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  1. Selling my sto...

    *bump* Added some new item...
  2. Selling blackpowder

    -pls delete-
  3. Without considering macroer mixers... Edit: typo
  4. Summoning 100 \o/

    Gratz for the level, but "your record" has no sense: - For years, the wolf was the best animal/monster to summon (60 exp each and furs shortage cause very few spawns). - The first cooldown version stopped the summoners for months. - The gypsum in Arius is very easy to work in bag. - The summoning is no more a gc loss.
  5. Are you an EL oldbie?

    17 October 2004
  6. New Perks

    The Summoner perk (cost 5 pp, 20k gc) gives +10% att/def and +5 criticals hit/damage to summoned creatures. Personally I'm happy because atm , thanks to the perk, the red dragon can be a severe test for a strong fighter like Toomass too. I think no chance for a giant, so this perk can be useful only at very high summoning levels.
  7. Best PK music?

    Short dance version: Rondo Veneziano: La serenissima Original version (1981) and complete video: La serenissima
  8. And you are a ...

  9. And you are a ...

  10. perks

    Godless, taken in the beginning of my adventure. I thought: what a pity to waste a top item (i.e. the serp sword was the top weapon)! Now, the gods offers are really little stuff...
  11. Temporary class system

    I agree with Hompf about allrounders if the "perk class shift" will cost 20 pp. 8-10 pp could be ok (well, with some hard work) for an high OA allrounder too. 20 pp for top allrounders are 500 millions of exp Please consider OA level too and not only att/def.
  12. EL 170 Pre RC

    Yes, UVP 1. With the standard client the pg, when it cross these areas, has some unsteady step (no resync) and after a second all the mouvement is smooth again. Maybe is the CPU, old: P3 800
  13. EL 170 Pre RC

    I play with all desabled. This Pre RC cause to my system a FPS drop from 80 to 40, but np. The problem is in VOTD when I go to storage from two directions: -from docks, in the circle area; -from Tarsengaard in the area between the two lines. In these areas I get always FPS 0 and several resyncs with black screen for about 1 min before to go at storage. Edit: Video card GeForce 6200/AGP/SSE Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
  14. Level dependent summoning

    Tested some puma vs puma with L33t. At the end, the comment was: "pretty even". Stats: sum 103 (charm 12) vs sum 25 (charm 6).