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  1. Are the Break quests too hard?

    Radu is a genius. People used to bitch 24/7 about how stuff breaks too easily, but after this quest was introduced they stopped
  2. Haidir Cockatrices bug

    OK, thanks for posting that.
  3. Haidir Cockatrices bug

    ‚ÄčNot all the cockatrices in willowvine forest count for haidir's mission - last time I had to kill 32 and this time 33 before getting the popup (my client session counters matched the number of cockatrice feathers in my inventory too). After the mission is over but before you claim the experience, you get a pop-up 'You killed all the cockatrices' every time you kill an extra one. I carried on killing them and I did manage to find one that didn't cause the pop-up message. It respawns near [193,310].
  4. Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.5

    You are in Garion's Temple Temple Maze [137,102] - walkable, but shouldn't be.
  5. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    New harder monsters could be added to compensate. I don't think it would be fair to negate the p/c boost with stronger monsters - the penalty of having high p/c is lower rationality for healing and less of a mana store. Edit: On second thoughts, what should and would happen is that the invasion mods will experiment a bit in order to find the right balance of risk and fun, so I'm not too worried.
  6. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I voted yes because I hope that it will lead to more specialised builds, fewer jack-of-all-trades builds, and therefore more teamwork. I would also support revi's idea of a 288 total attributes cap.
  7. Teh_master is useful and helpful when I remember to PM him, but there is a genuine need that's been highlighted in this thread, and PMing a bot that can break/disconnect doesn't seem to me like an elegant solution to the need, even if it is a half-way adequate one. I think Sgik's idea of (a) message(s) of the day shown automatically at login would be a more appropriate and more effective solution.
  8. Negative mana

    I managed to get -18 mana at the invasion (I saw -18 in the HUD), while my points (above my head, under my health points) showed a high number, probably like 65536. [20:43:20] Select a target for mana drain spell! [20:43:21] extrapolation got mana burned by the Black Bear [20:43:21] You drained 0 mana points from Black Bear [20:43:31] Not ready, this item still has a 2 cooldown. [20:43:31] Not ready, this item still has a 2 cooldown. [20:43:32] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [20:43:32] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [20:43:32] extrapolation got paralyzed for 3 turns by the Large spider [20:43:32] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [20:43:32] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [20:43:32] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [20:43:33] Not ready, this item still has a 17 cooldown. [20:43:33] Not ready, this item still has a 17 cooldown. [20:43:35] You need 25 Ethereal Points and you have 2 Ethereal Points You can see that it happened because I cast mana drain and got mana burned before selecting a target. Between 31 seconds and 33 seconds I was trying to drink an SR potion, and the spell at 35 seconds shows that after I drank an SR I still only had 2 mana. No rostogol lost though ;D
  9. NPC dialogue bug (or easter egg?)

    Xaquelina said to me, and my answer is that I asked for a daily harvesting mission, and then accidentally pressed the 'repeat' button at the bottom of the dialogue window instead of the 'copy' button.
  10. cesswc any

    Instead of clicking on the new character button, first click on 'Settings', click on the 'Troubleshoot' tab on the far right, and select the 'Poor Man' option.
  11. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Talking to Costel:
  12. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    I was on a bus using unreliable wifi on Thursday night during the Joule day and noticed a problem with the android client while mixing: the 'you started working...' and 'you successfully created a[n]... ' messages sometimes didn't work, and the load (total carry capacity used) wasn't updated as ingredients were used (try counting the items in my inventory and calculating their weight, and compare that to the reported weight, and compare it to the brown bar at the bottom). I am certain I was mixing at the exact moment this screenshot was taken because ingredients were disappearing, the product was appearing, and I was getting experience.
  13. I think there should be more experience in the reward for killing skunks for Haidir. Lions in Idaloran and white tigers in Irinveron aren't strong monsters that are hard to kill, but give good exp because you have to search around a big map to get the creature back on the spawn. The same is true of skunks in Whitestone. The skunks shouldn't be AS good, but at the moment they only give 1/6 of the exp of tigers. Maybe increase it to 1/3 or 1/2 of the exp of tigers?
  14. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Haidir quest from Oana in NC tavern.
  15. Dragon scales

    Good idea, as long as the spawn times get randomized and all the dragons are aggressive, like with the recent red dragon update.