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  1. Guild *R* no honour

    *cough*magic immunity*cough i was right there it wasnt *R* guild it was 1 person from the guild ppl r too quick to judge a guild on 1 persons action
  2. Human, Dwarf, and elf fighting

    i got all 3 of em pm me n game
  3. Air Essence Frenzie!

    ill buy a package too pm me in game when u have it ready
  4. Day of Joule

    endless mana or health
  5. The Eaf Championship 2

    *sigh* it'll get to higher lvls just wait, im looking for some1 in the 50s right now if u r in the 50s plz sign up here or pm me im game
  6. fifa world cup

    germany got ownd...last few minutes too 2 goals in like 1-2 minutes thats a shame :/
  7. The Eaf Championship 2

    both -.- i know i know its spam...UPDATED
  8. The Eaf Championship 2

    whats not clear no fleeing no cols no dissing... So BoDs etc are allowed, since them are not magic swords or crowns? did u really just ask that question of course no BoDs its hardly even a weapon just a cheat for pking
  9. The Eaf Championship 2

    ok im back and ill try to get a new fight up soon btw do u want me to reset then eaf cuz nows the time to say so
  10. The Eaf Championship 2

    im gonna be away for a bit (couple weeks) so nidan zaer and dushan take over the hosting and stuff until i come back and try to get different fighters and as for resetting it i dunno maybe when i get back i will BTW what are peoples opions on the new swords in the eaf since it could be an unfair advantage since we want fair fights but it could add a bit of tactics and diversity to the EAF should we allow the new swords or only use serps for fights or maybe just some of the swords etc? i would really like some feedback on this please
  11. The Eaf Championship 2

    last time the eaf reset like that it died...ill do that in a month or 2 i guess as for now ill just keep doing it like this until no more fighters then reset. but yea alot of ppl have been telling me that smooms
  12. The Eaf Championship 2

    some1 better have the screenies i asked for...
  13. Gambling at the EAF

    perfect how long until u get the bot to do this that will be so pr0 it gonna be gamble or a new one? and if any1 has any ideas on this help nidan out
  14. The Eaf Championship 2

    people wtf stop spamming no fleeing anymore and if enius doesnt want to be champion ill do it since im low 60s we would have lot of fights b4 we got to higer lvls ill take any challenges from any1 mid 60s and lower btw ;/
  15. The Eaf Championship 2

    well ummm since we have no champ i guess ill do it ;/ no fight tomorrow ill change the fight time thing later im busy atm