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400.000 (No Typo) - Fire Essence - Auction

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Auctioning 4 batches of 100.000 Fire Essence.

Starting bid 5 gc each. minimum bid increase is 0,05 gc each

To keep it fair!! One can only bid on one batch!

(i.e. Player name bid 5gc on batch #1 or Player name bib 5,05 on batch #3)


Auction ends Friday march 7th 2014 around 23:00 hours European time


BIN for each batch 6gc each (only 1 batch per player)


Happy bidding.


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As I understand it, you bid per batch of 100k, but the price is risen by 0.05gc per each FE in that batch.

So the person who wants to outbid the starting price, has to offer 505k.


pretty complicated stuff we've got here!

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