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  1. eltime-appindicator

    The applet shows up correctly in the system tray, but it displays the incorrect (outdated) time (and from here - the incorrect special day). (for several days in a row the applet displayed the same time/date and special day) Usually when that happen an error message popped up on notifications stating something about not be able to read the correct time/date due to some incorrect time sent by some server. (sorry abt that, never paid attention to that statement) Lately this notification doesn't show up. Since Vino looked into mercator, the applet is working now.
  2. Game data can't be downloaded

    Thank you both for your answers. It looked that the problem might have been from the network config GUI for pppoe internet connection. (Not entirely sure about that, but setting it in terminal fixed the connection) Reconfiguring the package worked but in the end I did a whole fresh game install. (I could access the debian branch in browser but not the ubuntu this is why i asked if the server might have been down, and most likely wasn't) Thank you very much once again and sorry for causing so much trouble for such a small unrelated problem.
  3. Game data can't be downloaded

    I tried to install the game under linux mint 18.3. All the packages have been installed but one, the game data package. The twinmoon server is not responding following the download request. It is either down or the address is wrong.(connection timed out on 10 consecutive attempts) No idea what to do, other then removing the package, because i can't install/remove anything else.
  4. Renewing EL website

    I tried not to find the infamous Download button and I couldn't. Maybe make the header follow you while you scroll the page might help more. Shop page need some systematization to help choosing between categories (and moving the "Read before you buy" section of the page into another place -as stated - , maybe called "How I buy"). Some pages might need some content update (new items, monsters, commands). I like the current overall look and feel, it is similar to the look and feel of the game itself. (The new look of the forum hurts my brain and eyes).
  5. PK mission Complete a player versus player fighter. Win or loose you get reward (more for winers less for losers) Instance mission Successfully complete an instance for your level. Invance mission Successfully complete an invance for your level (You get the matching defense experience to the attack one. The one you get from fighting not the one from reward)
  6. I finished reading the Book of writing (Book of books as it is named on npc) like 10-12 days ago. I know that i finish it because i went to fast reading spot in desert pine especially for that. On the Knowledge tab on the statistics window i received the message COMPLETED and in the HUD the bar was at 100%. I was happy and moved on. After a few days i wanted to check what books to read next and to my surprise the counter was still counting for the Book of writing. It did not mention a time left to "finish" but the reading points left to read were like 56k out of like 29k. After the last server update something even stranger happen: I started to read the Book of writing again, without doing anything, like it had a mind of his own. It started from the beginning, from 0%. Now i am at a bit over 30%. The coincidence of having the server update the same time when i started to read the book again doesn't help drawing a conclusion if it is bug or not. I will repeat the same steps after i will receive the COMPLETE message and i will update the post.
  7. Need help with EL.bin file on Ubuntu

  8. New perk ideas

    Speedy Gonzales You move 10% faster then usual. You consume 2 food points instead of 1 (more for ph) and in addition you loose 1 action point every 30 minutes or so. Will cost you 5 pps and 50.000 gold coins to get it. Lucky gambler Grants you randomly additional benefits in attributes or skills every 20 minutes: - +1 in physique and vitality (without affecting emu or etheral points) - + 1 in reasoning and instinct - + 1 in will and reasoning - +1 in vitality and instinct (more relevant combinations of 2 can be added) - +5 levels in manufacturing (alchemy, potion, crafting, engineering, tailoring, harvesting) - +2 levels in magic (summoning, ranging) Will cost you 7 pps and 150.000 gold coins to get it.
  9. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 3705, 1200 Amber and I have 1100, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 18, and finally, 50 Black Dragon Scale of which I already have 12.
  10. For a perk that control the astrology related to harvest/degrade I find it pretty justified as it is. It gives you the option to either mix expensive stuffs with more confidence, or to be a peaceful afk harvester. I don't see why you should do both. (take in the consideration that if you think to not break things, you can buy ingredients from market and only use saving stones to mix very expensive items -- might be cheaper even if you break some w/o having the perk) As for the vote options, i find them very confuzing, so i am unable to vote.
  11. 400.000 (No Typo) - Fire Essence - Auction

    The 3rd of march 2014 happens on a monday.
  12. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 6106, 1200 Amber and I have 1138, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 50, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 11.
  13. The maps look great, thank you Olivine.
  14. Global Quest FAQ

    Many thanks to Lalaith for assembling the muling team, Ghost30, Dersachse, zicus for muling, CancowGirl for donating MoPs and amber, Maxine for mixing and donating MoPs, and to all the others i missed only because i don't know their involvment.
  15. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 10000, 1200 Amber and I have 1185, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 21, and finally, 50 Black Dragon Scale of which I already have 50.