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  1. Summoning Stones

    \0/ good work to all that donated. thanks to ent for giving us the chance to fix this
  2. Summoning Stones

    About all I have left that's worth anything is a full steel pl8 set and and emerald claymore and a cutlass, but I'd sell it all or donate it all towards this. **edit**make donations to acelon I think, thats who I gave mine to*
  3. Summoning Stones

    Well, I have 1 summoner has offered to pitch in towards the unpaid part of the fines. Any other summoners wanna help with this?
  4. Summoning Stones

    If it will save the skill , I'll do what I can to donate toward the fine if others will pitch in.
  5. Summoning Stones

    I understand what you're saying, but I always thought that was the value of the stones. It would allow people (yes, perhaps newbs too) to be able to "summon" a creature that they normally couldn't due to nexus or skill requirements. Pick Points are way to valuable to "waste" so that you could use a stone. I won't even use them so that I can summon stuff (I'm stuck at rabbits and rats (and perhaps some other stuff now that Entropy changed the nexus requirements)). Requiring 50% or 25% of the skill level of the origional animal to use its stone is better, but still reduces their usefulness to people somewhat. After all, it doesn't take any skill or nexus to use a ring that a crafter needed both to be able to make. I see summoning stones in the same way. Anyone with the money can buy mana-burn or damage rings and use them (no nexus or skill required). I would expect the same for summoning stones. IMHO Somehow I don't see how those two skills can be compared bkc. Making a ring and selling it to be used by all is what someone chooses as thier income. Summoning up til now has been something a few have strived to be the best at and sunk ALOT of gc into, and nexuses, and time. Very few stuck with it through the cooldown implementation, but those of us that did got rewarded with the summoning areas to train our LEVELS. What Im seeing with these stones in that any old lvl 20 noob that harvs lilacs for a week and buy a giant summoning stone, have 0 summoning/0 ani nex, and go own some med-high lvl fighter that pkd him when he stuck his nose in kf. If this is the case (this is what I need clarifying in my post above) then what was all the work, time and money for that some of us have invested in this skill? Not bitching, just really lost and conused by all the griping and complaining. Just need a straight answer is all. Please and thank you.
  6. Summoning Stones

    I'd pay the fine if I wasn't a dirt poor top 10 summoner. Well, I had logged in the last few weeks sparingly to lvl my summoning, but seems a little pointless too now, unless I'm just totally not understanding these stones. Is there ever going to be a nexus/level requirement to use them? I'm hoping I'm really not understanding these things in my abscenece from everyday game play. Can someone (preferrably Radu since HE knows exactly what he's doing with these) can clear this up for me. PS if I need to pay the bitching fine, I'll get to work on that next time I log in
  7. Halloween art contest

    Gratz to the winners, guess you missed my second entry on my post Roja, but it's all good. Hope everyone had as much fun with their artwork as I did. Can't wait til the next art contest. P.S. If anyone that uses the 3-D rendering programs could give me a link to a free easy program, I'd love to give one of them a shot.
  8. Screenshots needed for the website

    I call this "Just when you thought is was safe to visit Selain"
  9. Halloween art contest

    I got bored and saw this thread. Mr. Cyclops decided to dress as a tourist for Halloween. (Don't tell him, but I don't think he will fool any newbies with his disguise) btw: was done in pencil in a sketch pad. **edit** Just got a new all in one printer, and it doesn't seem to be scanning very well. If the background (carmien manor) is not dark enough, I can try to adjust the settings more) My second entry, done entirely in PaintShop Pro 7. I call this one Sweet Revenge.
  10. Gah.. pls People.. concentrate more...

    I remember when Ghrae's name was Kit..it didn't work to well to try to do just /ki to pm him..or even /kit..there was kirianthis, kibora, kitara., kinalor and god knows how many others..imagine those poor people getting flubbed up PMs.
  11. NMT game

    I had killed 36 fluffs after it was implemented and got my NMT cloak..which I sold for 150$ usd \o/
  12. Preparing for the server change

    Thats really fast compared to my .3 mbps I wanted to buy T1 at 1.5mbps, but it cost 300 (USD) a month quit complaining, im on dial up and connect at 38.7 kbps...not much lag when i played. hope there are no unforseen problems with data loss when the servers are swapped this time >.<
  13. Mortos Race

    I dunno where Sheesh lives, but I know the weather down here in the southern US is horrible..tornadoes popping up everywhere..Hope Sheesh is ok!
  14. Mortos Race

    *hits Entris on the head also*
  15. Wolfmom and Beanmaster get married!

    I knew it was coming, congratz you two. Sorry I couldn't be there, I felt bad and slept in (til like 5 minutes ago!)