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The Eaf Championship 2

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when the topic gets longer just read this post and the last few for all the info u'll need


Ok well since pking and fighting in general is very boring nowadays i am gonna try to remake the EAF the pking event made by shasso where the best of EL's fighters would fight in 1 on 1 battles

link to 1st EAF: Link


Ok now the rules will be the same as the 1st EAF except to make the fights as fair as possable there are:

1: no magic swords allowed

2: no crowns allowed

3: no fleeing, no matter what...:P


And since the last few reamke the EAF topics died off, to make sure it doesnt happen i will need mods to help ref the fights. so if ur a mod and would like to help plz post here pm me on forums or in game.

List Of Mods:




The EAF Helpers ;) : they will also organize the fight if im not online for what ever reason

Zaer-getting fight times (inactive)

Dushan-getting prizes

Nidan-gambling (inactive)

Hardcore- whatever i dont wanna do :P


Also to make the fights fair we will have a lvl limit range. the 2 fighters r not allowed to have more than 10 ranks (since lvls are hidden) higher or lower than each other. and since i may have not thought everything through plz post any suggestion until the 1st fight starts



Oh and btw any1 wanna spet up (over 80s a/d) that would like to be the 1st champion and hopefully its not some1 to strong so the EAF can start at lower lvls and we have alot of fights


i also reserve the right to choose the challenger if the champion doesnt chose 1 in 24 hours ;)


The EAF has been reset due to high demand. We r starting at 50s so if u would like to be in a fight and r in the 50s plz sign up here. Zillion has asked to be the champion


Current champion: Zillion Challenger:


Fight date:


Fight location:


Results of all fights to date (winner in bold):

April 30th: BleedingSoul VS Hardcore

May 2nd: Bleedingsoul VS Enius (bleedingsoul forfit)

May 5th: Enius VS Hardcore

May 14th: Hardcore VS Waraxe

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Well, if you need an 80s a/d player to spet up as champion first, I'd be glad to take that role.


Looks good to have this remade. It's always fun to have a good fight. ;)


Challenges anyone? :P

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I think we should keep it down in lvls for the first while. If he wins and jacks his p/c we go up about 10/10 or more in lvls already.

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Yeah add me for sure.


I'll fight whoever.. Don't care really.

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Just for the record, Avernus posted it will be the same rules as the old championship. But never posted the rules or the link to them. Here they are. :D


Also, I'd like to ask for a slight change in the rules.


you loose when you disengage/flee/die*.


I'd like to ask, that fleeing (by home button, clicking the ground) does not make you lose, unless you exit the arena. Dissing makes you lose right away though. Because I know some people don't flee because they need it but for tactical issues. :)

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Could we continue this for a few days?


I'm rather busy on the 1st, but I can do all other days after that.. I guess, a late challenger? ;)


And I guess.. GL is in order. :)

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its not all in 1 day its 1 fight then the winner gets challenged to another fight with som else and so on and so on so the winner of bleeding vs hardcore can get challeneged by some else they then pick a time and 1 of the 3 arenas and this keeps going on forever i hope ;) and it'll be really strong fighters later on as the lvls get higher so toomass vs mufossa i guess would be the peak fight then we reset it at 80s again or maybe lower.

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you loose when you disengage/flee/die*.


Um...didnt BS flee? :icon13:


yea well those were old pre cooldown rules since cooldown makes fights much shorter fleeing is allowed if u use diss ring however u die. i just think flee for a few secs will make longer fights however ur not allowed to move when u flee cuz it can be seen as running away for the exit so to use the flee tactic use home key. if ppl really don like it that much then i guess ill change it after a few more fights to see how it goes, or u could just ask ur opponent to go no flee syle if u both agree jsut tell me and if some flees in that fight ill DQ em from the EAF

Edited by Avernus

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As always, I tried to get an interview. This is the winner side. I'm going to try and get Hardcore to meet me too.


Cyprom: First, I want to ask you why you offered to start as champion. Can you tell me that?

BleedingSoul: Umm, well, Avernus asked me if I wanted to fight if he gave life to the EAF again. He told me he posted a topic on the forum.

BleedingSoul: I was just looking forward to some good fights. But then I saw he still needed a champion first, and I volunteered without hesitation. :-D

BleedingSoul: Just looked like fun to be champion anyway. :-P

Cyprom: :-)

Cyprom: Have you made any special preparations after you found out Hardcore was your first opponent?

BleedingSoul: I don't think I did anything really of special preparation. I only borrowed cuisses and greaves of a guildie because mine all broke. Darn training. :-P

BleedingSoul: Oh, and I cleaned my fur hat off course.

Cyprom: Before the battle started, what were the odds according to you?

BleedingSoul: I thought the odds would be equal, I found it funny when someone yelled he put 10 on me though. To be honest, Hardcore put up a very good fight and I had a hard time taking him on.

Cyprom: Which thoughts went through your head the moment Hardcore attacked?

BleedingSoul: I was scared the lag would kill me, because I know he's an opponent to be reckoned with. I had my plans ready though.

Cyprom: Talking about plans...

Cyprom: At first it looked like you were losing, can you tell us how you managed to win afterall?

Cyprom: Or is that another secret?

BleedingSoul: That's a secret really. Allthough it is easy to see what I was doing.

BleedingSoul: If you give it 2 minutes of thinking its easy to figure out what my stats were and what I was pulling off.

Cyprom: Obviously, not everyone knew what you were doing.

Cyprom: Alot of people were saying you cheated. What's your comment on that?

BleedingSoul: Most people saying that were FUBR... They hate me for... well I'm not sure what they all hate me for..

BleedingSoul: I have to say, fleeing is a tactic, not a cheat. If you don't allow fleeing, then you say tactics aren't allowed in a battle.

BleedingSoul: If you watched carefully, odds turned AFTER I started fleeing, so that means something.

Cyprom: Probably :-)

Cyprom: Are you proud of your victory, or is it nothing really special to you?

BleedingSoul: Yes, I'm proud. It's fun to take on someone about equal to your stats or a bit stronger and be able to win.

BleedingSoul: Personally, I hate it that you need Crown Of Life and Magic weapons these days for killing.

BleedingSoul: And still then its hardly possible to kill just anyone. I've seen a battle a while ago, 6-8 people fighting, after 5 minutes only 1 person died.

Cyprom: So you support this event.

BleedingSoul: Yes, I very much like to see old-skool PKing. So it's not just the rich people getting to win the fights. Allthough to make it completely fair,

BleedingSoul: You'd have to remove the p2p races, because they give 5/5 a/d advantage over normal races.

BleedingSoul: But that is of course impossible.

Cyprom: Thanks for explaining this a bit. Congratulations on your victory, you defended your title as champion.

Cyprom: I hope we meet again after another victory. Good luck.

BleedingSoul: Of course, allthough I rather fight in honor of my wife. Would want to make her sad by losing. :-P

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For the record, at the end of that interview:


Would want to make her sad by losing. :-P


Would had to be Wouldn't... So don't think ebul of me! :D


Wubs ya hun. :icon13:

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Sorry i couldn't be there hun :D

But gratz! I knew you would do great ^^


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