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Storage Sale

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Selling all.

PM me if interested in buying anything



1 Steel axe



29 augmented leather torso

12 leather pants

12 enhanced wooden shield



11 Moon med-190gce

7 ring of glacmor 200gce

9 Star medallion-190gce

14 unicorn medallion-170gce



61 polar bear fur



2 Excavator cape - 2.8kgce

1 Monster magnatism cape - 9kgce

5 Body piercing cape - 2.5kgce

1 power saving cape - 3.5kgc



211 Bones powder

213 ashes



2 book of axe construction

1 book ti/steel long sword of thermal

2 ti/steel short sword of ice


P.S. i am constantly updating for stuff that gets sold/added to list

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1177 Sunflowers - 5gce - 590

6 Titanium/Steel long sword - 800gce 4800

1 Red Dragon scale -2kgc

1000 Spirit Restoration potions -14gce -14k

233 true sight potion - 60gce -13980

1 cape of the unbreakable - 6.5kgc


41870gc MyLaNnn in game

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3023 Tree Mushrooms (0.7gc ea) = 2116gc



123 Rose Quartz (2gc ea) = 246gc



539 body restoration (14gc ea) = 7546gc



501 fire ess (3.5gc ea) = 1754gc



62 deer antler (8gc ea) = 496gc


Total 12,158gc


Thank you Raistlin

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