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  1. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I don't like it much tbh. With higher attribs, a fighter can kill monsters at a lower a/d cap, that is obvious. With higher caps, this will only increase. Already invasions are risky if you have PP spent on more than human nexus, and this would only get worse - more PP on attribs would make the capped invasions have higher level mobs, and people at the cap without specialist builds would be screwed. At first I like'd Radu's idea of PP for a/d exp, but I think this would only serve to make the situation worse still.
  2. Let's Invade

    I disagree with Gwaew on this. Yes, it is stressful to mob a coca when there are frost trols etc wandering that could kill you if they attack, but surely that is why invasions are special. You can get a team together and attack yetis etc if you like, but it is not the same as an invasion, pretty soon it becomes just another training session.
  3. Since fighters can earn special days (and now extra spawns) through fighting in invasions, I had an idea for something similar for non fighters. I know that there are sometimes invasions to earn non-fight related rewards, but this idea seems to fit better, and broadly similar things have worked in the past. So, why not have periodic visits from experts in a given skill. There could be a general announcement that the experts were considering a visit, if it was shown there was enough interest in the skill. A special NPC would then collect "evidence" of the interest, in the form of items made using this skill. once enough evidence was collected, the visitors would come for a period of time. In this time, it would be possible to make a new item, from basic ingredients, which would earn reasonable (not crazy!) experience, and not much food. The item itself would be useless. The idea would be to make it in school, but to cover items made outside and stored, either make them not storable, or else they disappear from storage once the visit is over. A real life example - you might go to woodwork class and make a bird nesting box. if you keep it at home, most likely it sits in a cupboard unused until it is either thrown away or "disappears" into the junk. It would be good if the item being made would use ingredients collectable in the close area around the school. advantages - 1- money/item sink ( \o/ ) 2- teamwork - people working together to make the items required, through all levels of the skill 3- encouraging people to use schools more otten 4- maybe taking people to less used maps 5- party while the tutors were in town
  4. New spawns

    As with some of the ogre spawns, the spawns which have higher monsters present also are not viable for a lot of players. The number o trable fuffs is les than you suggest. What you mean by trainable fluffy? One closed in 4x4 room without pk, any stronger monster, any dmg and with fast reg area? keep dreaming One that has a fair chance of you being able to train on the monster of your choice without being killed instantly by a larger monster on the map. Yes, you can take MM perk and get to train on spots that others cannot, of course. I am sure you can see my point even if you disagree, but just in case. I have very little doubt that when you first started training on fluffs you did not do so on a map that held chims. The fact that you now have a choice does not alter the fact that many others do not.
  5. New spawns

    As with some of the ogre spawns, the spawns which have higher monsters present also are not viable for a lot of players. The number o trable fuffs is les than you suggest.
  6. Economy

    what items?? most basic items are the same as always, or cheaper, simply because the only way to sustainably gain levels is to make things which can be picked up from the ground for free. hence a huge supply and lower and lower prices. Anyone can go and pick lupines for a period of time, and I guarantee that the time taken to pick enough lupines to buy any amount of essence, potion, low end armour etc is much less time than the time to gather and mix raw ingreds. In many cases the time taken to get the lupines is less than the time taken just to mix, never mind picking the raws, it is a strange and bent economy in EL for sure, but all the time that any player can amass any amount of gold they set their mind to, no complaint over the rising cost of rare items can possibly hold water.
  7. Spending PP for alch and harvest

    Maybe a strategy for overall fast levelling - High rat/low EMU to get up to a level where bars do not fail to much, then reset, get a coupl eharv hours/godless and som more OA from high end essies, but this time spending more on P/C allowing you to make the transition to bars (higher EMU as you say, but also the percent boost from the rationality is far less)
  8. Spending PP for alch and harvest

    hmmz. I dunno about this. I dont specifically doubt it, but I wonder about other possibilities... suppose you go for an EMU of ~ 200, and then build rationality as much as possible from there. You could get a LOT of exp from essences which take little harvest time. If you make these essences in caves with localised resources, thereis less carrying to do, so the EMU is less important. Without trying it, I don't know for sure, but from some simple maths I think that the exp boost from the rationality would outweigh the lost EMU quite comfortably. The downside is that you would make less gc, since you would be making smaller batches, but if you have a guildie who can help you haul mixed stuff back and maybe some FP to the site, you could offset this. It would be a horrible setup for most other skills (although making threads would give a terrific boost for crafting) but if you combined this with godless perk (since no alch god this is free PP) then I think there is potential for very fast levelling, making pretty much anything up to bars.
  9. There is a woman who I see around Draia who really makes me mad. I work hard to get my gold, so I can buy mostly things that I need. It is a constant struggle. So when I see a woman who never seems to do any work whatsoever, you have to ask why you bother. Her name is Gossip. All she ever seems to do is sit around in popular spots, watching people. She is more than happy to pass on any old rumours she is told to anyone who passes her by! I am a private person, and I don't like her spying on me, but if you send her a message to see where she is, she just asks if you want to give her something! NO!! I DON'T want to give you free things, I want to hide from you! She has her uses, I admit, she never sleeps, and you can give her a message to pass on to your friends, and she will do it. Well, now it seems I have found out how she earns her money. She takes bribes from people so that she will not tell their secrets! That is terrible! I want to form a group to oust that woman. Let us get together and send her into a quiet spot somewhere, there are lots of empty houses in places we need never go. I have had ENOUGH of her freeloading. Who is with me?
  10. leopard bait

    now that we have lenny in-game, and people are going hunting for him, why not make it more interesting by having something to lure him out of hiding? "and what would tempt a macho leopard like leonard out of his hiding place" I hear you ask. Well, I have done extensive research* and it seems that what man leopards like the most, is lady leopards. So why not use all those leopard skins to summon lady leopards for leonard to chase? maybe even stones, that a player can carry and maybe use to distract leonard from an attack? Just a fun way to use up leopard skins, because I am reluctantly accepting that there will never be leopard pants in-game *definitiions or research may vary depending on geographical location, level of education and cheese consumption
  11. DPA Ranking Bot

    One way immediately springs to mind of how to see where you stand against other people - try fighting them! A ranking system like this will tell nothing other than a meaningless number. Maybe the very best player is not interested in slaughtering much weaker players. Maybe another player is only 75% strong but waits and jumps onto every weaker player he sees. It means nothing at all, whereas the simple solution of matching yourself 1on1 with another player of similar strength will tell you 100% who is strongest. I guess ultimately it depends on whether some person wants to code the bot, maybe just for the challenge of doing something different, but I don't see how it can be truly useful/
  12. Burying Yourself

    you could dig up cowards who hide in PK maps waiting for weak people. Shovel should be a weapon also. dig them up, splash their head.
  13. Not sure that more people care about this than archery, but obviously it is lower on the person who writes and rewrites the code's priority list. You will have to take it up with ent. This has come up so many times, you haven't offered anything new that we all don't know, including ent. (And be careful about speaking for everyone, it doesn't go over so well with people who disagree with you) I would be interested to see a post from someone (other than a dev!) who is actually AGAINST this improvement. Only reason I can see is some person who may wish to clog up a persons buddy list with inactive alts, but I think this is not a good reason in itself for squashing the idea
  14. With the upcoming archery skill, and the prospect of a more than normal influx of new players ( assuming the German mag launch is still scheduled for soon after the update) I think there may be problems on IP with a lot of unimaginative types going there to level ranging, and therefore taking potential spawns from newbies. Is it possible to block usage of ranged weapons on IP, or implement a rule against it?