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  1. Maybe an extra camouflage bonus when standing still?
  2. Cleaning out storage event

    Greetings, This is most likely my last event. I haven't been on in quite a while, and I don't intend to do so anymore. For that reason I no longer need anything in my storage. Most of it has already been sold, but some things are still there. That's what you can now compete for. The event consist of 3 types of contests: * Trivia * Race * Hide and Seek Not too hard as you can see In order to win, you have to score points in these contests. There are 15 prizes in total, and so there will (hopefully) be 15 winners. Highest score gets to pick first. In case of a tie (and all tied players want the same thing), there will be number picking to select who goes first. Prizes * Pickaxe (10) * Steel Chain Mail (2) * Bronze Helm (1) * Titanium Helm (1) * Steel Shield (11) * Greater Healing Potion (14) * Summoning Potion (73) * Manufacturing Potion (80) * Magic Potion (132) * Power Saving Cloak (1) * Excavator Cloak (1) * Snare (100) * Red Fabric (100) * High Explosive Mine (8) * Saltpeter (1066) Scoring points 1) Trivia There will be 9 questions asked on a channel that I will announce later. The answer must be given in PM!! There is a time limit of 60 seconds for every question. It will all be about Eternal Lands. Every correct answers gives you 1 point. As you can see, every contestant can score 9 points here. 2) Race There will be 3 races in which I will announce my location and players can race each other there. However, you have to bring me an item. These items have no real value, but it might make things more interesting. They will be announced as well. Trade and show me the item to win. First place gives you 3 points, second place 2, and third place 1. The maximum score for 1 player is thus 9 points. There are 18 points in total. 3) Hide and Seek Much like the races, there will be 3 hide and seek contests. Again, 3 points for first place, 2 for second, and 1 for third place. This time I won't announce my location, but people can ask questions. I'll also give the occasional hint. No items need to be brought. That's about it. I would like to have this contest in about 3 hours. That is Thursday 8th of April at 11 pm GMT+1*. If there are not enough players, it will be postponed by 1 day. I hope to see you there -- Cyprom/Wroll * EDIT: Contest moved by 24 hours due to invasion and Green Day (which actually affects the event..). New date: Friday 9th of April at 11 pm GMT+1 * EDIT 2: Contest moved by another 25 hours due to invasion and Day of No Grief. New date: Saturday 10th of April at midnight GMT+1 * EDIT 3: My apologies, I totally forgot about the contest this time Let's say we the new date is Friday 16th of April at midnight GMT+1 * EDIT 4: Kind of embarrasing doing this again, but something came up IRL... I couldn't get back till today. I will have the contest soon, regardless of the amount of people showing up. (Nobody reads this anyway) Contest over Things changed a bit, but it was still fun Top 3 winners: - Yggdrasill - elveron - newhope Congratz to them and to the other 7 winners!
  3. Nardo’s Birthday Bash…

    Now that does sound fun Unfortunately I no longer play the game, and though I still got it installed, I don't have time to log on. I hope everyone who can come enjoys it ^^ Happy Birthday -- Cyprom
  4. Storage Sale

    Raw Meat ok -> 19733 Bronze Set -> 150k and we got a deal Ok 190k and it's all yours
  5. Storage Sale

    Training Arrows and Racoon Furs are gone, seems I forgot to strike them out, the rest is ok
  6. Storage Sale

    Greetings, First of all, this is not a goodbye thread, even though I am indeed leaving. As this is a market thread, stay on topic and only post if you want to buy things. I will be making all deals in Desert Pines storage. That's where I am now and I have no intention of moving. The entire storage can go. I will update the list whenever a sale has been made. My items are being returned to the game, they are for players who need them. I can't/won't deny sales if it's for pure profit, but I would appreciate it if you left items for people who actually need them instead of buying them to sell at a higher price. Final note before I list the items: Do not comment on anything. Stay on topic because I don't want to see my market post get locked again... EDIT: As usual I forgot to add something... Just make a reasonable offer on the items you wish to purchase. Preferably in game, if I'm not online at the time you can post here. EDIT 2: In game name: Wroll EDIT 3: Cleaned the mess, storage is now listed as it was at the time of this edit. Also added a few bulk prizes for certain categories. (Everything is still available seperately as well) EDIT 4: Added prices to all that remains and updated the bulk prices for categories. Raw Meat is available again since I haven't heard anything from the buyer since the offer, and it was never really discussed to be reserved... All prices listed are in gold coins and per piece, not total for the amount available. The List Food: Flowers: Ores: Metals: Minerals: Tools: Weapons: Armor: (All for 55000gc) 3 Steel Chain Mail - 750 1 Bronze Helm - 25000 11 Steel Shield - 500 1 Titanium Helm - 25000 Magic: Essences: Potions: (All for 13000) 73 Potion of Summoning - 30 (Reserved) 80 Potion of Manufacturing - 30 132 Magic Potion - 30 14 Potion of Great Healing - 250 Animal: Clothes: (All for 320000) 1 Cape of passive camouflage - 20000 1 No More Tears Cape - 300000 (Reserved) Misc: (All for 65000) 100 Snare - 80 8 High Explosive Mine - 1500 1566 Saltpeter - 30 67 Mercury - 5 Books: Hazardous: (All for 27000) 22 Bucket - 20 3 Poisoned Caltrop - 100 236 Blackpowder - 120
  7. Santa Claws

    Iirc it's even illegal to summon deer in the c1 portals room, simply because they CAN get on IP that way... I'm not sure, though I do know I wasn't allowed to invade the c1 portals room in my invasion script a long time ago, just for that reason ^^ I think you better check before going through with this (or play safe and use c2 portals)
  8. New quest contest

    Can the quest be redone (perhaps without the 30k A/D exp reward) for people who reset after completing it? Or is the perk simply not removed after a reset?
  9. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    May I ask what happens to the main server char? I assume it's unaffected, though I've never seen this stated clearly. It's a copy and not a transfer right? Then I would vote yes, though I am currently not an active player. I would use the service but I wouldn't get online for a few months. So, if my vote counts: Wroll = Yes If not, ignore
  10. Starting over.

    Personally I don't think it's such a bad idea... I'd love to see a wipe (call me a noob if you want, I have decent levels and I worked hard for them..). There simply has to be a reason. I'd like to see some changes in formulas and costs of stuff. But that may just be me, I am pro consistency (which has been gone for a while now in EL). I'm thinking 20gc armor pieces made for leveling VS 60k(?) armor pieces to get some fighting done, and the latest 50(?) books that all simply cost 10k. I also understand that others do not want this, and if you paid some attention to what Hermit's been saying, SO DOES HE! He asked a question, you can give a negative answer, but to stuff like this: I have to say GTFO Where do you get the nerve to say something like that to someone who is merely asking other people's opinions? I've read through this thread and thought a couple times that Hermit is not being treated right at times, though it's perfectly understandable after reading the comments. Certain people just don't have a gentle way of expressing themselves But the quote above is really unacceptable... My apologies for the off topic stuff, I did contribute with what I had to say and I placed my vote. Feel free to delete what is not wanted here, but delete MusclesMalone's post as well then :/
  11. Guess the player name!

    That's correct, but I'm sick of seeing "easy one"
  12. Guess the player name!

    Tricky one for a change..
  13. Guess the player name!

    Octane? (I remember this name with higher stats... O.o) EDIT: 0ctane is the one I remembered.
  14. Guess the player name!

    Of course >.< I thought of that too at some point but quickly moved on because badflip had been used recently
  15. Guess the player name!