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  1. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Artifice and Waffles paid for. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 7VR40511A50082221.
  2. Gold for advertising

    I'm not arguing the auction is a bad thing.. i originally said when i made my first comment on this thread i think its a wonderful idea. im just unclear on why youre saying is all its all good though. we're all entitled to our opinions i was simply voicing a few ideas
  3. Gold for advertising

    it sounds like youre contradicting yourself to me and im really not following lol
  4. Gold for advertising

    so if there's more supply then demand why would everyone participate 5 times a month spending around 100 bucks each time for the auctions?
  5. Gold for advertising

    Miiks, hydro bars were just an example and i think if you look at the unoff gold buying, there's no way 10m sells in a month so the auctions to raise money for advertising would trump gold sales on unoff. plus, gold on unoff will still resume along with auctions
  6. Gold for advertising

    i see your point orick however, new players dont make large quantities of resources that bigger players look for. im willing to bet one auction winner will want to buy something like 50k HE and struggle to find such a large quantity and resort to npc because the price is only slightly higher than what people sell on market for.. and if a huge quantity is bought from the npc that gold is outta the game and back to radu correct? if someone won a huge quantity of HE in an auction they'd probly keep some for themselves and sell the rest. they get their HE, gold, and multiple people still benefit from their auction win. same could go for any items won in an auction plus, if 2m wont impact the market much as radu said, neither would 2m of items right? also, if you look at the current auction, not many noobs are bidding on gold. if it were something they could mix for experience and sell for gold, they'd get more out of their dollar and you may see a more diverse group bidding in the auctions
  7. Gold for advertising

    gold could just increase the values of hydro bars and nexus removals. also could create more spam on market looking for those items i mentioned above because of the abundance of gold to buy it. at least with items, players can use or manufacture needed items or sell the items on the market filling some of the void of such popular items like i listed above.. making the market happier with a huge supply of he being sold say.. and making the hydro bar buyer work a little to make the gold to buy them. its win win
  8. Gold for advertising

    I love the idea of the el community helping advertise for the game this way.. just a few thoughts The first auction is already at $110 with a whole day left. not everyone in the community has that much to spend to participate in this idea. if the auctioned value was cut in half to 1m it might give more people a chance to be a part of the auctions. also IMO, there is enogh gold circulating to be adding more. i feel as if actual items such as raw material or resource packages were auctioned off equalling a market value of 1m gold would be more useful and get more people interested in bidding. packages could include he, sr, tele package (energy spirit matter), bar package (ore fire ess coal), feasting pots or even silver, iron, coal, sulfur, or flower packages or even a 1mgc package.. the list could go on thoughts? concerns? sorry for the goofy post, did this from my iPhone and dont know what happened lol
  9. Sign up for WTF!?!? instance US evening time

    I'm in. Can go most evenings with a day or so warning in advance
  10. HUGE sto sale

    Elven bow 93k. msg me in game
  11. Thanks to all who helped :DDDDD
  12. Magic Day Stone

    BUMP!! edited from buying to selling
  13. Last of my storage

    Uhm, i'd still like the cotton. i think it was sorta rude i was negotiating a price and you just said NO to my offer and logged off. maybe we can AGREE to a price?
  14. Magic Day Stone

    So I did it! You advanced to level 100 of magic! Selling extra day of magic stone, list offers here. Will not sell if does not meet what I paid for it.
  15. Last of my storage

    I'll take all the cotton. Price on it?