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  1. Getting the same 301 error. I'm on Windows and not sure if I have the option to switch from http to https when making the update request
  2. very old players

    Oh hello there
  3. EL & Player Generated Narrative

    Emergent narrative, a term introduced by designer Marc LeBlanc in his lecture "Formal Design Tools" at the 2000 Game Developers' Conference, refers to storytelling produced entirely by player actions and in-game events (Adams, 2010). Narrative can emerge from the simplest unintentional things, or can be specially and carefully designed by the developers to provide maximum potential of narratives being generated by players. The latter works very well in The Sims. Will Wright, creator of The Sims, has designed the game in such a way that narrative emerges from the player's actions, it emerges through gameplay; the player decides what the story of their sims will be, and uses the environment to enforce it. Those of you who have played Left 4 Dead will know that the difficulty is automatically adjusted according to the players' performance. However, it's not only the difficulty that being tweaked, Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, states, "The events are trying to give [the players] a sense of narrative. We look at sequences of events and try to take what their actions are, to generate new sequences. If they've been particularly challenged by one kind of creature then we can use that information to make decisions about how we use that creature in subsequent encounters. This is what makes procedural narrative more of a story-telling device than, say, a simple difficulty mechanism." The Grand Theft Auto series plays an exceptional role in player generated narrative. How many of you have ditched the main missions and just hopped into a car and given yourself a story, quest and goal of your own? Exploring, seeing how fast you can go, running away from cops, running over strippers, do these sound familiar? So all these narratives are generated when the player interacts with the environment, with the game space. Eternal Lands takes this a step further, like all MMORPGs do, because the player is no longer interacting with only the environment, they are interacting with other people. There are many empty houses in many cities in Eternal Lands. What's great is players choose a house they like and take ownership over it (not officially, but in spirit). They spend time there, they invite friends over. They use the objects found in the house to create a story. This is one example I could think of, I'd like to hear everyone else's. Sistema.
  4. Greetings folks! Long time no see As some of you know (*hides from Acelon*), I have been occupied with uni for the past, hrmm, two years now, and thankfully everything has been running smoothly so far. Doing a games development degree is heaps of fun, it has its pros and cons, it's fantastic to be able to sketch, draw, model and animate anything that you can come up with in your imagination, but it's become hard to play a game without picking up on and criticising bad game design and mechanics Ok, now to the reason of this post. We do a mix between theory and practical classes at uni, and for one of my theory classes this semester I've decided to base my academic essay assignment on Eternal Lands On to the topic! \o/ What I need from you guys is for you to examine, discuss and give me your opinion and thoughts on how the environment of Eternal Lands provides resources for the development of emergent narratives (careful when I say environment, in a games degree you need to think outside the box, environment can mean both in-game and on the forums). What I mean by emergent narrative is, narrative or a driving story that isn't embedded into the game, but rather created by the player or players that play the game (ie. "emerging" in their minds). I haven't been around for so long so I've lost track of many things. So please lend me your help One thing I'd like to request is some feedback from Radu and any fellow developers regarding how Eternal Lands is designed to house player generated narratives and what impact this has on the game, and how important of a factor this is. MMORPGs are quite good when it comes to emergent narratives because the worlds are so rich and full of small details that can be interpreted by players in many ways. And online forums is such a great way to extend this narrative. It's so fascinating In the following post I'll provide some further information and examples on this topic, feel free to read it. If there's anything you're confused about, anything you want to ask me, please don't hesitate. Thank you for your time, and nice to see you all again! And hello to all the new players! Nice to meet you all and hope to see you in-game one day! Sistema. P.S. Those of you who want to be quoted in a proper way, please drop a name you want to be quoted under (nicknames not preferred).
  5. Art programs! :)

    Sumopaint is a great tool!
  6. Photoshop Help

    http://tepara.deviantart.com/art/Adding-a-brush-73415833 Google is your friend http://www.googleisyourfriend.se/ Sist.
  7. Artwork Updates

    These are looking great Roja
  8. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    My fave at the moment: Markus Schulz - Without You Near (Gabriel and Dresden remix)
  9. Xfire and EL

    I've accepted you, Gossamer Well, congratulations to all EL/Xfire users It took a while, but better late than never, right? I'd like to thank everyone who posted in the EL thread on the Xfire forums, Xfire wouldn't have added EL if it weren't for you guys! I think all the players who use Xfire should leave a thank you post on their forums: http://www.xfire.com/xf/modules.php?name=F...pic&t=16022 (that's our thread there, created 3 years ago!! >.<) Because there's a zillion games out there and we're quite lucky (after three years?) to have been added. Anyway, if anyone else uses Xfire and wants to be added to the EL Players Guild on Xfire just drop a message in this thread. And if you don't use it, maybe you should check it out? Hope you all enjoy it ^^ Now get those hours coming! Thanks! Sistema
  10. MapMaker Daniel Hyde Returns for you.

    G'day Hemp :] I'm also a mapmaker from Australia Nice to meet ya ^^ And welcome back. -Sist
  11. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    Congrats to Spain!
  12. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    I hope Turkey will win But as our people say, the ball is round, who knows what will happen.
  13. Want to be nice

    Always nice to do a search before posting. But yeah, that site is really handy.