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Koddy Scammer

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Koddy is old friend of mine. He asked me if he can have some gold so that he could buy a NMT cloak really cheap, and that he would give me the gold back right away after he sold the cloak to an NPC. Being the good person that I am, I agreed to help him. Sadly, it turns out that he was planning to scam me, and that he even succeeded. I lost 300k gold because of this. Trade at your own risk with this player.

[00:12:09] [PM from KoDdy: hey man]

[00:12:19] #GM from scarr: he keepss aying bye and ignore

[00:12:22] #GM from scarr: but doesnt ;d

[00:12:28] [PM to KoDdy: hey, how's it going mate?]

[00:12:44] #GM from boozer: boosie got more post than me on hc forums ~___~

[00:12:53] [@PK central @ 6]: Rakain killed PinducaBR.

[00:12:57] [PM from KoDdy: ehehe I am good, man can you help me pls?]

[00:12:59] [PM from scarr: xD]

[00:13:02] [PM to scarr: LOL]

[00:13:05] [PM to KoDdy: erm, sure, what do you need help with? Need some thread muling again?;p]

[00:13:08] [PM from KoDdy: nah man, i want buy nmt cloak very cheap, but no gold]

[00:13:22] [PM from KoDdy: can you give me 300k gold? I give back in 5min after I sell cloak]

[00:13:23] [DaisyTank @ 6]: protect me at gate

[00:13:42] [Aranyani @ 6]: I think you right

[00:13:46] [PM to KoDdy: sure mate, meet votd in about 5min?]

[00:13:51] You advanced to level 23 of harvesting!

[00:13:51] [PM from KoDdy: ok, ty very much]

[00:13:53] #GM from boozer: its been years since I logged into these accounts, I surprised I was able to log into unofficial forums

[00:14:03] #GM from boozer: shyt I hope I remember pw lol

[00:15:15] You started to harvest Mullein.

[00:15:26] #GM from scarr: but he says he did?

[00:15:58] [scarr @ 6]: hmm, doesn't your head overhit while you fap?

[00:16:12] [Death_Man @ 6]: Depends on waht head we are talking about

[00:16:27] [scarr @ 6]: true

[00:16:55] [PM from scarr: lol]

[00:17:22] You stopped harvesting.

[00:17:22] KoDdy was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you.

[00:17:26] You have been saved!

[00:17:56] [scarr @ 6]: why are you still not saftey dancing to this song? - https://ww.youtube.com/watch?v=AjPau5QYtYs&list=LLgeH-REmKd89E0tzXKcK-tg&feature=mh_lol

[00:18:12] #GM from boozer: Scarr you remember the DIE! wars ?

[00:18:19] #GM from scarr: a bit

[00:18:19] [Fieldy_Snuts @ 6]: because were not that high.


[00:23:36] [PM to KoDdy: can I have my gold back now??]

[00:23:57] [PM from KoDdy: no]

[00:24:46] [Angler @ 6]: aye, ain't found the loc yet. but got a nice ti chain n grape on my travels lol

[00:25:24] Welcome to White Stone, Lakeside Village

[00:25:41] [PM to KoDdy: erm, do you need more time to buy that cloak???]

[00:25:43] Welcome to Desert Pines!

[00:25:51] [PM from KoDdy: i dont give gold back, fuck you motherfucker]

[00:25:55] [PM to KoDdy: Why?????]

[00:25:56] Welcome to the Mynadar, Valley of the Dwarves!

[00:26:03] [PM to KoDdy: did you actually scam me man??]

[00:26:08] [PM to KoDdy: !?!?]

[00:26:10] [PM from KoDdy: yes, you are motherfucker, now ignore]

[00:26:15] [PM from KoDdy: fuck you shemale thief]

And that's about it. Those who know him are aware of the fact that he is Kiss_of_Death, old EL scammer, but I really thought he wasn't a scammer anymore. Seems I was wrong...

Edited by Soul

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ah shit m8, i didn't know this was going on in PM, thats why you guys had a fit on @6

maybe we can all gather up money and buy you a new NMT

i kick in 15k =) all i have

Edited by scarr

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Fun facts about this situation:


SouLove started claiming that he was scammed about 30 minutes before he claims to have traded with KoDy.





Next, SouLove was claiming that he wanted items back that KoDdy scammed from him.




And to verify my times with the PMs that he is claiming, here is the part with Angler saying he got the ti chain and grapes.




I understand it's fun to say that an old-time scammer recently scammed you, but seriously. You could at least try to make it seem real.

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Can you delete my character though? I want to reserve the name :>

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