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  1. Thanks to....

    hahahhahaha kaddy thinks hes puff daddy
  2. Thanks to....

    you told me i was the most beautiful woman ever .....kaddy lol your such a cutie
  3. Your personal moment of glory

    killing my first fluffy
  4. auction

    auction new color changing hood starts at 180 k
  5. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    Only because you like the wedding gifts !!!!! i didnt get any gifts only from zia its about time you got married convar stop you flirting
  6. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    your marriage didnt last very long did it? ,yeah ive been married on EL twice had a great time im confident enough in my rl to marry on a game have a laugh and will get married again maybe 5 more times who knows.knowing stalag i felt sorry for him and i dont find it funny when a person gets hurt rl or on a game.
  7. Guess the movie

    hint hint
  8. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    Grrrrrrrrr Lets get him Reni
  9. Guess the movie

    well done 'MarĀ© correct midnight cowboy ,and thank you for the help ill give it a try
  10. Guess the movie

    sorry hun no
  11. Guess the movie

    well small things amuse small minds lol but at least were happy ,anyway hers one i always say im not going to cry !!!!!!!!!! this time when i watch it...but i do lol http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=61755&rendTypeId=4
  12. Guess the movie

    heavenly creatures ?
  13. vista prob

    could anyone tell me how to check chat logs ive got vista and chat log isnt in the el folder for me anymore,ps didnt know where to post this
  14. christmas films songs

    The Grinch rocks omg love it ..............
  15. Guess the movie

    lol ty yeah you win \o/