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    Trassian @ The Silverwish mansion next to Hyperion
  1. Wing Guild

    that was fun to read - Tokie always makes me laugh ...
  2. EL is like glue.

    *hugggs* will miss you of course studies - best time in my life, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! you will spend a lot of time with books.. but you will paaaartyyyyyyy too! oh facebook rulez, you cannot hide
  3. Your favorite addition or change in EL...

    c2 ... and rostogols
  4. just wanted to say hello

    hey freck
  5. New Quest

    You mean the BMW thing? Or the 3K fee? I mean Kalana is a very dear NPC to me , so I wish she was nice.. but I will take Ace's reply.. politician, allright
  6. New Quest

    Nice quest.. but why is Kalana so greedy!
  7. Summoning recipes

    I'd rather not have summoning dependant on one more skill, it already needs alchemy, and potions and summoning itself ... so no from me for tailorable ingreedient. However I'd love to see changes in low lvl monsters formulas (as Dugur listed them).
  8. Changes in Harm spell.

    I will not comment the cat fight from previous posts. I like the way game is developing. It gives the chance to people who train different skills (fighting, summoning, magic, ranging, engeneering) to have something to say on pk map and on normal maps during invasions or while killing high lvl monsters. I am totally against the idea of restrictions for mages (even if I am not a mage myself). I am glad it is no longer 'fighters domination' game
  9. New Quest time!

    gratz Sonic and thank for another nice quest.. I got stuck at 4th or 5th stage and went to sleep (it was already pretty late). Hope I will find it today!
  10. Quest time!

    Thanks for the quest to all that made it for us Nice plot and not so hard to solve (with a bit of help from friends at some stages - thanks guys - you know who you are). And gratz to Xena!
  11. GIWS invasions

    I am not sure about the locations Kaddy mentioned, but I like the numbers presented in his post. I think increasing amount of invaders and time they stay on the map is a good idea.
  12. New top 3

    well done Dugur
  13. I hope it is not hard to code great idea.
  14. New special day, will you use it?

    Exp doesn't mean much to me, so I don't use schools. I make things for my use or for income. If we have such day I will not use it, but I will also not mind that others get extra exp, so yes from me.
  15. Channel 6 "Evil" discussion

    I didn't vote, no option that says 'Ena'