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New creatures

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I'm extremely excited by the possibility of this. I also think it would be cool to get a couple more chims in the game...the ACW model is one of my favorite in the game, i think it would be neat to get like an ACW mini boss.  

New mobs of any kind are extremely exciting though, definitely increase my desire to play and I enjoy farming the to see what the new loot table is. 10/10 would enjoy new mobs :D

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something i thought about adding to the raptors, the ability for them to self heal if disengaged from combat, not from a training point of view but in the situation where a player is mobbed by three of them, and they are forced to disengage, ( three multi should have the power to take down the highest players)

that way disengaging has a disadvantage as you now lost the gain you made on them.




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