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Which was your biggest project ever?

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Mined, Mixed, Then bought 21 nexuses. This would be my biggest project to date. Tho it isnt the only massive project I have done or plan on doing.

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Current ongoing project: 180k moon medallions. This means over 3 million Fire essences, over 4.3 million silver ores, etc...

Since I don't bag mix, the first phase is only gathering the ingredients and it is progressing very nicely.

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Background project: 25pp (for nexus) = 1250 hydro bars = 12500+ hydro ores = 12500+ S2Es = 25k+ iron bars and 200k+ steel bars = 1075k+ coal, 1775k+ iron ore, and 700k FEs.


Based on how far I've gotten since I started, it should take me about 7-10 RL years or more to finish.


Also, after I have the 1250 hydro bars, I'm going to do a #reset, which means to get my attributes back up, I'm going to need to make upwards of 15-20k titanium bars in a school on a day of schools (well, about 10-12k, which is about as much as I can realistically make in 6hr, and the rest after, on a normal day), which means 120-160k tit ores, etc. Also, I need to complete the big belly quest, so I'm not wasting FPs.

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