hand anything back to me, but eventually gave me 500 FE when presumably he had made well over 1k FE as he had announced a 1k FE's milestone. Seeing as this was a small and unprovable misdemeaner my chosen course of action at that point was to simply not work with him in future, but seeing the damage he may cause to others I have been advised to post about him here in disputes He joined GWaR as Sociopath then apparently bought the old character of Miles who he had renamed to Leprikon. Thankyou and stay safe
  11. Artwork Updates

    Lot's of max mana bonus items already... Go +3 FR /o/ and hard to break... Or Rat bonus \o/ Looks nice, also awaiting pointy purple hat Also I like yellow roses, though I probably wouldn't buy the item from the shop...
  12. Lottery Drawing for Next Sunday

    Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana +30 Mana and Life. 27 damage, +2 defense, +7 accuracy, +6 critical to hit, +4 critical to damage. 20 emu to carry. 6 human to wear. Plageurised mostly from el-cel. Also lets you pretend you're the green ranger
  13. Horses test

    Yay way better than mules (in that I can cast off of these and it doesn't take creature food, so far) I don't want to log out and end the dream
  14. 1.7.0 Map Bugs

    You are in Melinis [197,250] You are in Melinis [196,250] Same as karolus bug report but to say two coordinates are walkable there That is, tele nexus takes you inside the outhouse. cont2map4
  15. EL research, if you want to participate, post here

    Yes My forum name: kailomonkey My character name: kailomonkey My gender: Male If it is possible from here, I'd like to request receiving the results. Thankyou