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    biking, hiking, dance, Russian
  1. Russian

    Привет! Я сейчас живу в россии и я вернулась в Eternal Lands потому что я не могу играть другие игры. У меня маленький компютер но дома в Америки у меня вольшой и хороший компютер. Кто может говорить по-русски? Я живу в общежите с инностранные и они говорят по-аннглийски или по-японски. Давайте говорить! Мне надо практировать больше
  2. Infinity trying to Lure in zirak

    Same thing happened to me, except it worked. I fell for it. I've been away from the game for about a year, and thought I'd do something nice and help out infinity. He lured me into zira crypt and DuBro was waiting with tiger spawns. They work together, so watch your back.
  3. Lucaa's Temper Tantrum

    It was the most fun I've had in a long time ^^ There were monsters and creatures there for all levels. Overall, great job!
  4. Vacation

    Welcome Home
  5. BARD

    Sounds like so much fun ^^ I can't wait till he's ingame!
  6. Vacation

    Hope you two are having fun in that hot Romanian sun!
  7. Happy NEW YEAR in Eternal Lands

    *Throws confetti and brings out a bottle of champagne* Party!
  8. Soulja Boy

    T-Pain is gross... Soulja Boy is ok to dance to maybe like once. Then I'm done
  9. Thanksgiving Food

    I quite honestly do not like leftovers...I avoid them at all costs. When I don't have any money is when I will dine upon the leftovers, lol.
  10. I'm in! I agree to participate! Forum and in-game name: Kat Alt: Alhana (hardly ever used though) Female
  11. Artwork Updates

    The grizzly bear is my favorite! he's so fuzzy and cute! Nice job with all of them
  12. What s your name in elvish or hobbit

    Elvish: Lúthien Ciryatan hobbit: Ivy Foxburr of Fair Downs I am enjoying this site quite much, thanks for sharing it
  13. Artwork Updates

    The Ogres are so creepy looking. *shutters* I love the new orcs. They look sooo much better, and really like the outfit you gave to the female. The bones on her shirt really stand out now. Nice job
  14. Isabella...Izzy for short Malo (means little one in Russian)
  15. Artwork Updates

    The cyclops looks great! I can finally kill him and not have to say when he respawns, "Hey Blockhead, get your arse back here!" Nice job, Roja! Can't wait to see more improvements