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  1. Eternal Limericks!

    In Whitestone a unicorn said, "Where's an opposite sex one to bed?" But its poop is quite gay In a "rainbow"-like way So perhaps it meant same-sex instead.
  2. I don't know how Special Day selection currently works, but it should be rather straightforward to modify the algorithm so that the more popular special days have a higher probability of occurring. Quote: "some of the days are pretty much useless". Hence the "some wimpy" phrase. However, for "promoting a certain way of playing": 1. Day of No Astrology (Skeptic Day) may encourage some players to decide not to do things they normally would if their astrology were positive, or to do things they normally wouldn't if their astrology were negative. 2. Day of Animal Paupers may encourage some players who normally farm animals for gold to find other means of making money. 3. Day of Disjointed Fighting may encourage some players to try their luck against higher-level creatures, as they may do on No Drop Day, but with less risk of spending time in the Underworld. 4. Day of the Flash may entice some players to want to run all the time. This may increase the value of Speed Hax potions, and encourage some players who normally wouldn't to try their luck with Lenny. 5. Daily Quest NPC Vacation may encourage some players to spend their time on other quests, or to engage in other non-daily-related activities. 6. Day of Random Respawns may encourage more exploration. 7. Day of Rare Fruit will give players who don't participate in invasions/invances/etc. the chance to acquire the rare fruit items themselves. 8. Day of Poison Plants may discourage some AFK harvesting, particularly if it's made a minor event (that won't cause harvesting to stop if the player's character is wearing a Harvester Medallion). But yeah, this is one of the wimpy ones. It could actually be made part of normal harvesting events, instead of having a special day for it. 9. Day of Backpacks is another kind of wimpy one. It just means less back-and-forth to storage. Which is nice. 10 & 11 Stable/Unstable caverns may encourage/discourage harvesting on that day.
  3. If "[t]he idea behind every special day should be promoting a certain way of playing", here are some suggestions. Some of these are positive, some negative, some neutral, some wimpy, depending on your point of view: 1. Day of No Astrology. Everyone's astrology is 0. 2. Day of Animal Paupers. No creature drops gold. 3. Day of Disjointed Fighting. ~20% chance of hitting a teleport nexus on each blow/arrow while fighting (thus disengaging), instead of taking/dealing damage. 4. Day of the Flash. Everyone runs, including creatures. 5. Day of Daily Quest NPC vacation. All NPCs that assign daily quests disappear. (If that's not possible, they just refuse to assign dailies.) 6. Day of Random Respawns. Creatures on outside (and some inside) maps respawn at a random creature respawn point (on the same map), instead of their own (with some exceptions). 7. Day of Rare Fruit. When harvesting fruits and vegetables, there is a (very very small) chance of harvesting a rare fruit (grape, orange, etc.). 8. Day of Poison Plants. When harvesting plants, there is a small (<1%) chance of getting poisoned (skunk or red snake-type poison, not toadstool-type poison). 9, Day of Backpacks. Everyone's EMU increases by 20%. (I.e., EMU=24*might instead of 20*might.) 10. Day of Stable Caverns. While harvesting, cavern wall collapse and radon pouch encounters do not occur, or have a much lower chance of occurring. 11. Day of Unstable Caverns. While harvesting, cavern wall collapse and radon pouch encounters have a much higher chance of occurring.
  4. How about a bad day that gives everyone a negative perk for the day? We already have Scotty's Vacation, which gives everyone the Scotty Died perk. Just add others, e.g., Antisocial day, where everyone has the Antisocial perk. Or Godless day, where everyone has the Godless perk. These would be inconvenient, but not bad enough that people would sign off. More extreme negative perks, like One, Hellspawn, or Harvester of Sorrows, would not be included.
  5. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    More O.T.: Quote from Aislinn: I have a quote button. Are you on mobile/android? No, normal PC (running Gentoo Linux, with Seamonkey as my browser). I do have JavaScript turned off for security reasons (it seems that 99% of virus/phishing/cross-site-scripting/etc. involves JavaScript), so that may be the reason. The old board didn't require JavaScript to quote/preview/ignore/etc.
  6. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Re: Aislinn's "impatients". Xaq also says "impatients" for Portland. I thought that was just how she talked. (Similar to how Daritha says "iron chains" when she means "iron chainmail", etc.) P.S. (O.T.) I used to be able to quote another post by clicking on a "quote" link. No "preview" any more, either. This new forum software sucks.
  7. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    It's your code. Personally, I'd like my code to catch as many bugs as possible. Passing a negative value other than -1 to my_rand may not crash the server, but it will return an incorrect result (e.g., my_rand(-30) returns an integer between 0 and 28, inclusive, probably not what is wanted).
  8. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    Not that this has anything to do with the rest of the thread, but the test "if(max==-1)" would be more robust if it were "if(max<0)" (with a similar change to the error message).
  9. Kusamura Jungle (1.9.5)

    Wrong footstep sounds in several parts of the map. Walking from the EVTR entrance to the Zirak entrance, it sounds like I'm walking on a wood floor instead of grass and sand for a significant part of the journey.
  10. Inventory window shifted at log in

    Just recompiled from github and it seems to work fine now. Thanks!
  11. Nordcarn South Cave (1.9.5)

    At about [59,175], there is a candle floating in mid-air. I don't recall it being there in 1.9.4, so I don't think it's deliberate.
  12. I like to keep my inventory window about 1 pixel from the left side of the screen. If I move it there whilst playing the game, it stays there if I close it, then reopen it. However, if I sign off, then back on, it is shifted about 10-15 pixels to the right.
  13. Particle Percentage Problem

    I just checked the client from github (as of 2018-07-22). In that client, particles are full strength even if set to 0 (for shield spell, anyway), even if I log off, then back on.
  14. Dwarf Muskets

    Yes. Exactly. I was stating my opinion: ... for a Swords&Sorcery-type game.I'm not familiar with the games you've listed. However, most fantasy games that I've played (e.g., Heretic, Hexen) do not have gunpowder (although, admittedly, those are only vaguely "medieval"), and in the one that does (Battle for Wesnoth), I don't like the "thunderstick" there, either. I think that gunpowder detracts from the "medievalness" of European-style fantasy games, except maybe when used as "magic sparkly powder" by wizards. I think that it's too modern-feeling (like RC mines). (In EL, I think that the A.S.S. is out-of-place, also, as is the health-care debate and some other things.) Not a game (yet), but you may have noticed that the "Game of Thrones" world doesn't have gunpowder. (It has something similar to Greek Fire, but there are no firearms or cannon.) Now, if the setting for a game is the Orient (where gunpowder was first used in battle sometime around the 10th century or so), that's different, but EL doesn't seem to be set there. P.S. I just looked up your second (D&D-related) link, where it states "Gunpowder, known here as the magical substance smoke powder and different in its composition from historical gunpowder, is starting to make an appearance, but much of the armament is still dominated by pre-gunpowder weaponry such as swords, spears, and bows.". I don't remember D&D having gunpowder (or "smoke powder") when I played it (back in the early 1980s). Edit: Fixed minor grammar error.
  15. Dwarf Muskets

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_Ages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_gunpowder: https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/docs/980700-schneck.htm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musket: So gunpowder appeared in Europe only near the end of the Medieval Period, and muskets didn't appear until the century following its end. However, I was referring to a "medieval fantasy game", not "a pedantically accurate history of Medieval Europe" (or else I would be complaining about alchemy, magic, dragons, etc.).