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  1. N.S.

  2. N.S.

    no shit
  3. Fastest Xp Counter

    think it was a bug after I reset one time, not really sure though
  4. Fastest Xp Counter

  5. Live green perk

    10-20% chance that you don't accidentally swallow the vial as you drink the potion
  6. There are some good reviews on that site.
  7. Player Bio & Location

    just ask people...
  8. TAG!

    Seems a bit harsh
  9. post-structuralistic existentialism question

    More interesting and relevant than most of the content on these forums.
  10. Idea for ranging daily

    killing animals best prank!
  11. Daily time left

    ahaha made me chuckle
  12. my pk suggestion

    So have a 30 second cooldown when someone leaves the map before they can re-enter. If you really need to restock then fine but if you just leave to avoid death or a fight then you leave your team a man down for a significant amount of time. This involves strategy and coordination. You need to let your team know that you are running low and need time to leave, take the time to set up so that they can manage without you for that amount of time and by the time you're back the next person may need to go. From what I read there is no bonus exp, just what you get from normally. It is hardly an effort to find a quiet corner to pvp or do whatever with a friend anyway, especially with guild maps so I cannot see the problem here. If anything I would say that a match should have a standard setting, such as 5v5 or 10v10 and last for 10/15 mins. Any large teams or longer matches could require paying some GC or a token; not that anyone would actually do this but it removes your fear of someone pvping in a game. Also don't suggest increasing the price of something before it has even been implemented. This should be a standard thing that people do and want to do very often, not something that you do very rarely because of the price. I would make this free but allow items to be broken (not by BroD type items). This way lots more people would take part, meaning lots more hits and lots more stuff breaking naturally. Oh and the GC to take part and then payed out should be an option rather than a requirement. Instead there should be a pvp currency that you can use to buy titles/specific items/cosmetic stuff.
  13. =hc=

    Pythagoras walks into a bar muttering, 'If a right-angled triangle has a short side, X, a long side, Y, and hypotenuse, Z, then the square of Z must be equal to the sum of the square of X and the square of, erm... uh...' The barman says, 'Y, the long face?'