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Don't go in PK if you aren't prepared to die.

Don't PK PVPers if you aren't prepared to have people think you ____ !!!!111111~~


w00t! FINALLY someone gets it...


just choose an empty PK map.. say.. *CO* hideout...people like atmos/citizen/options/asgn dont go there because its ===EMPTY===.

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You ever notice that those self pr0claimed "badasses" that pk pvpers never attack someone that is pvping and of the same stats as them? They always pick on those much lower than them.

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ofcourse, no1 fights someone who might beat them unless they have to lo0l, it might be bad for them :whistle:

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Unwritten rule : don't attack pvpers they are training so they can get to the point where they can challnge the "pr0s" at a fair fight


Behind the written rule : 99% of people "had it done to them" and as Bharain said now I will do it to someone because I didnt like it soooooo much that I will now act like a complete ass and be the "ebul" "sexy" "pr0" so that I can feel better about myself


CRAP total crap


Treat others as you would like to be treated.....never happen in this game as most of you follow the behind written rule


OMG it says don't go in as players can attack you :wub: wow thanks for pointing that out!!!!


Outlaws is designed for posting warnings about people who pk pvpers, scammers, bagjumpers so let people post their warning and stop being schmucks


As soon as someone posts that they have been attacked some crap posted and usually some idiot (in this case options....and lets not forget vwpro) who did the deed bragging and saying dont go in if you dont want to die


We all know the fastest way to level is pvp and i would not be surprised if half of you posted things on outlaws crying about being pvped


So is it worth the risk?.....In my case yes


Is it a crappy thing to do attacking pvpers?........IMO Yes


Will this change anything? Not a damn thing cos most of you "sexy ebul pr0s" have your head so far up your own butts to see if there is sunshine there that you can't see that you have just turned into what ya head is stuck in :)


then stfu? ;p



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