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  1. Got the perk, and lost way too many harv meds So my vote is clear.
  2. Storages sell

    I'll take the wt furs for 75gc ea.
  3. Game Crashes ?

    Seems like i am not the only one with troubles when logging on ...
  4. Artificial Removal Auction

    Sold in game. Thank you for your interest.
  5. Starting BID: 950k Increments: 5k Buy it now: 1 mil Auction ends: Saturday, 3 November, 18:00 GMT +1 Any questions abel in game.
  6. Auction: 100k sunflowers

    I offer 80k
  7. Server crash?

    same here ...
  8. Selling some sto items

    I'd take the bones@2.5, the cf flowers@1.5gc, same for the mop flowers. Tiger lilies@ 0.5, and blue lupines for 0.5gc ea.
  9. Storage Sale

    I buy the steel bars and the white asiatic lilies. And the bones powder for 8gc ea.
  10. Help

    Top of the website is a letter symbol. -> Compose new
  11. Full Storage sale after 4 years

    I like to buy all the turqoise 5gc ea.
  12. Last of my storage

    I pay you 5gc for the turqoise if you still have 16k left and i see you online sometime
  13. Last of my storage

    I take whats left of the turqoise. Maybe 16k if i counted correctly. What about 3gc ea?
  14. Global Quest FAQ

    13 Ice Dragon Scales remain
  15. Bringing Gossip back

    Thx for bringing Gossip back