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Haidir Cockatrices bug

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​Not all the cockatrices in willowvine forest count for haidir's mission - last time I had to kill 32 and this time 33 before getting the popup (my client session counters matched the number of cockatrice feathers in my inventory too). After the mission is over but before you claim the experience, you get a pop-up 'You killed all the cockatrices' every time you kill an extra one. I carried on killing them and I did manage to find one that didn't cause the pop-up message. It respawns near [193,310].

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Discussion in @6 from June, 2:

[14:50:44] [Thingrim @ 6]: hi Radu. It seems there is bug with new Haidir mission
[15:02:47] [radu @ 6]: what bug?
[15:02:54] [radu @ 6]: thought people had it?
[15:03:28] [Ranculos @ 6]: apparently not all spawns count
[15:04:10] [radu @ 6]: oh?
[15:23:52] [radu @ 6]: so, how many spawns don;t count?
[15:26:42] [Ranculos @ 6]: [12:37:25] [iCeVoDkA @ 6]: ther chook to avoid [PM from Angler: ~ 170, 300 is Novac's spawn]
[15:27:29] [Ranculos @ 6]: the thought was for some reason novacs dont work
[15:28:25] [Angler @ 6]: Well, Ice got the server msg saying cocatrice killed. Then tried that spawn and didn't get the server msg. took over 50 kills for first msg.
[15:28:54] [Angler @ 6]: as he was on that spawn, had to change spawns
[15:32:06] [radu @ 6]: there are at least 8
[15:32:11] [hatwood @ 6]: ty radu
[15:32:20] [radu @ 6]: possibly one more for Novac
[15:32:29] [Angler @ 6]: lol thought there was 9
[15:32:40] [radu @ 6]: so 9 in total
[15:32:43] [Angler @ 6]: :)
[15:32:46] [radu @ 6]: not a really big deal I think
[15:32:54] [radu @ 6]: so long as ou down spawn camp
[15:33:02] [radu @ 6]: you don't*
[15:33:35] [Angler @ 6]: Still pleanty of spawns to do the quest
[15:33:44] [Thingrim @ 6]: I think we all do spawn camp in all daylies so it is a big deal
[15:34:37] [radu @ 6]: there are a lot of cockatrices there, no need to spawn camp
[15:34:42] [radu @ 6]: not like the white tiger

And later that day:

[20:19:42] [radu @ 6]: anyway, I've been thinking, I can't fix the haidir cockatrices, unless if I move the novac cockatrice somewhere else

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The one time I had cockatrice, I killed the 2 that spawned center of the map, by the water and didn't have a problem. 30up, 30 down and got the message.

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