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Greed & Blood, Invasion on 14/01/2017

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The monsters of Draia felt a sudden urge to kill all the peaceful harversters stealing gold, diamonds, silver, rubies and hydrogenium ore. They thought it easy gain to simply kill the roaming harvesting ants.



1. Invasion will come in waves, every 30 minutes.

2. The following wave (does not include the first one) can be stopped if all monsters from previous waves are killed.

3. First wave will include a random selection of gold ore deposites. Second will affect diamonds. Third silver ore. Fourth Rubies. Fifth... hydrogenium ore as well as a random selection of all kind of mines. It won't be pretty.

4. If you stop the invading army before 5th wave you will get bosses. Otherwise, you will have a lot of random monsters in random places to clear. Some of them might be bosses.

5. Invasion is uncapped.

6. Should you get to the bosses, some of them will be capped at 115, some at 145 and the rest will be uncapped.



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I got in late but had a lot of fun. Found some out of the way mobs in caves but it took me a long time to find any.

Got 2 experience givers:


All of these were from 2 experience givers:


Great, you got 51221 overall exp

You gained 20951 exp for Tailoring.
Great, you got 20951 tailoring exp

You gained 10751 exp for Manufacturing.
Great, you got 10751 manufacturing exp

Great, you got 36740 overall exp

You gained 35657 exp for Crafting.
Great, you got 35657 crafting exp

You gained 91916 exp for Alchemy.

By the way it ended poorly - I encountered known bug where when you diss, step on teleportal and go elsewhere encounter perpetual "You are under attack, you can't move.". Even logging out does not fix it and I needed to suicide to fix it.

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