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attributes bar

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suggestion is an attributes bar under the channels bar...switchable on and off

This would help to see when to *drink* a attribute potion ......E.G. Coord 25/20   etc

Whats the thoughts??

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We also have the timer in the HUD, which can be reset after you drank a potion. 


Also wouldn't work with your chat lines, if you wouldn't use the chat window. 


There is a shortcut also to open your attributes. You can put that on a diffrent Button if it works better for you.


You can also open your attribute window and press Ctrl+scroll in with your Mouse and make the window smaller. You could let it open during your potion use.



No offense, but not needed in my opinion.



Edited by Nils

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Adding information on screen is fine when you have a large screen. But then we get the issue referred to by Aislinn concerning food (and AP):

your eyes have to move around to gather all the info. So spreading possibly important info(*) all over the screen isn't the best solution.


Why not put it at the bottom of the screen (possibly in the place where you now can put experience bars).

And just an indication of (phy +x)  (or whatever other attribute is modified) would be enough(**)


Of course, there is still the question whether this has to be implemented.... But that's up to the actual coder(s)


(* : if the info isn't important, why would you want it constantly on screen)

(**: you don't need to see all attributes, only those which are modified, and you only need the modification value)

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