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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Rest in peace Learner... I remember we talked quite a bit about OL and other stuff as well... I think you were also a reason for which I decided to go into programming, and for that I will be forever grateful. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
  2. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    How is this topic a topic? You/your friend got scammed because of asininity and now you want to punish the one who did it? How else will you/he learn and evolve?!
  3. Medallion of Alchemy

    implying you need such a med for macros, lol
  4. Koddy Scammer

    Can you delete my character though? I want to reserve the name :>
  5. Koddy Scammer

  6. Koddy Scammer

    Koddy is old friend of mine. He asked me if he can have some gold so that he could buy a NMT cloak really cheap, and that he would give me the gold back right away after he sold the cloak to an NPC. Being the good person that I am, I agreed to help him. Sadly, it turns out that he was planning to scam me, and that he even succeeded. I lost 300k gold because of this. Trade at your own risk with this player. [00:12:09] [PM from KoDdy: hey man] [00:12:19] #GM from scarr: he keepss aying bye and ignore [00:12:22] #GM from scarr: but doesnt ;d [00:12:28] [PM to KoDdy: hey, how's it going mate?] [00:12:44] #GM from boozer: boosie got more post than me on hc forums ~___~ [00:12:53] [@PK central @ 6]: Rakain killed PinducaBR. [00:12:57] [PM from KoDdy: ehehe I am good, man can you help me pls?] [00:12:59] [PM from scarr: xD] [00:13:02] [PM to scarr: LOL] [00:13:05] [PM to KoDdy: erm, sure, what do you need help with? Need some thread muling again?;p] [00:13:06] [PM to scarr: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/740/844/8de.png] [00:13:08] [PM from KoDdy: nah man, i want buy nmt cloak very cheap, but no gold] [00:13:22] [PM from KoDdy: can you give me 300k gold? I give back in 5min after I sell cloak] [00:13:23] [DaisyTank @ 6]: protect me at gate [00:13:42] [Aranyani @ 6]: I think you right [00:13:46] [PM to KoDdy: sure mate, meet votd in about 5min?] [00:13:51] You advanced to level 23 of harvesting! [00:13:51] [PM from KoDdy: ok, ty very much] [00:13:53] #GM from boozer: its been years since I logged into these accounts, I surprised I was able to log into unofficial forums [00:14:03] #GM from boozer: shyt I hope I remember pw lol [00:14:14] [scarr @ 6]: http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/masonry/000/732/170/796.jpg [00:15:15] You started to harvest Mullein. [00:15:26] #GM from scarr: but he says he did? [00:15:58] [scarr @ 6]: hmm, doesn't your head overhit while you fap? [00:16:12] [Death_Man @ 6]: Depends on waht head we are talking about [00:16:27] [scarr @ 6]: true [00:16:55] [PM from scarr: lol] [00:17:22] You stopped harvesting. [00:17:22] KoDdy was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [00:17:26] You have been saved! [00:17:56] [scarr @ 6]: why are you still not saftey dancing to this song? - https://ww.youtube.com/watch?v=AjPau5QYtYs&list=LLgeH-REmKd89E0tzXKcK-tg&feature=mh_lol [00:18:12] #GM from boozer: Scarr you remember the DIE! wars ? [00:18:19] #GM from scarr: a bit [00:18:19] [Fieldy_Snuts @ 6]: because were not that high. .... [00:23:36] [PM to KoDdy: can I have my gold back now??] [00:23:57] [PM from KoDdy: no] [00:24:46] [Angler @ 6]: aye, ain't found the loc yet. but got a nice ti chain n grape on my travels lol [00:25:24] Welcome to White Stone, Lakeside Village [00:25:41] [PM to KoDdy: erm, do you need more time to buy that cloak???] [00:25:43] Welcome to Desert Pines! [00:25:51] [PM from KoDdy: i dont give gold back, fuck you motherfucker] [00:25:55] [PM to KoDdy: Why?????] [00:25:56] Welcome to the Mynadar, Valley of the Dwarves! [00:26:03] [PM to KoDdy: did you actually scam me man??] [00:26:08] [PM to KoDdy: !?!?] [00:26:10] [PM from KoDdy: yes, you are motherfucker, now ignore] [00:26:15] [PM from KoDdy: fuck you shemale thief] And that's about it. Those who know him are aware of the fact that he is Kiss_of_Death, old EL scammer, but I really thought he wasn't a scammer anymore. Seems I was wrong...
  7. H4wk1

    Hah, I didn't even notice that. So funneh
  8. H4wk1

    Yes, like an alcoholic I am now making amends for things I did in the past.
  9. H4wk1

    Lmfao, I fondly remember this. The only reason I didn't return the DB in the first place was so I could go eat in peace, and not have to give it back before eating. Thought I'd give it back when I came back, but boom, when I came back shit had already hit the fan hard. Ah well, what can you do =/
  10. h4wk1 banned

    Hello, I got banned in 2005 on the character h4wk1 because I multiplayed hard, and then made another character called the_perv or something and posted on channel 1 that noobs should write #killme_yes for goldcoins - and this lead to an IP ban. I think enough time has passed and that I have learned my lesson (especially since I played EL after my IP 'ban' as well, and caused no* problems whatsoever). Can I get h4wk1 back? It'd be great to see what kind of stuff/levels/etc. I had going on when I first started playing.
  11. IP Banned

    Pally recently made a forum account and asked for validation. He asked me to tell you to validate his account so that you can talk directly to him. This is (hopefully) the last post I make on his behalf, as I do hope he gets a forum account of his own soon.
  12. IP Banned

    We have a messenger group where we talk sometimes with old EL players and such, he asked me to post for him since he doesn't have a forum account. Found the task simple enough, so I went ahead and did it. Are you saying the ban is reasoned?
  13. IP Banned

    IP is banned, I am posting on behalf of the holder of this IP. He wants to know why his IP is banned as he claims he did nothing wrong. The character he plays is named Pally.
  14. Retro Eternal Lands IP Party and Contest!

    What stops a player from giving out a guild map location via PM? Or is it just *illegal* to say this on channels? Lmao... Really guys, the mods here have gone insane. Even so, why punish a player that wants to make the game more enjoyable for others? Especially since the two things are separate and should be treated as so.
  15. Beware of TACO

    You have to be really dumb to lose money over paypal. That being said, you can always charge-back the amount you sent him by disputing the transaction. He has no way of proving that he gave you the items, even if he did. Paypal always sides with the buyer in cases like these.