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  1. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Won't let me log in unfortunately
  2. May i create an alt?

    thank you very much
  3. Which was your biggest project ever?

    i harvested 120k sulfur once
  4. i just figured it would be an incentive to train engineering lol. merely a suggestion roman
  5. Just a random idea that I got today, I was thinking that it could be made that with a higher engineering level could give slight mine defense/evasion bonuses with higher levels. the same could be done with ranging level as well I suppose. would give people incentive to work on those skills more
  6. May i create an alt?

    its been just over a year since I was put on restriction, and I was wondering if I could create and alt now? I've not played much in this past year but I haven't broken any rules in that time and I can assure you I will not in the future. please give me a chance, you won't regret it. in game name is Dragonlore
  7. Ban

    the two characters that were mine were DragonFyre and Dragonlore, all others were belonging to younger siblings. i know it wasnt right, and i know that it will not happen again. im truly sorry that this occured i just wish that my little brothers would have listened to my warnings.
  8. Ban

    i hope im not coming across as impatient lol, but i posted this 4 days ago originally, could someone please take a look at it and get back to me if time permits?
  9. new summoning stone pic

    Really cool nix!
  10. Ban

    around a month ago my character Dragonlore was banned. i was not online at the time so i do not know the exact date or what exactly happened. my little brothers both play on the same computer as me and they were responsible for getting the characters on my IP banned. from what i gather they broke rule 5 by dropping a bag for each other. i have spoken to both of my younger siblings and impressed the rules upon them. i am sorry that this happened and i really would like my character to be unlocked. --Dragonlore