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Last of my storage

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Sorry, RL has come calling, have not been online to deal with trades, will attempt to log on some this weekend.... thanks to all for your interest... see you online soon!

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hi xena


50k diamonds 3,4 each = 170 kgc

50k sapps 3,2 each = 160 kgc

100k sunflower 0,75 each = 75 kgc

50k WAL 0,5 each = 25 kgc

2500 death ess 15 each = 37,5 kgc

10000 Magic Essence 6,7 each = 67 kgc

6665 Saltpeter 20 each = 133,3 kgc

304 Blackpowder 100 each = 30,4 kgc

2500 Polished Emerald 22 each = 55 kgc


Total = 753,2 kgc :)


pm me in game pls :) ty :)

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Hi xena :)


i'd like to buy 20k sapphs and 10k turqoise and 20k BQ :) tnx :)


150k if price oki for u :)


yes, sure thing


and turquoise is going for 5gc/each... sorry to all looking for a bargain, but that crap was too heavy and too slow to harv to go for less :D


many stones and rarer items are on EvilsHalo for the moment...

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Uhm, i'd still like the cotton. i think it was sorta rude i was negotiating a price and you just said NO to my offer and logged off. maybe we can AGREE to a price?

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1 Vegetal Removal Stone

1 Dragon Blade

5 Red Dragon Scale

10k Potion of Spirit Restoration

Edited by amar

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I would like all the empty vials, but im probably online just as little as you are, so don't know if we can close this deal, but i would like to reserve them..

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Trying to keep it as up-to-date as possible... will be on most evenings from 18:00- 20:00 GMT+1 and possibly a bit later as well all week long.



Edited by XenaMT

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any way i could buy the 250k cotton for 0.4 each? 100k total for all?



Hehe, no.

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Have already unloaded lots of my sto in private deals, this is what's left....



30000 Chrysanthemum

300000 Blue Star Flower

66418 White Asiatic Lilly

150000 Blue Lupine

250000 Cotton




3 Dvarium Bar

586 Hydrogenium Bar (on EvilsHalo)

5 Seridium Bar

5 Tin Bar

25 Wolfram Bar

5 Bronze Bar

15000 Silver Bar




84614 Silver Ore

312 Wolframite

25000 Iron Ore



40000 Sapphire

116426 Diamond

20000 Ruby

126031 Turqoise



141528 Bones

24 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword

133 Fire arrows

1 Crossbow

1 Cutlass

14 Modable Steel Two Edged Sword

2 Wooden Staff

1 Orc Slayer

1 Recurve Bow

1 Second Hand Titanium Long Sword

1 Quarterstaff

1 Jagged Saber



1 Bronze Cuisses

1 Bronze Greave

1 Titanium Cuisses

1 Steel Greave

1 Titanium Greave

1 Steel Plate Mail

1 Titanium Plate Mail

1 Crown of Life (on EvilsHalo)

1 Steel Cuisses



8 Ring of Isle of the Forgotten

1 Vegetal Removal Stone (on EvilsHalo)

6 Coordination Removal Stone (on EH)

23 Physique Removal Stone (on EH)

3 Reasoning Removal Stone (on EH)

1 Vitality Removal Stone (on EH)

3 Ring of Mana Destruction

6 Ice Dragon Scale

52 Ring of Glacmor (on EH)

2 Conjurer Cloak



38 Enriched Fire Essence (on EH)

731 Spirit Essence

36 Enriched Magic Essence (on EH)

133 Enriched Water Essence (on EH)



540 Creature food

9000 Potion of Body Restoration

2800 True Sight Potion

98 Invisibility Potion

78 Potion of Spirit Restoration

584 Potion of Great Healing

691 Potion of Accuracy

87 Potion of Potion

28 Potion of Speed Hax

121 Potion of Summoning

296 Potion of Coordination

976 Poison Antidote

200 Potion of Evasion



161528 Bones

1023 Tiger fur

1040 Polar Bear Fur

1323 White rabbit fur

2 Racoon fur

4903 Hawk Feather

4 Feran Horn

883 Brown Snake Skin

165 Beaver fur

8725 Raw Meat

10459 Falcon Feather

486 Red Snake Skin

3 Deer Antlers

223 Green Snake Skin

3258 Leopard fur

4460 Bear Fur

3 Deer Fur

1152 Wolf Fur

84 Leonard fur

230 Snow Leopard fur

2120 Black panther fur

155 Tiger Summoning Stone

150 Cockatrice Feather



1 The artificer cape

5 Mirror Cloak

1 Blue Tricorn Hat

1 Brown Bandana

1 Cape of The Unbreakable

13 Skunk hat

7 Body Piercing Cloak

3 Excavator Cape

2 Conjurer Cloak

1 No More Tears Cape (on EH)



29 Boat Ticket

36 Mule Glyph

540 Creature food

167 Snare

20000 Empty Vial

1 Brown Horse Whistle

100 Skeleton key

20661 Yew



5 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic

1 Book of True Sight

16 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice

1 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire

1 Book of Serpent Sword of Thermal

2 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire

1 Book of Iron sword of fire

3 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Thermal




12 Bucket

100186 Dung



Make offers, blah blah blah



Edit: Sorry I haven't been on much, RL has been crazy - tried to update the list (and added the ores I forgot) - on this Sat and Sun quite a bit - see you in-game :D

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I buy

30000 Chrysanthemum 15k gc

84614 Silver Ore 200k gc

66418 White Asiatic Lilly 33.5k

25000 Iron Ore 93k


total of 341.5k gc

Edited by forum_andy

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