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Brothers For Life

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Written by Sistema and Hyperion Silverwish.

Dedicated to The Eternal Guardians.


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Part I: The Dream.


Sistema Silverwish was a normal citizen, like most other people in Seridia, living a normal life as an explorer.

He was a loyal guild member of the Eternal Guardians. But his life was about to change...


As he told his strange vision of Irilion, the newly discovered continent, by the campfire of Isla Prima, the people around him watched in excitement:


"The first thing that I remember was the ship itself. We came with a private ship; apart from the Ocean Strider. We had a few people aboard with us, sailing in the sea... and then... BANG!!"


*everyone jumps*


"Everything was black for a few minutes. Then I felt cold, very cold... the blackness started disappearing.

After the blackness had faded away, I realised I was on the floor... covered with snow!!"


*everyone gasps*


"I don't know how I got there... But I remember that the snow was different" he gets a handful of snow from the floor and shows it...


"I mean, the snow in Isla Prima is very soft compared to the one in my dream. It was more like... ice. More... rough, but still snow...

Anyway, I looked around... it didn't look like anything in Seridia, yep... I saw great blue glowing columns, reaching the skies...

There were snow covered mountains, and caves, arches, and... it was amazing!!"


He stood up, and started pacing back and forth, as if he was trying to figure something out...


"All of a sudden, I felt this warm breath behind my neck. I turned around and came face to face with the most beautiful being I had ever seen.

She had blue eyes, and long white hair. She wore a blue crown.

I heard her say something I couldn’t understand...-"


- What?

- Ah, you must be from Seridia, my young one?

- Err.....

- Come with me, the time has come...


"She looked into my eyes as I looked into hers. She reached her hand out to me, waiting for me to touch it. What else was I suppose to do? I held her hand and at that very moment everything went white... and I suddenly woke up..."


He sat back down, looking depressed. He threw some branches onto the fire and gulped down the remains of his wine...


"I'd never seen a Draegoni before... I wish I could see her again... too bad it was a dream..."

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Part II: The Lost Diary.



Back in Lakeside Village, Sistema Silverwish yawned in his bed on one summer morning.

He looked out of the brightly colored window, butterflies fluttering through the roses, birds happily cheeping in the trees. The sun was shining bright.

Today felt like an unusual day to him. He felt like doing something different for a change.


He hopped out of bed, put on his warm fur clothes, took out his wooden staff and left the house.


- Good morning Sistema.

- Morning, Soldus!

- Hey Sistema!

- Heya Lumen!


Yep, it was a different day indeed. Why was Soldus awake so early? Or why was he still awake?

Sistema arrived at the nearest Tavern. He bought some loaves of bread and a few bottles of wine, since he and a few other friends celebrated the finding of Irilion the other day and had finished all the wine and ale he had.


He left the bread and wine on the table next to his bed. He looked around his house, it was a mess. He'd never actually packed anything up before, and today was the day.

After a short time of packing up he thought he'd give it a break, he sat down on the floor, breathing hard, and realised a rather old and bulky book under his bed that he'd never seen before.

He grabbed the book, it had a red cover which was worn out, with symbols which he could not figure out, and under the symbols was written in gold writing "Prince Saret".

He flicked over a few pages; again he did not understand the weird symbols.

But then after flicking over more than half the book, he actually saw writing he could understand.


"We have come a long way through the great lands of Southern Irilion.

We have finally reached the deepest caverns of Dra Syn.

After our hundreds of years of journeying, after our brave fights against endless amounts of evil creatures, we have finally reached our destination and I have finally fulfilled my father's dreams.

My father (Prince Saret), which I was named after, had always told me of a great cave. A cave which had everything a Draegoni would ever want.

It was a cursed cave, with many evil creatures guarding it. Only a pure blooded Draegoni would be the first to find it, he said.

I have ordered my men to construct a cosy house beside the cavern walls. We have already constructed a bridge which will lead us to this great cave. I now have to set up a campfire...


Prince Saret Silverwish.

<Date in Draegoni>"


Sistema was shocked. Was this Prince's last name 'Silverwish'? Did it not say he was a pure blooded Draegoni?

He could not move his eyes off the page, especially the Prince's name. Who exactly was this Prince?


After what seemed like half an hour, he heard someone knock on the door. He quickly hid the book under his bed, his heart pounding.


- Who is it?

- It's me, Hyperion...

- Oh! It's you, Hype.


He opened the door, and there stood in front of him, his best friend and a loyal guild mate, Hyperion. A blue eyed, blonde haired, tall and handsome looking elf.


- What is taking you so long, brother?

- Eh?

- Oh dear... Do not tell me you have forgotten, again?

- Err...?

- Our guild meeting!!

- Oh! Darn... err... Yeah, I must have forgotten, sorry.

- Well, you'd better hurry, Soldus and Aislinn will not be happy.

- Yes, I'll just get my staff.

- I will wait for you outside...


Sistema hurried and took his wooden staff and closed the front door behind him.

The sun was about to set. The sky was a bright orange with a touch of red, the clouds scattered here and there.

He was still thinking about the book, he couldn't wait to see what else was in it.


- Are you feeling all right, brother? You do not look very well. And you have been acting strange lately. You have been acting strange ever since you saw that dream.

- Err... Yeah, I'm all right, I guess... I’m just a bit sleepy from yesterday.

- Haha! Yesterday was awesome!

- Yeah. It was.


He had just remembered the dream with the female Draegoni in it. Could she have had anything to do with the book? And where was this 'Dra Syn' place...

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Part III: The Concealed Truth.



- Wake up... hello... come on brother, wake up!

- Eh?...


Sistema opened his eyes... Hyperion was leaning against his bed...


- Breakfast is ready brother.

- Oh... Thanks!


He got out of bed and hurried to the table with Hyperion. Hyperion is Sistema's closest friend and almost like a brother to him.

They've known each other for so long; even they can't remember how long it's been...

And then it hit him, he remembered the book, his heart started pounding.


- Hey Hyperion, I've got to tell you something.

- Go ahead.

- But you have to promise me not to tell anyone until I say so...

- ... You know I can keep a secret, you did not even have to ask me...


Sistema took out the book from under his bed, his heart still pounding, and showed it to his best friend.

He opened a page which they could understand:


"We are about to enter deeper into the great caverns of Dra Syn,

We are about to cross the bridge which we had built a week ago.

We have packed our gear up and are now awaiting confirmation from our Queen.

I have already ordered my men to construct the Great Library of the Draegoni,

It will be completed in about 60 years.

We are informing all the Draegoni around Irilion...

The library will contain each and every single book of all subjects that were ever written...


My men have just arrived; Queen Pilaxith has approved our request to cross the bridge.

I will now set off...


Prince Saret Silverwish

<Date in Draegoni>"


- See... this is very scary, the Prince's Last name is 'Silverwish'... that's my last name!!!... Err... Hype?


Hyperion was frozen solid, not even the smallest move of a muscle... then he spoke, his eyes still on the book, he had a very serious face.


- Do you know what this means? Where did you find this book?

- I don't know… it suddenly appeared under my bed...

- We must inform Soldus and Aislinn as soon as possible!

Actually, we will see them now; I have got their Spirit Restoration Potions ready anyway.

Get your gear ready, brother...


Sistema put on his fur clothes and picked up his wooden staff.

They left the house and were on their way to meet with Soldus and Aislinn.


Soldus and Aislinn were, as usual, at the Tarsengaard Storage, sitting down, staring endlessly at each other.


"Errhem" said Hyperion and Sistema softly together.

"Oh, hey Sist, hey Hype... um... What brings you here so early?" replied Soldus, looking confused. Aislinn was giggling.


Hyperion took out the Spirit Restoration Potions from his backpack and gave them to Soldus.


- Ah! Great! Thanks Hyperion, you're a life saver!

- No, I am only a helpful potion maker, it is nothing, really... the real reason of us coming here is this...


He took out the old book and slammed it down in front of Soldus. Soldus and Aislinn started looking at each other again,

This time with fear in their eyes.


- Has the time come already, Soldus?

- Yes, I think it has Aislinn...


Aislinn gave a big sigh... they then turned and faced the two young friends.


"Well... umm..." said Aislinn while fidgeting with her fingers,

- I don't know how I should explain this... Err... gosh! This is too hard Soldus, I can't do it!

- Oh Aislinn! You're so... never mind. Sistema, Hyperion, we have been keeping a secret from you two,

It was a request from your grandfather; yes... he left us a note. We could not let you know until you two were of age... Both of you are brothers...

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Part IV: The Wish List.



Sistema and Hyperion looked at each others eyes but did not speak...

Were they really brothers? After all that time being together in their guild...

After all the good times they've had, it just suddenly gets better? Could this be true?

After a few minutes, Sistema spoke:


- If we really are brothers, how come we didn't grow up together? How come we never knew?

- It was a wish from your grandfather, Sistema. He didn't want you to know until you were old enough.

- Aislinn, but who exactly is our grandfather... and what about our parents, where are they?

- Your grandfather, as you already know, is Prince Saret...

- So... he was from the royal bloodline of the Draegoni?

- Yes, Hyperion, but please let me continue... as for your parents... your father was, of course, Prince Saret's son, and is a Draegoni.

Your mother was also a Draegoni. But you two were raised separately. Sistema, you were raised by humans, which is why you look like one,

well, at least for now, we don't know what will happen as you get older.

Hyperion, you probably have already guessed, you were raised by the elves.

- But Aislinn, you still haven't told us why we have never seen them... Aislinn?


Aislinn had tears coming down her face, she had tilted her head forward so that no one would see that she was crying.

Soldus stood up:


- I'll take it from here on. Sistema, Hyperion, I'm sorry to say...

both of your parents were killed in a monster invasion while trying to defend their homes and belongings... But you two...


He swallowed, took a deep breath and continued:


- You two survived... you were still very young, your mother hid you so the monsters couldn't find you and hunt you down,

and before she died, she sent a message to your grandfather. When Prince Saret heard that your parents were dead and found out that you two were still alive he immediately took you away from the place. Far, far away... He really wanted you to be safe.

So he came here, and brought you to us.

- I understand now...

- I'm glad you do, Sistema.

- Well, I did not understand one thing.

- Speak your mind, Hype...

- Why did we not grow up together? Why do you two know about this?


Aislinn had stopped crying, but her voice was still shaky:


- Well...

- No Ais, you know this'll be too hard for you, let me handle it.

- Okay...

- Well, Hype, Sist, we do not know exactly why your grandfather wanted you to grow up separately, but it was yet his wish.

He appointed us to take care of you; he wished to make sure everything he wanted and didn't want worked out...

He asked us to keep you safe and grow up separate from each other until the right age, which was his first wish. We had to make sure you joined our guild, The Eternal Guardians, when the right time came, and met each other and became friends, and until then, we had to keep an eye on you without being suspicious, that was his second wish. His third wish was to let both of you know about your pasts, which we have just accomplished.


Soldus opened the old book:


- This is your grandfather's diary... he teleported it to us... just before... he died...


He swallowed again, turned to a specific page and crossed out a few things and passed the book to Sistema. He then turned his back, sobbing...

Sistema and Hyperion started reading:


"To the respected leaders of The Eternal Guardians;


After the death of my son, I have, as you are aware, left you my grandchildren. I have a few requests I'd like you to accomplish:


1. Make sure Sistema and Hyperion Silverwish are in good hands, and do not meet until they are old enough.

2. When the age comes, make sure they join EG and meet each other, until then, make sure they are looked after.

3. Tell them about their pasts when the time comes.

4. Give them the gifts I have left. They are my most precious belongings, and were passed down to me by my father which I was named after.

5. Bring them to me. I must show them vital information.


With Respect,

Prince Saret."


Soldus turned back around, took the book, crossed out the fourth wish and said:


- Your grandfather left both of you some of his most valuable belongings. They're waiting for you at home.

Piper had taken them half an hour ago... He should still be there. We shall go there together now...


The four of them rushed to meet up with Piper. Piper is a fellow Elven guild mate, another handsome one in fact.

Golden brown hair, tall and young...


They arrived; Sistema opened the door, and gasped. Piper was smiling:


- Greetings Sistema, Hyperion... so it is true? Both of you are brothers? I always knew there was something going on...

Oh Lumen is here too, she has just arrived from her long trip, I'll call her here...


He hurried out to grab Lumen. Lumen was the energetic young girl of the guild, she had a good sense of humour, but was sometimes someone very serious. Meanwhile, Sistema and Hyperion were staring at the presents, their mouths wide open.

A full plate set, an enhanced titanium serpent sword and a steel shield for Hyperion,

a shiny, sparkling titanium serpent sword for Sistema. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

There was also a note besides the shield:


"To my dearest grandsons, use them wisely. Prince Saret."


Soldus gave Sistema the diary:


- This is also yours, Sistema... Now, we have one final wish to complete, but unfortunately we can't...

Your grandfather is dead, so we can't bring you to him... no, wait... or can we?


Aislinn suddenly snapped her fingers:


- I get it! He wrote the final wish purposely knowing that he was going to die... Sistema, Hyperion, he wants you to go to Dra Syn, and find his body!

- Right! Hyperion and I'll get ready! we'll set of in an hour or so then...

- Sistema, I want Piper and Lumen to come with you. Ah, here they come now.


Piper entered the house, Lumen besides him:


- I have just talked with Wytter, he will be waiting for us in Lakeside Village, he has bought a personal ship to get to Irilion, the lucky fellow...

- Hey Sistema, hey Hype! Long time no see!!!

- Now is not the time, Lumen. I need both of you to journey along with Sistema and Hyperion. I think you should get ready. It'll be a long trip.


And they got ready for the journey to the new continent of Irilion.

They headed towards White Stone, took the ship and sailed endlessly towards the horizon...

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Part V: The Mysterious Dragon.



- Piper, are we there yet?

- No, Sistema.

- Are we there yet?

- No, Hyperion.

- Are we there yet?

- No, Lumen.

- Are we there yet?

- No, Sistema... People, please! I will let you know when we arrive!


Most of the journey on the ship past away like this, in the rays of the dry sun. They were actually quite lucky, imagine if it were a rainy and windy day?

Suddenly, the skies turned black, mist covered the ship and a cold chill ran down Sistema's spine...


- Err... Guys? What's going on… Guys… Hyperion? Piper? Lumen?


Sistema was the only one on the ship now. His heart was pounding like never before. He had no idea of what was going on...


- Err... Hello? Hello! Guys, come on, this isn't funny... Hype?

- You do not belong in these lands...

- Who - who's there?

- Be gone! You do not belong in these lands!

- Who's there! Show your - yourself!

- Be gone!!!

- I said show yourself!

- Muahhahahhaa... you fool...


Suddenly, the foggy clouds above him formed a face, a dark face with eyes full of evil and hatred.

Then a wisp of white light flashed and a high pitched screech filled the skies.


- Aaaarghh!... Stop it!... Make it stop!... Please... Aaarghhh...


Sistema fell to his knees, closed his eyes and covered his ears. The sound was unbearable.

But then it stopped... Suddenly a soothing cry came from behind Sistema.

He stood up and opened his eyes; he looked around to see where the sound was coming from.

He heard the cry again; it was coming from the skies. He turned his head around and looked up... it was a dragon!

A beautiful, orange colored dragon. It flew past him and towards the face. It looked like it was fighting the face, from what Sistema could see.

It glided through the face, it slashed its wings and even breathed fire. It was amazing!


After a few minutes of the fierce fight, the face gave one last screech and faded away, Sistema had fallen to the floor again.

The dragon had disappeared and the mist had gone...


- Sistema... are you okay?

- Piper! Oh, am I glad to see you!


He got up and hugged Piper as if he hadn't seen him for ages...


- Where'd that storm come from?

- Storm? What storm?

- Never mind the storm... Did you see it? It was beautiful!

- See what?

- ... The dragon!

- Dragon? Are you alright? You have studied dragons for three years and you are telling me you have seen a dragon?

Sistema, dragons are extinct and they have been for thousands of years. The only trace of dragons left are the Draegoni...

- I know, I know. But I swear, I saw one! It was fantastic!-

- That is enough, Sistema. I know how much you love dragons, but now is not the time. We are about to arrive. Go, see for yourself...


Piper pointed to his left, Sistema turned around and saw that they were about to reach land!

As they got closer, Sistema saw a figure of a tall man waiting for them...


- It's Wytter I can tell from his cape! Wytter! Yoo-hoo! Hey Wytter!


Bang! the ship had hit the shore...


- Greeting! Welcome to Dra Syn, Trassian. The lost city of the Draegoni.


Wytter helped his friends off the ship. He told them that Dra Syn was a cold place and that they should wear their fur clothes.

Wytter was yet another guild mate. He would probably be the most intelligent of them all.

He'd always think before acting. Thanks to him, Draia is now a much more populated place.


- So, how was the journey? Piper?

- Tiring...

- Lumen, hun?

- Sorry, but it was boring...

- Hype?

- Boring...

- Gee! Is my ship that bad? What about you, Sistema?

- Umm... It was... confusing...

- In what way?

- I saw... a dragon, but I know they don't exist anymore, and-

- Sist, can I have a private word with you? It'll only take a minute.

- Sure...

- Piper, you know where to go. Lead Hyperion and Lumen. Sistema and I will come along a little later.

- Okay. Let's go!


Wytter waited for a few moments for the others to reach out of sight, then he started:


- You said you saw a dragon. Can you describe it for me?

- Um... it had orange scales, red spikes on its back and blue spots on its face from what I saw.

- Pilaxith... I knew it... God, He's back!

- Who? And who's back?

- Pilaxith, Queen of the Draegoni...

- And who's back?

- ... Mortos, the god of Destruction.

- ... The cloud face! It said we didn't belong here. Was that... Mortos?

- Right on! Don't tell anyone though, we don't want any panic.

- Did you say the dragon was the Draegoni Queen?

- Yes...

- But how?

- Shape shifting... something that has been discovered by the founding of Irilion. Their researchers have shared their knowledge with us.

It hasn't been released to the public yet, so I don't want you to tell this one as well.

- Got it!

- Hail! I'll tell you more about it later on... Now, let's catch up with Piper and the rest. I'll also inform Soldus and Aislinn for your arrivals...

Have you brought your diary with you?

- Yes... do you know about-

- Great! Let's get going...

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Part VI: The Ambush.



- Where are we going now, Wytter?

- To the Grand Draegoni Meeting Hall.

- What's that?

- It's a meeting hall, what else could it be?

- Okay... but why are we going there?

- You'll see... it's about your grandfather... Ah, here we are. Greetings Piper, shall we go inside?

- After you...


They had come to the entrance of a gigantic cave. Beside the entrance was a sign which had symbols quite similar to the ones on Sistema's Diary.

They followed Wytter inside. The inside of the cave was wonderful; the cave's ceiling could not be seen. There were great blue columns reaching the skies.

The sides of the cave were surrounded by pure shiny water which reflected the torch fires.

After walking under many arches and columns they finally came to a big open area where a few people were waiting by.

Among those people were Lord Vermor, Brom the storyteller, Placid, Moon Shadow, Tiras Hazor and Lyanna.


- So... It starts yet again...

- Welcome, Wytter. Welcome Sistema, Hyperion. And welcome Piper and Lumen.

- Thank you Lord Vermor. I'd like to go straight to the topic...

- Yes, but first I'll need to speak with Sistema, Hyperion and Lumen.

- As long as it doesn't take long.

- It wont, Sistema, Hyperion, Lumen, can you follow me?


Sistema, Hyperion and Lumen followed Lord Vermor to a corner of the hall. Lord Vermor spoke softly:


- Now, this is a secret meeting, I want you lot to keep everything we talk about in here, in here; it is not to spread around into the public. Understand?

- Yes.

- Okay, good. Now, let's get started.


They walked back towards the middle of the hall and took their seats...


- As we now all know why we are here, we can get it over with. Brom, since you are a Draegoni, what do you think we should do?

- I have heard many stories and tales of Dra Syn, it isn't a safe place. Many soldiers have died trying to defend it. I strongly suggest we take The Tri Caves; it is the safest option in my opinion.

- What about you, Moon Shadow?

- Eh? Me? Dunno... not too fonds of Draegoni cities, I am. They mights be able to takes the Ancient Passage if ye ask me.

- No, I think we should go straight to Iscalrith City.

- No. We should try digging a hole through the tavern.

- What about the Igloos? There might be something there.

- No! Iscalrith City is a better option.

- Wait, we forgot about the water maze, where does that lead?

- Dig-a-hole-in-the-tavern...

- No... no! no no no!


There was a big confusement in the hall, Lord Vermor was blocking his ears and keeping his eyes shut. He couldn't resist much longer.


- Everyone!... BE QUIET!!!

(be quiet)..

(be quiet)...

(be quiet)....


The halls were filled with echoes of Lord Vermor's voice. Lyanna stood up:


- Now look what you've done... Wait, do you hear that? Brom, do you hear it? what is it?

- Yes, I hear it to, Lyanna... It is the cave trolls! They have awoken. Quick! Arm yourselves my friends.


The sounds of hundreds of footsteps were getting closer by the minute. Hyperion and Sistema took out their enhanced titanium serpent swords.

Piper, Placid and Tiras Hazor also armed themselves and slowly progressed towards the entrance of the hall.


- Here they come... Ready... NOW!

- Aaarrgh!!!


The cave trolls smashed through the entrance. Several trolls were paralysed by Brom's Harm spells:


- Remove-Health! Yes! Harmed another one... Hey, Sistema, Hyperion. Stand still for a moment... Create-Matter-Protection. There you are.

- Thanks Brom!... Argh! Take this!


Sistema and Hyperion were slicing through tens of trolls together. This was their first fight with the swords.


- Hype! These swords are awesome!

- They sure are, brother! Take this! Yeah!!!

- Whoa, mines glowing even more. Wow, I can feel the strength in it!


Piper, Placid and Tiras Hazor were smashing through the trolls down the entrance, swinging from side to side, stepping on the trolls that lie on the floor.

Lyanna was screaming her head off... But Lumen was playing around with a troll:


- Ooo.. I'm so scared... Hahaha, come on! I'll give you an advantage, I'll fight bare handed, come on! Ouch, that hurt! Okay, you deserved this!!!


After what seemed like hours of battling the trolls were finished, all that was left of them were their dead bodies and all their rare drops. And the ones who had the chance to live fled away.

Lyanna had requested everyone to come closer. She then started to heal the wounded:


- Global-Increase-Health. Global-Increase-Health. Global-Increase-Health. Global-Increase-Health. There you are.

- What was that about, Wytter?

- I'm not sure, but we have no time left to discuss it. We shall let the two brothers decide.

- What? Sistema and I choose? But we have no knowledge of Dra Syn.

- It does not matter. We have run out of time. Our best options are The Tri Caves, Iscalrith City or the Ancient Passages?


Sistema and Hyperion looked at each other for a second. They soon realised they had the same answer on their minds. Hyperion nodded, Sistema looked towards the rest:


- We shall take The Tri Caves.

- In that case, it's settled. You shall journey to the east first thing tomorrow. You can spend the night in the local Inn, I'm sure the inn keeper is a kind person. We should be going now. Take care Sistema, Hyperion.

- See you, Wytter!...

- Good luck Sist, Hype.

- You too, Tiras Hazor, and you, Placid.

- Hey, I've got something to give to you two...


Lyanna stepped forward, towards Sistema and Hyperion. She took out a small pouch from her pocket and opened it. She took out two moon medallions and gave them one each...


- These will protect you in your darkest days, they'll guide you through the darkest paths. I want you two to always wear them.

- Thank you, Lyanna.

- We'll be going now, take care.

- See you, Lord Vermor.


And with that, Wytter, Lord Vermor, Brom, Lyanna, Placid, Tiras Hazor and Moon Shadow used their teleport rings and disappeared. All who was left in the halls were Sistema, Hyperion, Piper and Lumen.


- ... Now what?

- Er, I dunno. Piper, got any bright ideas.

- Yes, I do. We are heading to the library.

- Library? You mean The Great Library of the Draegoni?

- Yes, Hype.

- The one which has all the books that were ever written?

- Yes, Sist. Okay, enough questions, let's get going...

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Part VII: The Concealed Entrance.



- Hey, do you know where we can find The Great Library of the Draegoni?

- Qaert Drass Fra Gronf?!

- Oh, sorry. Never mind. Hey you! Can you tell us the way to The Great Library of the Draegoni?

- Daa Grez Zoltzen Fwar Zuus.

- No, never mind... Piper, I am having trouble communicating with the people here.

- Forget it Sistema, we are going to the Inn now, it is becoming too dark.


It sure was getting dark. Dra Syn looked very bright even at night. The thick columns were now glowing bright blue, red, green and yellow. Sistema looked up into the sky, he saw the moon shining bright, there was no sight of clouds anywhere.

The only thing that Sistema and Hyperion did not like was the fact that the villagers were whispering to each other every time they walked past them.

They had finally arrived at the local inn. Piper led the way in. For the first time, they saw a building that looked like the ones in Seridia...


- Ahh, welcome, welcome mates! I was expecting ya arrivals.

- Err... who are you?

- Oh, sorry. How rude of me. Me name's Cindy, I'm the owner of this inn. I'm also an old friend of Soldus. He's told me a lotta things about ya lot... Well, make yaself at home mates; the whole place's yours... Ahh! Sistema, Hyperion, come here ya little buggers... how I've missed ya both.

- Um... You know us?

- Yepp, I was there the day your grandfather left ya both ta Soldus and Aislinn. I remember it like it was yesterday... uh, anyways, ya lot should get your sleeps. Big day tomorrow...

- Er...Okay, good night Cindy.

- G'nite mate.


It was raining hard outside, and it was quite hard to sleep in Trassian; the polar bears outside always fought each other.

By the time they were asleep the sun had risen, they only had a few hours of sleep left.

And all of a sudden loud banging noises started coming from outside. Sistema and Hyperion woke up with a shock.


- What is that noise?

- Oh my god, it's hurting! Aargh!


They hurried downstairs and met Piper and Anya on the way:


- What is going on Piper?

- I am not sure. We will have to ask Cindy.

- Don't be scared me mates, tis only the Draegoni Queen's arrival. The concealed entrance to Dra Syn opens when she comes. And the Draegoni folks ring bells and make noises. It's quite normal really, nothin ta be scared of. We might even get ta talk with her...

- Did you say the Draegoni Queen?

- Yepp!

- You mean... Queen Pilaxith?

- Gotcha! Damn, you're good mate... Well, now that you lot are awake, get ya gear, we're goin’ ta the library, I'll lead ya there but I wont be able ta come with ya. Need ta take care of me inn, ya know?

- Yeah, that's okay, I'll go get my staff...


Sistema rushed back upstairs and grabbed his wooden staff, the one he always carried, and they all went outside. The concealed entrance had really opened, but there were two Draegoni guards by it. Tall Draegoni soldiers with a full plate set.


- Excuse me, but the entrance is closed. It is only accessible by the royal Draegoni family.

- Hi, I'm Sistema-

- ... Sir Sistema? Oh, I am so sorry, sir. And you must be Sir Hyperion. Please, please enter. How rude of me. Please.

- Heh, its okay... These are my friends, Piper, Anya and Cindy. Can they also come?

- How ever you wish, sir, how ever you wish...... wow, it's really Sir Sistema and Sir Hyperion. They're back!...


The four friends followed Cindy crazily around Dra Syn. They had already lost him four times, and when they found him, Cindy always said they were too slow. And the last time they got lost, they encountered an angry orc.


- Get out of my way, human.

- Excuse me?

- I said get out of my way!

- Nobody calls my brother a human.

- Or what, elf?

- Aaaaarh!




- ... Eww, you've got orc blood on your sword now.

- No matter, brother. I will clean it later.

- Thanks bro.

- Heh, it's okay, my brother. Just being a great bro, I guess. And having a little fun.

- Umm... Let's just... walk... away... Run! Before anyone sees us.


They had finally reached the entrance to the Great Library of the Draegoni; it looked like all the other cave entrances, except this one had some sort of metal coming out of the sides.


- Well, here ya are, here's the entrance ta the library! Enjoy ya research, I'm pretty sure you'll be able ta finish ya work fast, if ya know what I mean, hehehee.

- Er.. thanks... mate.

- No probs, well, I better go, nice meeting ya all again, see yas... Oh, say hi ta Soldus for me.

- Take care, Cindy. And yeah, we will.

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Part VIII: A Golden Key.



After parting from Cindy, Sistema and his friends enter the Great Library of the Draegoni. To Sistema's surprise, the first thing he sees is his grandfather's name on the wall beside him.


- Guys look!


"The Great Library of the Draegoni. Constructed by Prince Saret Silverwish"


- Wow! Our grandfather made this library, brother!

- Yeah, how cool is that?

- Heh, lucky you!

- Someone is approaching us, I wonder who he is...

- Greetings, Sistema, Hyperion. I was expecting your arrivals, much earlier though. And these are your friends?

Piper is it? You are the one who has trained Sistema, am I right?

- Err... yes, but how do you-

- And you are Lumen? The dearest friends of Hyperion and Sistema, yes.

- Yeah, but how-

- Good, you two shall wait here, I must talk with Sistema and Hyperion alone.


Sistema and Hyperion looked at the other two, a feeling inside told them that it was safe.


- Okay, let's go. Lumen, hold my backpack for me please.

- Sure, no problem. We'll be waiting by the tables.


They headed towards an empty corner of the library, Sistema and Hyperion kept looking at each other; they both had the same questions in their minds. Who was the hooded man? How did he know their names?


And most importantly, what was he going to tell them? He turned around and took his hood off. He was a Draegoni! And a real old one.


- I've never seen a Draegoni so old. Sorry to ask but, how old are you?

- I usually don't tell anyone, but to you, Sistema and Hyperion, I can tell you everything. I am 668 years old.

- Wow!!!

- Kind of scary, isn’t it? Well, I have very important things to explain, so if you don't mind, I'm going straight to it.

- Sure.

- I am Sir Jeihon, a noble knight of Prince Saret. I'm so sorry your grandfather had to die.

- Heh, its okay. Old age, I guess.

- No, it was not of old age. I was about 592 years old, if I'm not mistaken. We were in a huge cave, we had past the bridge we'd made, went through a small water channel and reached an archway. We knew there was something waiting for us.

We weren't armed at that time. All of a sudden, an evil laughter filled the cave, I could recognise that laugh from anywhere. Yes, it was Mortos himself, his mortal self. We could have finished him off there. Argh! I was so selfish...

I ran, I ran and left him and the other men alone, alone with Mortos. And I heard his yells of pain. I was the only one who survived. I had no other choice. I am so sorry.

- Well, I would have ran if I was about to face Mortos...

- But it was something I shouldn't have done. Well, I ran to our campsite, the place we had built our house. I took all the valuables and dug a secret passage to the surface of Dra Syn. I couldn't go back, it was too late.


The old man was shaking; it was as if he was living his past all over again. Sweat was dripping from his forehead; he was also losing his voice. Sistema and Hyperion felt sorry for him. He put his hand in his pocket and took out a golden key.

It was the smallest but the most decorated key they had ever seen. He held it in his hand for a few more moments, and reached it towards Sistema.


- Sistema, I'm pretty sure this belongs to you now.

- What is it?

- You will discover its use as you discover your surroundings, as you explore Dra Syn. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure it will have great importance to you as well, so do not lose it. I want you to keep it safe, guard it as if it were your very own soul.

- Thank you, Sir Jeihon.

- No please, call me Jeihon. Well, I must go now. Farewell and nice meeting you.

- Take care, Jeihon.


Jeihon took a few steps back, put his hand in his pocket and threw something onto the floor, which bursted into flames.


- I wish you good luck in your journey. Once you have completed the final wish, seek me. I will be in the Knights Hall.


And he stepped into the flame and disappeared, it took a few moments for the fire to light out. Sistema and Hyperion looked at each other.


- Right... what was that about?

- I wonder what the key is about.

- Yeah me too. Oh, we forgot to ask how he knew all of our names.

- Never mind. Come; let us meet up with Piper and Lumen.


They hurried back around the library. The Great Library of the Draegoni was gigantic. It is said to contain every single book that was ever written. There were countless rows of shelves and an unlimited amounts books. Sistema and Hyperion finally found Lumen and Piper.


- Hey Sist, hey Hype, I've got good news!

- We also have good news... and bad news.

- What's the good news?

- Well, that old man happened to be Sir Jeihon, one of Prince Saret's most trusted knights. He gave me a key, he said it was very important, and I should protect it no matter what.

- Well, what's the bad news then?

- Um... we found out... how our grandfather died.

- Ohh... never mind then. Well, I'll tell you my good news. I took your grandfather's diary and had a short read.

I'm not sure if it's the surroundings, or just me, but I've learned a lot! I've found out how we can get to the Tri Caves! Your grandfather has written every single thing down, and we've never realised.

- That's great! Let's get going then!

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Part IX: Potion Maker After All.



Sistema and his friends left the library just in time to find a Draegoni woman crying on the floor.

They rushed down beside her.


- What's the matter, why are you crying?

- My daughter... my poor daughter!

- What happened to her?

- She's become cursed... or something... I... don't know how... oh my poor daughter...

- May I see her?

- Yes... sure. She's inside... Follow me.


They followed the woman into one of the Draegoni resident caves.

And there was the small girl, sitting by her bed, crossing her legs and repeatedly leaning back and forth. Her face didn't look so healthy.


- She's been like this for two weeks. I don't know what to do.

- Madam, this is what we call beromorfis. A very rare berry poison. There is only one way to cure it, good thing I've studied. I know the ingredients for the antidote.

- You do? What are they; I might have some in my storage?

- 3 red roses, 3 black roses, 3 yellow roses and a diamond.

- Oh my gosh! I've got some!... But... there's no storage near by, now what do we do?

- Hahahahahaa!!

- ... Piper, now is not the time to laugh...

- Ahaahahaa...

- What is wrong with you? Do you think that's funny?

- Well, we'll see. Hahah... follow me...


Piper lead them out of Dra Syn and back to the snowy paths of Trassian.

They came towards the igloos, piper stopped for a while, turned back and winked.


- Well, what do you see there?

- Is that...

- Yep, a storage. Mine, in fact!

- Wow! Your own storage?

- Yes.

- But... how?

- Well, Cindy was so kind; she helped me, just as she helped Soldus. Well, she had the room ready; she asked if I wanted to do anything with it. I thought for a while, there aren’t many storages around, especially in the southern islands. And I told her about it. And that's it... We've got access to all the other storages in Irilion and Seridia now. So Lumen, I think we can access your items from here.

- Yay! Let's grab them then!


They ran inside, the room was quite small, but real useful. They took the ingredients, a hammer and a mortar and pestle from Lumen's storage, but then Hyperion looked up with a blunt face.


- Err... We need wine... and ale...

- Oh great, now what?

- ... Cindy? Hehehe, I'll go and get a bottle of both, be right back.


Piper rushed out into the snow.


- Well, I can't concentrate much, I feel hungry...

- Ahh! There's some fruit outside, just behind the bricks. I'll go grab some!

- Thanks, brother!


Sistema also ran out into the snow. Piper re-entered after a few seconds.


- Here's the wine and ale.

- Thanks! Oh, here comes Sistema as well.

- Phew, it's real cold outside; lucky we all have a fur outfit to keep us warm,

- Thanks to Lumen.

- Oh, you're making me shy, it's nothing, really.

- Well, here goes nothing. When I add the roses and the smashed pieces of diamonds into the mortar and add the wine, it should give a sour smell. Once I mix it up, the brew should take a bright orange colour, let's just hope I do it right.

- Of course you will, you're a potion maker.


Hyperion took a deep breath, ripped the roses into small bits and put them into the mortar.

He smashed the diamond into hundreds of smaller pieces with his hammer, and also added them into the mortar.

He then opened the bottle of wine and dripped an amount into the mortar. They all waited for a while. And suddenly:


- Eww, what's that smell.

- The smell of success, so far so good.


Hyperion took the pestle and started munching the ingredients back and forth. It suddenly turned into bright blue.


- Yes!!!

- Alright! You've done it! That's my bro!

- Great job, Hype.

- Wait, wait, I am forgetting something, I told you it would be orange, remember?

- Yeah, I remember that... but why didn’t it turn orange then bro?

- I don’t know Sist...


Everybody was quiet and looked at Hyperion. Then Hyperion started to laugh.


- Hahaha how could I be so forgetful! Off course, the ale! I forgot all about that...


Hyperion grabbed the ale, pulled the cork from the bottle and poured an exact amount of ale into the mortar. The fluid suddenly started bubbling and the smell became even worse, but after a minute or two it turned bright orange and started to glow and give off heat.


- Ahh, finally. Now it should be all right to drink, but we have to keep in mind that she can’t drink it all, or she'll turn orange herself, since this is a very strong mix. And we don't want that to happen.

- Great job brother, I knew you could do it!

- Thanks again!


Hyperion poured the potion into an empty vial and corked the lid.

They hurry back out; Piper locked the storage door and caught up with the rest. The sun was about to set.

They rush past the entrance of Dra Syn.


- Good day, Sir Sistema, Sir Hyperion.

- No time to speak, later, we're in a hurry...

- How ever you wish, sir.


They entered a passageway and back out, climbed a stone stair shaped arch.

They walked over a small bridge and entered the woman's cave.


- Here you are madam.


Hyperion opened the cork of the potion, made the girl sip some and gave it to the mother.

They all waited for a few moments. It seemed like ten minutes.


- It's no use, is it? My poor daughter...

- Wait... Look!


The girl suddenly jumped up. She looked around.


- ... Mother!!!

- Ohh, thank you! Thank you so much! You people are really guardians,

- The Eternal Guardians.

- It was nothing, you should be happy and cheer up. I was in the right place in the right time, I guess.

- Well, we've got a lot of things to do, we'll try to drop by later.

- Thank you so much, nice meeting you.

- And you. Take care.


The sun had set; it was night time. Dra Syn was shining again. With brightly lit colours.

Lumen stopped for a second. She had just remembered something.

She asked Sistema for his diary, opened to a specific page and showed it to them:


"Another of Dra Syn's wonderful secrets is the fact that I have casted many magical spells upon it.

One of them is Dra Syn's secrets will only reveal themselves when the sun sets.

Thus, using this fact, I have made the entrance to The Tri Caves glow blue once it is dark.

There are many more secrets, just concentrate on the colours to find out.

And remember, you can only find them not when you want to, but when you need to.


Prince Saret Silverwish

<Date in Draegoni>"


They looked around for a cave entrance which glowed blue. But they weren't lucky; they'd been searching for an hour or two but they hadn't found any sign. Finally, Piper decided it was time to give a rest.


- What are we doing wrong? We have been searching for ever, and not even the smallest clue.

- I guess we will have to set up camp. I'll go find some meat to cook, be right back...

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Part X: Higher forces.



Sistema lit a warm fire. Piper came back with a dead leopard, he took out a knife and cut the meat. Lumen helped out.

After half and hour or so, the food was ready, and they all had a nice feast.


- This is sweet!

- Yeah, I never knew leopard meat had such a good taste.

- That's the herbs I've added, Hype.

- What herbs, Lumen?

- Ah, that's my secret...

- Well, one thing I can tell you, this is wonderful, I never knew you could cook so good.

- Why thank you, Sistema.

- ... Wait, what was that?

- What was what, Piper?

- I heard something...

- Hold your weapons ready, I don't trust this. Nobody is getting past me without a fight, and I won't let them touch my friends


- That, can be arranged.


And suddenly, about 15 orcs appeared from the tall mountains, armed from head to toe, and ready for battle. They had armour, dark armour engraved with a symbol on the chest.


- Arm yourselves guys!

- No need, brother. Lumen and I will handle this one.

- Yeah, we've prepared for this.


Hyperion and Lumen had already geared up and were ready for the fight. Hyperion handed Lumen some health essences and a few spirit restoration potions.

And without even blinking an eye, both Hyperion and Lumen charged their way into the horde of orcs. They slashed and clashed their razor sharp blades through orc after orc.

Both Sistema and Piper were standing there watching with their mouths open; they'd never seen either of the two fight like this before.


- Er... when was Lumen so strong?

- I don't know Sist, I don't know...

- And what the heck is that strange symbol on their



Piper looked more carefully, and then looked at Sistema with a trace of fear in his eyes.


- What is it Pip?

- ...That, Sistema, is the symbol of Mortos, God of Destruction...

- But why would he send these orcs to attack us?

- Don’t ask me Sistema, all I know is this means trouble. I have a bad feeling about this, we must be careful!


While Hyperion and Lumen were cutting through the orcs, two of them escaped and ran back up the mountain without anyone noticing.

They found a huge boulder and a long stick; they set it up and waited for the perfect time to roll down the hill.


- Well, that was the last of them.

- Yup, too bad I was just starting to enjoy it.

- Yeah me to, we made more progress with our training then I thought.

- We sure did.

- Speaking of training, how did you train? We couldn't have had any extra time.

- Well...

- Well that’s our little secret for now, right Hype?

- Yeah, I guess so, Lumen.


The two had a smile on their faces. The friends re-gathered around the campfire to talk over what had just happened when they heard a strange sound coming from uphill.


- What was that?

- I don't know Piper, but it didn’t sound okay to me...

- Ahh! Run! There's a large boulder rolling downhill towards our camp!


The four friends ran as fast as they could, they evaded the boulder but the camp was ruined. The boulder had destroyed their tents and put out the fire while it rolled over their camp. It hit a wall which totally collapsed.


- Where did that come from?

- It seems to have come from up that hill, Lumen.

- Yeah I knew that, Piper, but I mean the boulder. A rock doesn’t come loose and roll down a hill on its own.

- Look! Up there. Two orcs! Argh! They must have escaped!

- Oh! Would you look at that, the cave entrance! And it’s glowing blue.

- Yeah, it looks pretty doesn’t it Hype?

- ...

- Hype?


Hyperion had ran after the two orcs, regardless of the heavy armour he was wearing he still managed to run pretty fast. After a while he caught up with them.

The two orcs looked at each other and pulled a face that looked like if they were amazed by their own actions.


- Why are we running away?

- I don’t know either.

- It’s only a small elf, we can crush him!

- Hahahaha!

- What are you laughing about, elf!

- Do not under estimate your rival's strength. You really think you can handle me?

- We sure do, elf. You are just on your own, we are with more then you are.

- Yeah so? Did you really think that would make a difference?

- We'll see...


The orcs charged towards Hyperion. Hyperion just stepped aside and the orcs tripped and stumbled down hill. Hyperion let out a laugh.


- He's making us look like fools! Get him!

- Aaargh!


The two orcs started running, but before they knew it, Hyperion ran forward and gave a swift strike with his sword, and the two orcs were headless on the floor...

Hyperion headed back the way he came from and found his friends at the entrance to the cave the boulder had exposed.


- Where did you go off to Hype?

- You really have to ask that Lumen? You should know, as well as I do. He went to kill those orcs.

- Hah! It seems Sistema really knows me.

- Sure do, bro.


Both of them laughed but Piper came in and silenced them.


- Come on people we have to continue there are more important things to do than talk.


Then all of the sudden a rough wind blew for a few seconds but then died off again, then a strange female voice came from the skies. Her voice was like the wisper of trees, the endless splatter of a waterfall. She spoke in a thousand voices:


- Beware mortals, this area is not safe and the cave is even worse, be prepared or die on your way.


When the voice stopped talking there was a strong wind again, but then died off, just like it did before.


- Who - who was that piper?

- Don’t ask me Lumen. I am as amazed as you are.

- I thought Brom said The Tri Caves were the safest?

- These lands just keep getting stranger...

- Look, over there!


Sistema pointed down hill and he was pointing at more orcs, they wore the same armour and seemed to be heading towards them.

There were ten maybe even fifteen times as many orcs as the ones who had attacked them earlier, and there was an ogre too. It seemed to be leading the orcs, it also had the same black armour with the strange symbol on it.


- Good. More fighting.

- There is no time, Hype. We have to continue on...

- Aww... I was so eager to kill some more orcs.

- Yeah and practice some more of our techniques while we're at it.

- Besides, it can’t really hurt us anyway; a little exercise is good for the body and mind.

- I said NO Hyperion! We have to go there are way too many for even you two to handle!


And so the friends entered the strange blue glowing archway which led to The Tri Caves.

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Part XI: Deep Inside Dra Syn.



- I cannot breathe well here, brother. It's hurting my lungs.

- Yeah, I don't feel well either...

- I feel perfectly okay.

- Same. It's probably the excitement.

- Yeah, probably.


The four friends had finally entered the Tri Caves. The Tri Caves was as beautiful as any other cave in Dra Syn.

From what Lumen had researched, The Tri Caves divided into three. It was built in order to give easy access to important underground caves.

The hanging torches reflecting onto the water, the speckled sunlight shining through the narrow openings of the cave's ceiling, the bright blue glowing crystals and the misty surroundings gave Sistema and Hyperion a homely feeling, but something was still wrong. They felt different.


- The cave splits into two here.

- What do we do now?

- Well, we will have to split up too.

- Hyperion, you come with me.

- I'll go with Sistema then.

- Okay, we'll go left, you guys go right.

- If anything goes wrong, shout for help.


Piper and Hyperion turned right; they took the crystal decorated cave entrance.

This cave was even more spectacular, it looked like a meeting place for warriors.

There were swords and shields placed on the rocks, there were more crystals, in fact, they'd never seen so much.

And there in front of them stood Sir Jeihon, hooded in the faded lights of the torches.


- It's nice to meet you again, young warrior. Welcome to the Knights Hall. This is where the most trusted Draegoni knights assemble. Where's-

- Wait, do you hear that?

- Oh no! It's the monsters, we saw them coming just before we entered The Tri Caves.

- Arm yourselves!


They drew their swords, the jagged edges of the blades catching the light from the torches. The pounding footsteps of large creatures became stronger by the second. Hyperion, Piper and Sir Jeihon were waiting, back to back, looking carefully for the first sight of a monster. The constant thumping footsteps and the hurting feeling in his lungs made Hyperion feel uncomfortable, it made him feel nervous.


- There! By the crates!

- Aaaaaaarh!!!


Hyperion ran like never before, towards the ogre. Before the ogre could even realise what was coming its way, the swishing sound of a serpent sword swung in thin air. There was a reddish blur as Hyperion hit out at it. The ogre toppled sideways, down onto the ice hard floor.


- Now they've got me angry! Where's the rest of them?!


A pack of armed orcs had scattered out from another entrance, just opposite Hyperion. They all rushed towards the monsters. The rattle of armour and the swish of swords covered the cave.

An endless amount of orcs kept entering. But as more monsters entered the more fell. Soon after, there were more than fifty orcs and ogres in the cave.


- We mustn't give up hope!

- We are going fine, keep it up... ugh!...

- Piper!!! No!... Aaaaargh!!!


Hyperion was battling through the monsters, taking down three ogres with one blow.


- Hang on Piper...


He took Piper's arm and sat him down near an icy rock. Sir Jeihon fought the last of the monsters. They were all dead now, and the ones who survived had fled away.


- Are you okay, Piper?

- Yes, I'm... fine thanks.

- You don't look very well. Here, let me take a look.


Hyperion stood still for a moment, then remembered...


- Sistema!!!


Hyperion hurried to the passage which led to The Tri Caves. There must be other monsters after them as well!

He hurried down the road which Sistema and Lumen had taken.

He entered the cave and rushed down. He took a left turn, sank down into water and kept rushing forwards. After reaching out of the water he finally came to an archway. He was soaking wet, though his anger was still at its worst.

He took a few steps forward and saw shadows. He ran forward only to find Sistema and Lumen frozen solid, looking at something, or someone.

Hyperion turned his head around. He saw the silhouette of a dark creature, breathing very deep and slowly, it's eyes glowed a bright red, a red full of evil and hatred. It let out a soft chuckle. And there, just by its legs lied the body of Prince Saret Silverwish.

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Part XII: The True Face of the Enemy.



It spoke with a deep slow voice, a voice full of death and evil;


- Welcome Hyperion, my dear... my dear filth; you're a bit late, aren't you?

- Who are you! Show yourself!...


Hyperion ran next to Sistema and asked if he were okay, Sistema nodded. Piper and Sir Jeihon entered the cave soon after. The creature let out an evil laughed again, it shook the cave. It stepped out of the shadows, Sir Jeihon immediately recognised it.


- You've got to be kidding! It's you... it's... you!

- Hah... yes. It is I, Mortos, God of destruction. Why are you so surprised? Was it not you who ran from fear many years ago?... Ah yes, fear. I sense it in you; I sense it in all of you. Fear, consciousness of approaching danger. Fear is an unpleasant feeling... isn't it? Well, Prince Saret didn't have much, I wonder if that was the cause of his death.


He spat on the floor, besides the dead body.


- Enough!!! Shut up!!!

- Dear me... Hyperion. Anger? Anger?... But why? Aggression? Your grandfather had a lot as well. It didn't do him any good.

- I said shut up! How dare you speak of my grandfather!


Hyperion was ready to blow, but Sistema was holding him back.


- No Hype, don't. He's more powerful than us. Remember... he's a God?

- I don't fear God! Let me crunch his rotten face!

- No fear? Not even by the name of Mortos? How foolish...

- What is it you are looking for, Mortos?

- None of your business, elf! Muhahaha...


Mortos took slow steps towards the group who were constantly backing up.

Mortos stopped to look at Sistema and Hyperion; he kept looking back and forth, and gave a surprised expression.


- Apparently, I have underestimated the old fool. You two are his grandsons, which, of course means you both are of royal blood. You inherit his powers also. Maybe he wasn't that stupid after all.

- What are you talking about?

- ... You don't know?... Hahahaha... Good, because I won't tell you-

- But I will.


Sir Jeihon stepped up. He was less fearful, he had regained some hope.


- Sistema, Hyperion. What he is talking about is that you are from the royal Draegoni family, do you know what this means? The only way to-

- You infidel!


Mortos imitated a gesture with his fingers and a blinding blue flash shifted towards Sir Jeihon. He suddenly froze ice solid.


- The fool. How dare he speak words which even I do not dare to speak... Now, back to work. I will finish this nonsense one and for all. Come here my little darlings, your fate is now in peril. You will soon join your grandfather.

- So it's a fight you want...

- It's a fight you'll get!

- That's the spirit, brother! Let's get him!


The brothers stood side to side, drew their enhanced serpent swords and were ready for battle.

Mortos looked at the swords; he spoke after examining them, again with his deep and slow voice.


- Ahh, I see your feeble grandfather has left you some of his items... Good. But they will not help you much. Time to test your skills in combat.


Mortos jumped at the two brothers, his sword clashing into the combined blocks of Sistema and Hyperion.

They fought as hard as they could to withstand the power of the blow, but they were both thrown back onto the cave wall.

By the time they stood up, Mortos was swishing his sword at them. They evaded the attacks and stroke back with astonishing speed. Mortos was hit, but was still on his feet. He looked at the brothers.


- I have underestimated you yet again. You work together, as one. That's something I wouldn't expect from a puny human and elf.

- Never underestimate the power of your enemy, Mortos. Can't you see you're blinded by your own strength? It's not the size of your muscles that matters; it's the will and purpose of doing things. And you don't have those!

- Well said, brother! Now let's get him!


Sistema and Hyperion ran towards Mortos, but suddenly Piper interfered. Mortos let out a roar of anger and whipped his swords towards Piper. Piper flew through the air and landed next to the frozen statue of Sir Jeihon. Lumen ran towards Piper.


- Piper! Wake up!... Nooo! You bastard!!!


Lumen drew her weapon and ran towards Mortos. Sistema tried to stop her, but it was too late, as she too was thrown back unconscious. Sistema was now as angry as Hyperion.


- Aaargh!!! Enough!!! Your fight is with us, Mortos! Not with them!!! This has gone far enough. It ends now!!!


The brothers were back to back again, waiting for Mortos to show a sign of attack. Mortos flew to them with his sword in front of him. The brothers stepped aside and hit Mortos with two heavy blows to his behind. Mortos fell and landed against the wall.


- Damn you! Play time is over...


Mortos suddenly got up without using the help of his hands, his eyes started glowing bright red. His whole body started glowing after a while. The size of his muscles were increasing dramatically, he was growing into something.


- I have a bad feeling about this, brother.

- So do I, bro. Never the less, let's prepare for the worst!


The brothers took a few steps back, holding tightly onto their swords, and prepared for another fight...

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Part XIII: ShapeShifting.



- Are you scared, brother?

- No, as long as you're not.

- Good. Now, when I count to three, we rush at him, you from the left, I'll go from the right. He won't realise what hit him.

- Right.

- One... Two... Now!


They ran as fast as they could towards Mortos. They were going to finish him off once and for all.

The happiness of the thought inside them gave an extra amount of courage. But it soon ran out, as Mortos faded away into the shadows, completely disappearing.


- Damn him!... Mortos!!! Where are you!!!


Sistema looked around the cave.


- Hype look! Lumen, Piper and Jeihon are gone!

- Knew he would play it dirty. Now what...

- I'd say we check the Knights Hall.


The brothers sprinted back out to the cave entrance. They soon returned to The Tri Caves. They walked across to the Knights Hall.

Panting hard, they looked around. Many swords and shields placed besides rocks, rugs and tapestries hung on the walls and floor, but there was no sign of Mortos. All they saw was a single orc by himself.


- Well, there's nothing here.

- Wait, brother. I'll be back... hehe...


Hyperion put his sword away and walked up to the orc. Without the orc even noticing, he gave one blow to its head, it dropped onto the floor, unable to move.


- Ah look! It dropped something! A cape? But, I've never seen such a cape before. Here, you hold it. It might be of good use later.

- Thanks bro.

- Now, back to finding Mortos!

- Well, we've tried both ways of The Tri Cave. He couldn't have gone deeper. Or he would've been tracked down.

- He must have gone outside! Argh!


They rushed out the Knights Hall and exit The Tri Caves. There they saw it, the hideous monster. Mortos had changed into something big, something ugly. It looked like a large bull with a dark overgrown human body, only it was worse. But there was still no sign of their friends.


- Where are our friends, Mortos!!!


It let out a loud long laugh which shook the ground. It was no use, they'd lost their friends to Mortos... But there were some other people besides him. They heard a familiar voice.


- Guys, over here!


It was Soldus! And Aislinn besides him! They were both a few feet away from Mortos and were armed to the teeth, in full plate!


- Piper, Lumen and Sir Jeihon are safe.

- We've got other things to worry about, Aislinn... Like dodging!!!


Mortos had assaulted Soldus and Aislinn.

They had just enough time to dodge it. There was another loud roar from Mortos.


- Phew, that was close.

- What happened to Mortos? What has he become?

- No time for that now, Hype. We need your help to fight him!


The brothers nodded and joined with their two leaders. Mortos gave another loud roar, swiped with his claws, and with one hit the four friends flew twenty feet back.


- Ouch, that hurt!

- Noooo!!! Aisy!!! Please, wake up!!! Please!!!


Soldus fell to the floor, holding Aislinn's hand. His voice was shaky...


- Aisy, talk to me!!! Please!

- Take care of Aislinn, Soldus. Hyperion and I will handle this.

- ... Just, be careful guys... He's transformed with the use of ShapeShifting.

- ShapeShifting? Wytter told me about it...

- Yes, there aren't many ShapeShifters left now. Mortos... wiped more than half of them away... So... just be careful...


Sistema looked at Hyperion, they nodded. The two ran towards Mortos, their blades in front of them. They swiped, slashed and stabbed but he always parried their attacks. They tried their best, but just couldn't do damage.

With one blow from Mortos, the brothers were sent feet back; they landed hard on the floor injuring their backs.


- This is no use, brother. He is just too strong.

- No! We've come too far to give up now, Hype! Remember your words? We never give up! Never!

- Wait... Hear that?


All of a sudden a strong wind was blowing, it soon faded away. And instead, a soft and calm voice appeared.


- Mortos, leave the children alone!

- Who's there? Who dare challenges my power? Show yourself!

- Sorry my dear Mortos, I cannot show myself, I do not have the ability to appear, like a mortal like you. As you might have guessed, I am Aluwen-

- You!!! What are you doing here!!!

- The time has come to put an end to your terror, Mortos. And these two young Draegoni brothers will do so now.


The brothers looked at each other and blinked. Did she not say young 'Draegoni' brothers?


- What's she talking about, Hype?

- I'm not sure.

- You remember Soldus telling you about ShapeShifting?

- Yes...

- Well, you two possess such a power. Yes, your grandfather was a ShapeShifter, you inherited his abilities. It comes from the Royal family. Even though you have these abilities, you are still too young. I am able to temporarily unlock these to you, but you must combine your souls into one...

- What do you mean?

- She means we have to work together in order to transform into one shape.

- Yes, Sistema. You are right. Listen carefully... Use the medallion... and think...


There was another strong wind, and the voice was gone.


- What's she mean?

- I'm not sure... But we'd better watch out for Mortos!


They dodged Mortos' big foot. But they couldn't run from the other.

Hyperion was on the floor, Sistema besides him. His hands and knees on the cold snow, his sword fell from his palm. His moon medallion was hanging from his neck. It was over...

Sistema, who now had a bleeding nose, was staring at the medallion. It was glowing a bright blue. He took out his own, it also was glowing. He had a small smile on his face.


- Hype look! Our medallions! They're glowing.

- It doesn't matter anymore...

- Wait! Hold your medallion, and hold my hand... Now think of... of... a dragon!


They thought, and as they did, the medallions started glowing brighter and brighter. Everything felt lighter, everything seemed brighter to Sistema and Hyperion. They tried talking but nothing came out, they couldn't hear anything either. And there came the big banging noise... All of a sudden a blue scaled dragon with white wings and spikes had just appeared.


- What the!!! Aisy, you've got to see this!!! Aisy, wake up!!!


Soldus was looking with a shocked face. There was a dragon now taking the place of Sistema and Hyperion. It was as big as Mortos, even bigger. It had large wings, a long neck and smoke coming out of its nostrils.


- So, you are also able to transform. Again this proves how much I underestimated you.

- Not only that Mortos, but you also forgot that we are blessed with our grandfather's powers!


The combined voices of Sistema and Hyperion were nearly as deep as Mortos', but much softer and calmer.

The dragon flew at Mortos and started pounding it with its big claws, Mortos tried to defend himself from the barrage of blows but he couldn't, then out of nowhere the dragon grabbed Mortos and flew high up into the air.


- Like the view, Mortos?

- Hope you do, because it will be the last time you see this planet.


The dragon flew back towards the ground in a dive and threw Mortos against a mountain. With a big loud bang, Mortos landed on the ground but he quickly stood up again.


- I thought you would have had more power than that. I must admit, I felt that one. But you still can't see who you're fighting against.

- That was just a sample of our combined power, Mortos.


In a matter of seconds the air was filled with fire coming from the dragon's mouth. It hit Mortos with great power and kept coming for half a minute.

When the brothers gently landed onto the ground they saw the smoke clear up, and Mortos still burning.


- Argh! That hurt! How dare you!!!


Mortos stood up and ran towards the dragon throwing them on their back, now he was the one pounding with his claws.

After a barrage of hits, the dragon was seriously injured, it gently backed out.


- I must say, you did well for your first ShapeShift, but you lack the experience to keep it up! Muahahaha...


Mortos gave the dragon one last powerful blow and then there was a loud bang, the brothers were now lying at the space the dragon had just filled.

Aislinn woke up, she looked over at Mortos and then at the brothers. She told Soldus that they had to help them, but Soldus disapproved. It was too much for them.

The wind increased again for a few seconds and the strange voice of Aluwen appeared.


- Soldus, Aislinn. I need you to bring your friends to safety, I have one last thing to give the brothers and I do not want to risk Mortos stopping them.


Soldus and Aislinn grabbed Lumen, Piper and Sir Jeihon and teleported out. The wind blew strong.


- Hold on Sistema, Hyperion. This might hurt.

- What are you doing???

- You will see, Mortos. As it might be the last time you ever do.


There was a bright flash of light, Mortos shielded himself, he put his hands in front of his eyes and when his sight had cleared he spotted nothing but empty space.


- Looking for us Mortos?


Mortos turned around and saw the two brothers, but there was something different about them.


- So Aluwen, you think you can stop me by restoring their power?

- No Mortos, I don't. But I do think the power I gave them by merging with them did...

- ...What???!!!

- Yes Mortos. The only way to defeat a god in his corporeal form, and send him away from this world, is with assistance from another god.

- What?!?

- Enough of your nonsense, Mortos! It shall stop now!

- Hey wait! This is not fair!... No, no, no... Aren't those swords... aren't they, aren't-

- I'm glad you noticed, they are the Swords of Light, and you know what that means!



With one slash of both swords, Mortos returned to his old self with a loud bang. He was looking at the brothers.


- This cannot be, they simply can't be strong enough! It can't be true!

- Like they said, Mortos. You forgot about the power of their grandfather, his spirit still lives inside them... That also helped them call me.

- They called you?!

- Yes, Mortos. They prayed to me, and just like I was the guardian of their grandfather, and their guild, I am their guardian as well.

- We've got one more thing to do, brother.

- Yep...


Hyperion walked over to Mortos, Mortos tried to run but before he could, Sistema had already come in front of him. Hyperion grabbed a hold of Mortos' shoulder and like the brothers were one, the brothers stabbed Mortos with the Swords of Light.


- Aaaaaaaaargh!!! Nooooo!!!... I will be back, I promise you... You will pay...


Mortos dropped to the ground, spoke his final words and then vanished.


- Wait, another of that cape, bro!

- Hrmm... there's something fishy with these. I'll take that one, we'll figure it's secret later on.

- Well, he won't be back for a while... I must admit, you two brothers have some potential, nice work!

- Can you believe that Sistema, a Godess telling us we did nice work?!


The brothers laughed and then all of the sudden Soldus, Aislinn, Piper, Lumen and Sir Jeihon reappeared.

Lumen ran towards Sistema and Hyperion and hugged them so hard they almost choked.


- Err... Lumen, you can let go now...

- Hehe, sorry...

- No time to talk guys, we have to go meet somebody!

- Who did you have in mind, Jeihon?

- You will see...

- He is right; it was an honour fighting with both of you. We must go now...


A strange wind appeared again and then died off a few seconds later. They gathered around Sir Jeihon, he gave a quick wink to Sistema and Hyperion and then they vanished with a poof...

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Part XIV - The Beauty and the Beast.



The friends had teleported to a place they'd never seen before. It was like they were in the clouds, only the clouds were already visible above them.

Sir Jeihon leading them, the friends walked towards a huge gate.

The guards by the gate withdrew their spears and opened the gate.


- Where are we?

- You will soon find out...


Sir Jeihon gave another wink. He led the way into the other side of the gate, Sistema and Hyperion followed.

But when Lumen and Piper tried entering, they were blown away by an invisible barrier.


- What the... what was that?

- Only the people from the Royal Draegoni Family may enter.


One of the Draegoni guards had spoken, he was geared up with full plate, but he was as still as a statue, not moving a muscle, not even blinking.


- You'll have to wait here, my friends. Sistema, Hyperion and I will be back as soon as possible.

- Take care, guys...


They walked down a very long pathway, the end of it only just visible. There were two enormous ice statues of dragons, icicles hanging from its wings and neck.

And down in the middle of the statues was the entrance to what seemed to be a palace.

As they got closer to the palace, Sistema and Hyperion realised the temperature was getting cooler.


- Erm... How hot is it at the moment?

- I'm not exactly sure, but it's about minus twenty-seven Degrees Celsius-

- What???

- But, I'm not cold...

- Me neither.

- Hehe... It comes from the family... Well, we're here.


There were two more guards, they also let them enter. One of them spoke just as the door opened.


- Welcome home, Sir Sistema, Sir Hyperion, welcome home.

- Err...?


The brothers looked at each other, empty minded. They were welcomed home by guards they didn't even know.

They were welcomed home to a place they'd never been before, and most of all, they didn't even know where they were!

Sir Jeihon gave the signal to enter the palace, they followed behind him. It was beautiful, hundreds of tapestries were hanging from the walls, many statues of dragons and beasts were placed on, uncountable amounts of columns attached the ceiling with the marble floor.

Sir Jeihon instructed them to stay close to him. They then followed a red carpet which led them down a long hallway. On their way, Hyperion heard a rattle of swords and shields.


- Wait, do you hear that?

- It's coming from the corridor down there!

- Let's go!

- Wait! We don't have time! She doesn't like to be kept waiting...

- But there might be people getting hurt! We've got to see what's going on!


Sistema and Hyperion ran down the corridor, Sir Jeihon behind them.

After turning the corner, Sistema and Hyperion froze with horror. As a big monster was battling many soldiers.


- Wh-What's that?!

- Argh! It's an arctic chimeran wolf! It must have escaped!

- Look, bro! It's Wytter!

- Hey Wytter!

- ... No... time to... talk, need... help!


Hyperion and Sistema were already geared with full plate. They equipped their enhanced serpent swords and joined the battle. As they slashed and stabbed with their swords, they realised the arctic chimeran wolf was getting injured, it was getting tired. Wytter put his hand up as a signal to stop.


- That's enough, men. I think he's gotten enough damage. Take him back to his cage. That'll teach him a lesson. The darn beast. Escaping from his cage... Oh hey! Forgot about you two, and Sir Jeihon. It's nice to see you again!

- Yes it is... Have you got it?

- ... Yes, I have. Safely locked in her room.

- Good, let's go meet her.

- Um... I think we need an explanation....

- Yes! I'm so confused!... Where are we?!!

- Didn't you hear the guards? We're at home! I thought you'd have guessed by now-

- Home?! How can we be at home? I don't even know this place! I said where are we? And what was that monster?

- That was an arctic chimeran wolf. The strongest of all monsters, we keep them here to guard the palace.

We've also sent some to Hulda, to guard Trassian from unwanted people.

- We're in the Queen's Palace, Hype. The Royal Draegoni Palace, and Queen Pilaxith is waiting for us.

- Well, you should have told me before!... What are we waiting for then? Let's get going.


Sir Jeihon and Wytter leading, they ran, following the red carpet until they came to an icy door.

Sir Jeihon knocked on the door three times and it magically opened.

They slowly entered what seemed to be the throne room. And there, standing by the throne was Queen Pilaxith! She spoke as soft as silk.


- Welcome, Sistema and Hyperion. I've been waiting for you.

- It-it's her! From my dream!!! So it was real?

- Yes, it was.

- And you were the dragon too?

- Indeed.

- ... She's so beautiful...


Wytter and Sir Jeihon bowed. Sistema and Hyperion looked at them, then at each other. They also bowed. The Queen raised her hand, and again spoke softly.


- No, please, please stand. I've requested you here for a special occasion... The time has come.

Wytter, can you bring me the crystals please...

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Part XV - Home At Last.



Wytter nodded, he ran to the corner of the cave, opened a chest and took out what seemed to be two leather bags and ran back. He handed the bags to Queen Pilaxith and stepped back, his hands shaking. The Queen looked at Sistema and Hyperion.


- These two crystals were gathered by Wytter from the deepest caves of Southern Irilion, which were guarded by many evil creatures.

They possess great power... and if enchanted correctly it has the ability to transform one into its true form.

- True form?

- Yes, now step back.


Sistema and Hyperion took a few steps back. The Queen started saying something which they did not understand; she held a crystal on each hand. She said some more mystical words and the crystals started glowing; one bright blue and the other pure white. She told Sistema and Hyperion to hold one each. Sistema took the white, Hyperion took the blue.


- Now, hold them tight and relax... clear your thoughts... and let the crystals do their jobs.

- I still don't have any idea which true form we're suppose to transform into.

- Well, don't ask me...


The brothers close their eyes and try to clear their minds. They suddenly started floating a few feet from the floor, still holding their eyes shut. The crystals grew brighter and brighter until it was too bright to see. A clear barrier suddenly burst from the crystals, it embraced them inside of it. After what seemed like 5 minutes, the brightness slowly started fading away. Sistema and Hyperion were on their knees, their eyes still shut tight. The Queen smiled.


- You can open your eyes now.


They opened their eyes, looked at each other and jumped back.


- Bro!!! Look at you!

- No... Look at you!!!

- You're... you're... a Draegoni!

- Yeah! So... so are you!

- Oh my gosh...

- ...A handsome one, in fact...

- Can I request you to kneel in front of me, my young ones? The time has come.

- Errm...


The brothers faced the Queen and knelt. Queen Pilaxith instructed Sir Jeihon to bring a special sword which the brothers had never heard of. Sir Jeihon ran to find the sword then handed it to her.


- With permission from Iringold, father of all Draegoni, I pledge you the honour of a Prince, that no evil shall befall you. From now on, you shall be known as Prince Sistema and Hyperion Silverwish of Dra Syn.-

- What?!

- Here, I would like to give you one last thing. As you might have realised, you have now fulfilled your grandfather's wishes. Your reward is your new form, and these.


She handed the brothers an amber colored special ring each. Sistema and Hyperion put them on.


- Your grandfather wanted you to have them. They resemble the Royal Family and have great value and power. I am sure you're both also wondering what the capes are... You will find out, but it is too early. Store them somewhere safe and as time passes it will reveal its secrets.

Sistema, here's your diary, keep it safe.

- Thank you.

- Now... Sir Jeihon, may I ask you to guide these young Draegoni brothers to their homes?

- Certainly-

- But, I thought we were already at home...


The Queen smiled. And that was the last time they saw her. Sir Jeihon led them out of the palace, towards the gate. Soldus, Aislinn, Piper and Lumen were waiting for them outside. The guards opened the gates.


- Hey Jeihon... Hey Wytter!... Where's Sist and Hype?

- Err... I left them at the palace.

- And... Who are those two guys?

- Errm... friends...

- ... Pffft!!! It's us! Hahahaha!!! It's me Hype!

- And me Sist!! Ahahah!!!...

- ... Now is not the time to joke, whom ever you are...

- You don't believe me? Well ask me something.

- Okay. Who is your grandfather?

- Prince Saret Silverwish of Dra Syn, how easy is that...


Suddenly Aislinn fainted; Soldus quickly took a hold of her. Piper was shocked. Lumen looked surprised, but then she smiled. She ran to the brothers and hugged them; again she squeezed too hard.


- Err, you can let go if you want...

- Wow, I can't believe this! You two have gone all muscular.

- Yeah, I guess we have...

- Well, we'll talk when we get home.

- Home?

- Home??

- I'm sick of this home thing...


They gathered around Sir Jeihon. With a click of his finger, they instantly teleported.

They had teleported to what seemed to be a cave, and in front of them was a house built into the cave wall. Sistema and Hyperion looked at Sir Jeihon.


- Is this our house?

- Correct, let's enter shall we?

- Sure...

- ... Well???

- Well what?

- The key?

- What key?

- ... The Golden Key?!!

- Ohhh!!!... So that's what it was for!


Sistema quickly took out the golden key from his pocket. He put it into the key hole of the door, turned it, and there came the click noise! He pushed the door open.


- Wow! Nice place!

- Yep! We built it when we were exploring Saret's Cave.

- What cave?

- Saret's Cave, the cave this house is in, the cave your grandfather had died, and the cave where you first saw Mortos.

- Brother, look! Look at that chest!

- Wow! It's got 'EG' written on it!

- Yes. Another gift from Prince Saret. There's another one upstairs, in your room Hyperion.

- ...My room???

- Yes, check it out if you'd like.


Hyperion ran upstairs, meanwhile there was a knock on the door. Lumen ran and opened it... It was the rest of The Eternal Guardians and a few guests!

Sheesh, Dark Nightmare, Pyderz, Promose, Smee, MooIIbattle and Hise just to name a few. There was also Cindy, the poor Draegoni Mother and her Daughter!


- Hey all!!! Gosh, what a surprise!... Hype, look who's here!

- Make yourselves at home...

- ...Heya!!!

- ...Hype? Sist? Is that you?

- Yupp!

- Hehehe!

- Wow! I always knew ya had some secret in ya- Soldus! Me old friend!!!

- Sorry Cindy, I've kind of got a situation at the moment-

- Wait, what's that sound...

- Err... drum noises?


They rushed outside, only to find an army of monsters heading their way.

They looked about; there were many trolls, ogres, orcs, fluffies and even chimeran wolves!

They all armed themselves, the brothers with their enhanced serpent swords. Just when the brothers were about to attack, Sir Jeihon started laughing. Everyone was staring at him.

Still laughing, he pointed his finger to their backs. They all turned around and to their surprise they saw three Arctic Chimeran Wolves besides them.


- No need to be scared, they were summoned here by the Queen. They'll help us fight these monsters; they're what seems to be the final attack of Mortos.

- Right! Are we ready? Let's go!!!

- Aaaarrgh!


Everyone joined in the fight. Pyderz, Promose, Hise and MooIIbattle against the orcs. Sheesh, Dark Nightmare and Smee fighting the trolls. Lumen, Piper, Soldus and Cindy taking the fluffies while Sir Jeihon, Sistema and Hyperion dealt with the Chimeran Wolves. The Arctic Chimeran Wolves helping out here and there.

It didn't take long for the fight to finish. Most of the monsters were dead, loads of monster drops had fallen out of them. After finishing them all, the Arctic Chimeran Wolves bowed and disappeared.


- Well, it's time for me to say goodbye, my friends.

- Thank you for everything, Jeihon.

- No, thank you. We couldn't have dealt with Mortos if you two wouldn't have been here. You do know that the only people who can defeat Mortos are you two. Only you two can hold and master the Swords of Light.

We will meet again, I promise you.

- Where-where am I?

- Aislinn!!! You're awake! Oh god... Thank you! Thank you!

- Soldus!!!


Aislinn got up, Soldus ran to her, hugging tightly once she was in reach.

Sistema and Hyperion were looking at them, they started giggling. Once they turned around to face Sir Jeihon, he was gone.


- Heh, home at last, eh? Well, we'd better put these capes in our chests; we wouldn't want to loose them.

- I'd like to visit our grandfather's coffin; Queen Pilaxith said it was in the library.

- Good idea.

- And after that, let's visit our special cave.

- Where's that?

- ...What's that?

- Hehehe... it's a cave dedicated to us by the Queen. Its entrance is 'secret'.

- Cool, why not!

- Wait, I've got to write a note here, and then we'll go.


Sistema took a piece of parchment and a quill and sat down. He dipped the quill into the ink bottle, took a deep breath and started writing...


It took him a few hours to write a note with his deepest feelings. He had a sparkle coming down his cheek once he had finished.

On their way to the library, Sistema took his grandfather's diary and flipped to a random page. He started reading.


"The only thing I've ever cared for in my life are the safety of my grandchildren.

They mean the world to me, far more than the world...

They have something special in them, which make them different. They have the might of a bear, which makes them strong.

They have the courage of a lion, which makes them brave.

They have the inner light, the only source of power which can withstand Mortos.

I will never pass away, as my soul will always burn in their hearts.

They are the two brothers who can do anything; they have no boundaries lying in front of them.

They are brothers for life!


Prince Saret Silverwish.

<Date in Draegoni>"

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Main Characters

- Sistema. (Dragon form)

- Hyperion. (Dragon form)

- Piper.

- Lumen.

- The Diary.

- Sir Jeihon.


Other Characters

- Soldus.

- Aislinn.

- Wytter.

- Cindy.

- Queen Pilaxith.

- Evil Side.

- Aluwen.


Short Role Characters

- Combined Sistema & Hyperion.

- Guard.

- Lord Vermor.

- Lyanna.

- Moon Shadow.

- Placid.

- Tiras Hazor.

- Brom.

- Draegoni Mother.

- Small Draegoni girl.


Described Characters

- Iringold.

- Dark Nightmare.

- Pyderz.

- Promose.

- Sheesh.

- MooIIbattle.

- Hise.

- Smee.





  • The Two Brothers - Sistema & Hyperion. (for writing the story!!! lol!)
  • Da Boss and M'Lady - Soldus & Aislinn. (for being the best guild masters! *hugs*)
  • Teh G0d and G0dess - Entropy & Roja. (for making everything possible, thank you!)
  • The whole of EG - The Eternal Guardians. (for being so helpful, couldn't have done it without you!)
  • Everybody who helped out with the story - You guys know who you are. *wink*




  • It took the authors 104 days to complete the story! That's 3 months and 13 days!
  • The full story consists of 15,751 words, 68,300 characters (no spaces) and 84,447 (with spaces) !
  • Everywhere, everything and everyone mentioned in the story can be found in EL!



A Message From The Authors:




Hi all!

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this story... Make sure you read it all before posting!!! Heh...

Well, I had a lot of fun writing the story, it was a great experience. I really recommend it.

I loved writing it so much, we're even thinking of a second sequal, shhh...

It's nice to have a brother, especially someone like Hyperion. It also feels great to be a Prince. Lol!

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped out!

Thanks to all you readers too, make sure you tell me how long it took you to read it!

What I like about the story is it has full compatibility with the game itself.

I mean, all the places, characters, etc. that was used can be found in EL!

So... yeah, hope you like it. Take care and enjoy!




Hey guys and gals!

Well, hope you enjoy reading this because it will take some time to finish.

Well, I for one enjoyed working on the story with my fellow Prince and brother for life.

It was a nice new experience for me and if you ask me it worked out well.

I would like to thank all of EG and supporters of our story for being such great help.

Also I would like to thank the founders of this game for making it possible for us to write a story about.

Well, this was my thingy, enjoy reading… Oh and don’t take too long!!!

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It is loooong ... but definately worth reading. I love it ! Specially the parts about fighting cave trolls and shapeshifting.

Excelent work Hype and Sist :blink:


(I am gonna read it one more time now :P )

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Nice story, but one note for proofreading -

- It's nice to meet you again, young warrior. Welcome to the Knights Hall. This is where the most trusted Draegoni knights resemble. Where's-

What do the knights resemble? Or do you mean "assemble", perhaps?

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Nice story, but one note for proofreading -
- It's nice to meet you again, young warrior. Welcome to the Knights Hall. This is where the most trusted Draegoni knights resemble. Where's-

What do the knights resemble? Or do you mean "assemble", perhaps?


thnx arnie indeed we mean asemble, I notised that before but due to school and stuff I forgot to edit it, ill do it now.

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Nice story, but one note for proofreading -
- It's nice to meet you again, young warrior. Welcome to the Knights Hall. This is where the most trusted Draegoni knights resemble. Where's-

What do the knights resemble? Or do you mean "assemble", perhaps?


thnx arnie indeed we mean asemble, I notised that before but due to school and stuff I forgot to edit it, ill do it now.

TY! :P (always ready to catch a typo)

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Arrgh and I thought we caught them all :P


Seriously, great job guys :P That was a LOT of work, thanks for sharing it with us all.

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Thanks Aislinn. :P



Ohh yeah! We'd like to ask what your favourite part is, and why. :dry:


- Sistema.

Edited by sisteMa`

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Ok I've been reading this the past few days..still not done(at part 6), just somethings I'll say so far:


1. Good job, it's a good story and i'm enjoying reading it so far!

2. It needs to be rewritten with the dialogue grammar rules in mind. The colors are nice, but won't work professionally. So you'd also have to add some sentences to clarify who said what to make up for that.

3. Be careful with repetition of the same words in sentences next to each other, or the same sentence. Sistema, your character says "Err" a little too often for instance.


Another example:


Today felt like a different day to him. He felt like doing something different for a change.


The word different sounds stupid being repeated like that. Change one into another word.

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